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best face wash for men

Do you have white bumps on your face? It might not be acne

Milia is a condition that typically affects babies, but what happens if this common skin condition lasts into adulthood?
a man in a white robe washing face

It’s time to change your skincare routine: Experts reveal tips and tricks for summer

Should your summer skincare routine look different than your winter one? Experts say yes and shared their top summer skincare tips.
Man getting micro-needling treatment.

Micro-needling: Experts explain the risks and benefits for your skin

Micro-needling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves creating tiny, controlled puncture wounds in the skin using a device called a micro-needling pen.
Man using shaving oil

The 12 best pre-shave oils to get your closest, most comfortable shave yet

Pre-shave oil is one of the most important parts of a man's shaving routine for a close and comfortable shave.
Man shaving against the grain.

Father’s Day gift guide: The best grooming products for dad

Our 2023 gift guide will keep your dad well groomed with these products, helping him feel the love this Father's Day.
An oyster mushroom still growing in the ground.

Mushrooms are the biggest new skincare trend, but are they just a fad? Experts weigh in

Do mushroom products really work? Science is on their side.
Mac makeup set

8 LGBTQ-owned grooming brands you can support year-round

Lend your support to the queer community by checking out these LGBTQ-owned grooming brands. These companies champion inclusivity within the beauty community.
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Skin cycling is the viral TikTok trend that dermatologists actually recommend

With all the beauty trends you see on TikTok, you have to wonder if they are safe to do. Skin cycling is one that dermatologists give the green light to.
Burton's Pride Collection 2023 consisting a hoody, a t-shirt, and a cap

Burton’s latest collaboration celebrates Pride and the LGBTQ+ community with a middle finger aimed at discrimination

Burton is celebrating Pride with new gear that takes direct aim at discrimination with a not-so-subtle message.
Portrait of attractive young man applying sunscreen lotion on body

Everything you get wrong about sunscreen, according to the experts

Sunscreen is the most important thing you can use for your skin, but many people have the wrong ideas when it comes to lathering up.
A man putting on face cream while looking in the mirror.

This is the viral skincare trend dermatologists say you shouldn’t try

Yes, using beef tallow for skin care purposes is a thing now. But is it safe, or something else we'll all regret trying?
Man with a sunburn on his arms

4 times you’re forgetting sunscreen (when you really shouldn’t)

Applying sunscreen should be a daily habit, but you also need to reapply before doing these common activities.
Best Waterproof Men's Jackets

How to care for your Gore-Tex gear properly for max performance

Did you know that GORE-TEX requires proper care to keep it working properly? Check out our guide to keep your gear working like new.
Shot of a young man looking in the mirror while applying moisturizer to his face.

Experts reveal how to introduce retinol to your skincare routine (and what to avoid)

What the benefits of retinol are and what you should know about it before putting it on your face.
man with green acne cream

How to get rid of acne once for all

Get rid of acne quickly and longterm with these expert-backed tips on products, ingredients, and lifestyle tweaks that fight breakouts.
Man with a decent jawline

Everything you need to know about jaw fillers for men

New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach has a roster of male clients who come to her downtown office for $10,000 jawlines.
Snowboarder with orange board

Winter may never end! Here’s how to snowboard in spring the right way

Spring riding is one of the best parts of any snowboard season, but finishing the season on a high needs some planning. Here's how to do it properly.
Man Treating Acne Scars

How to treat acne scars at home, according to a dermatologist

Getting rid of acne scars is easy with these simple at-home treatments recommended by dermatologists in order to get rid of the ghosts of the pimples' past.
a man sleeping on his side, a close up

Does sleeping on your side ruin your face shape? Experts weigh in

TikTok is at it again. There's a new rumor that side sleeping affects your face shape. Experts separated fact from fiction.
Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

What a man genuinely needs are items that will elevate the quality of his everyday looks and life. So, here are 26 things every man should own in 2023.

The 11 best non-greasy sunscreens to protect you this summer

Even when we spend a bit less time outside under the sun, we still need to protect our skin from sun damage. These are the best non-greasy sunscreens.
burton snowboard retro collection boards ss23retroboards tahoeca blatt 7342

Burton is re-releasing some of its most iconic snowboards ever and we want them all

Burton has re-released some of its most iconic snowboards of all time, ushering in an era of retro-cool boards with modern clothing to match.
Screenshot from a video of an incredible helicopter rescue in Europe.

