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Nothing beats the feeling of gliding down the side of the mountain. Stay up to speed with all the best skiing and snowboarding brands. New to snowsports? Then we’ve got some great beginner guides just for you.

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Skiing and snowboarding both offer a thrilling way to spend a winter day. Fret not, it's not too late to learn.
February 24, 2022
skiing vs snowboarding for beginners man powder  alps zauchensee austria
The country’s national forests are brimming with winter adventures for cross-country skiers of all abilities.
February 11, 2022
A man cross-country skiing on a groomed forest trail.
Carbon fiber gear is lightweight, ultra-durable, and sleeker than the Batmobile. Read on for our top picks.
February 11, 2022
Redtail Overland carbon fiber rooftop tent on a white SUV camping in the mountains.
Figure skating events are among the most popular at the Winter Olympics. Here's your complete guide to figure skating at the Olympics.
February 6, 2022
olympic figure skating skater
The luge may be as exhilarating to watch as it is to race. Here's all you need to know.
February 5, 2022
Symbol of winter olympics luge.
Learn about the sport of bandy and why it isn't supported at the Winter Olympics.
February 5, 2022
goal net on an ice rink.
Winter is here and the mountains are covered with snow. This is the perfect week to get out and enjoy some snowboarding.
February 4, 2022
Snowboard in snow
Adjusting your own saki bindings is relatively easy. Learn how to adjust your ski bindings here.
February 4, 2022
Skis outside on a gondola showing bindings.
Apollo Ohno may have made speed skating at the Olympics as popular as it is. Learn almost all you need to know about the Olympic sport.
February 3, 2022
Winter Olympics Rings Statue.
Snowboarding is going to be a big event. Here's what to expect and where to watch.
February 3, 2022
Snowboarder catching some air at the Olympics.
Ever since the movie Cool Runnings, bobsledding has been one of the most popular sports at the Winter Olympics. Here's what you need to know.
February 2, 2022
Bobsledding down a track at the Olympics.
If you didn't know, skiing is a big deal. It's going to be an even bigger deal at the Winter Olympics.
February 2, 2022
Olympic skiier doing a slalom.
Want to be a pro on all things related to the Winter Olympics? Learn the basics of the biathlon here.
February 2, 2022
Winter olympics biathlon arena.
If you are new to skiing, it can be intimidating and scary. Luckily these ski destinations are the best resorts for beginners.
January 31, 2022
best ski resorts for beginners beginner cover
Whether you like the pow with full snorkel status or just laying it over, there is a film that’s going to tickle your fancy.
January 29, 2022
ski downhill mountain
All-inclusive vacations can take the stress out of planning a trip while also saving money.
January 28, 2022
Skiiers shred slopes
Colorado has thousands of acres of world-class ski terrain, accommodations, restaurants, and activities.
January 26, 2022
biggest ski resorts in the world cover image
When planning vacations, most people usually think of warm tropical locations with sandy beaches and surfing. There are those however who love the cold and snow and opt for snowy mountaintops.
January 25, 2022
best places to ski in the us
Up your outdoor game this winter with a legit set of hand warmers.
January 25, 2022
Woman jogging in winter holding a chemical hand warmer.
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January 24, 2022
Snowboard in snow
It's time to head to the mountains for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding. If you're wondering what to wear, we've put together just about everything you'll need to know about ski gear.
January 22, 2022
ski season preview gear buyers guide cover
These are some of the best family-friendly ski resorts you can find around the U.S. Grab the kids and the gear and head out on the slopes!
January 21, 2022
Bretton Woods ski resort
Ski season is here and you should be dining well while you're not on the slopes. Here are the best ski towns for foodies in America.
January 21, 2022
Matsuhisa Aspen restaurant.
With winter in full swing, you’re likely to want to get out and enjoy the snow. While snowshoeing and are both great, cost-effective introductions to winter sports, there’s something special about riding the lift to the top of the mountain and cruising down with your friends. Or at least doing a few laps on the […]
January 21, 2022
Snowboarder Bombs the Slopes
There's nothing better than a great craft beer after a day of skiing, except craft beer next to a roaring fire.
January 17, 2022
Here are some of the biggest alpine playgrounds on the planet.
January 14, 2022
biggest ski resorts in the world cover image
Even the best skis are nothing without the right ski boots
January 12, 2022
If you're thinking snowboarding, here are the boots you need and how they should fit.
January 12, 2022
person snowboarding down a mountain with a wake of snow behind them.
Up your downhill game this winter with the best skis of 2022.
January 5, 2022
Best Skis for All Types of Skiers in 2021
Even if you already have a favorite pair (or six) of trusted skis, there’s always room for more.
January 5, 2022
Best Ski Brands
Preparing for winter sports season is never complete without upgrading your ski and snowboard goggles.
January 4, 2022
best ski goggles smith.
You'll need these ski socks before hitting the slopes.
December 29, 2021
skier doing a flip in the air.
Now is a perfect time (and weather) to learn how to snowboard.
December 29, 2021
Beginner's Guide to Snowboarding