How to Make Eggnog: The Perfect Boozy Recipe

Jingle Ball Nog by Miracle
Ah, Christmas. Good tidings, ugly sweaters, and eggnog. Boozy, boozy eggnog.

Eggnog is the candy corn of Christmas — people either love or hate the rich, milk punch elixir, which originated from a warm, ale-like drink in Medieval England. If you’re among the latter and turn your nose at the seasonal refreshment, maybe you just haven’t tried the right recipe.

Miracle Bar, a Christmas-themed pop-up in 50 cities around the world, has proof that its boozy eggnog is among the best in the world. Last year, locatios burned through more than five gallons a night of the “Jungle Ball Nog”.

That’s because this eggnog is a whole lot more than egg, sugar, and rum. It even calls for Southeast Asian pandan paste, orange blossom water, and peanut butter cognac.

Curious? Well, here’s the recipe straight from Miracle’s shelf, measured to mix a party-sized batch for friends and family … or just yourself. No judgement.

Are you ready to drink the best damn eggnog of your life? Quick note from the barman: Be sure to weigh all extracts, do not just measure!

Jungle Ball Nog


Method: Using a hand blender, beat eggs on low until frothy. While blending, slowly add nutmeg and sugar until dissolved. Then add sherry, cognac, almond milk, all extracts, and cream; blend until well- incorporated. Refrigerate overnight and blend again before serving so it’s frothy. Grate fresh nutmeg over the mug before serving.

*Peanut Butter Cognac


  • 750 ml cognac (check our guide to cognac for tips on picking the best one)
  • 60 grams creamy peanut butter

Method: Mix 60 grams of creamy peanut butter per 750 milliliters of Cognac. Stir well for a least 1 minute. Infuse the mixture for 5 hours at room temperature, then freeze overnight. Strain peanut butter and store at room temperature. The final product should look cloudy.

Looking for some holiday music, but tired of the same old tunes? Check out our Christmas playlist below.

Article originally published on December 10, 2012.


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