No room for error — watch as this skiing rescue pilot shows off his skills

This rescue helicopter in Europe hovers just inches from the mountainside during a daring rescue of an injured skier.
best lotions for tattoos man applying hand cream

The best lotions to help heal a new tattoo faster

To help heal a new tattoo, here are some of our picks for tattoo artist-approved lotions, salves, and creams for your new ink.
trew spring snowboarding gear 230228 ss23 le skieur lw anorak tline 1472 medium

TREW has created winter wear specifically for spring (yes, really!)

Spring snowboarding comes with its own set of demands. Get it right this spring with the new gear setup from TREW.
Snowboarder with orange board

Is the long ski and snowboard season all due to climate change?

Much of the western U.S. has enjoyed record snowfall, and skiers and snowboarders are rejoicing – but it may be because of climate change.
Man taking a shower outdoors in the jungle

10 environmentally friendly grooming products to use beyond Earth Day

Here are the best products you can be proud to sport this Earth Day, for more natural solutions that keep you looking your best.
natural grooming brands

5 natural grooming brands we’re loving for Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here, and in honor of the holiday, we're celebrating our favorite men's grooming and sustainable brands.
Walking uphill in the Quiksilver High Altitude jacket

Review: Has Quiksilver nailed the modern-retro snowboard jacket?

I took the Quiksilver High Altitude Jacket to Japan for a month to see how it performed, and here's what I found.
Rhythm Rentals in Japan

Rhythm Rentals review: If you’re hitting the powder in Japan, you should leave your snowboard at home

Dragging ski and snowboarding gear on long-haul flights is expensive and hard work. Use Rhythm Rentals instead for awesome equipment and great service.
A man shaving in the mirror

How to clean your electric razor for your closest shave

Cleaning your razor ensures a smooth shave and prevents infection -- here is how to properly clean your razor.
burton anon m4 perceive pro pack review hero

Anon M4 Perceive Pro Pack review: is this snowboard goggles overkill?

The Anon M4 Perceive Pro Pack is $1,400. Is it worth the hefty price? We review the most expensive snow sports goggle kit on earth.
dakine high roller snowboard bag review hero

DaKine High Roller snowboard bag review: Traveling like a pro (snowboarder)

The DaKine High Roller is a lightweight snowboard bag for travelers - but does it protect your gear? Will it hold up to baggage handlers? Read on to find out!
Skier digs out fortunate snowboarder stuck in tree well

Watch as this skier saves a snowboarder stuck in deep powder

Watch as this skier finds a snowboarder buried underneath a tree in this viral video.
A person snowboarding down a hillside.

Going snowboarding in Hakuba for the first time? Here’s what you should know

I spent a month in Hakuba, Japan, snowboarding almost every day and exploring the local town at night. Here's what I can tell you for planning your trip.

Facial treatment for men: A comprehensive guide on exactly what to expect

While we try to maintain perfectly healthy skin, some things are just best left to the professionals. Sometimes, even a guy needs to get a good facial.
smith nexus helmet review snowboarding hero

Smith Nexus snowboard helmet review: a great lightweight helmet with one big drawback

Ski and snowboarding helmets should be protective, stylish, and comfortable. Does the Smith Nexus helmet cover all the bases? Read our review to find out!
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Shake off the winter blues with a spring grooming intervention

Learn how to freshen up for spring with our top spring men's grooming tips for 2023.
how to give a romantic massage man massaging wifes feet getty images

How to give your partner a romantic massage, according to a pro

We’ve got a plan to surprise your partner with a romantic evening at home that includes a nice bottle of wine, dimmed lights, and a romantic massage.
win splitboard snowboard from twix mars wrigley doughboard

You can now enter to win the weirdest (and maybe coolest?) splitboard we’ve ever seen, from TWIX

With its design contest finalized, TWIX is now giving away 110 of its weird and wonderful splitboards.
Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Should you worry about under-beard skincare? We ask the experts

Just because you grow out a beard doesn't mean you should neglect the skin below. We asked our skincare experts how to solve common beard-related skin issues.
bluebird backcountry skiing

Summer skiing? California ski resorts have so much snow, they’ll be open until July

With record snowfall on the cards and a late season, ski resorts in California are going to be open for skiing until at least July.
the best thermals for men aop a young man in merino wool thermal underwear comfortably climbs

Why wool base layers are a winter sports must-have item

Here's why you should never wear cotton in the winter months, and why Merino wool is, in fact, all it's cracked up to be.
k2 mindbender boa boots f23 130 iso front large

K2 releases the first ever freeride ski boot with BOA lacing system

K2's long-running relationship with BOA has led them to this, the Mindbender BOA, the first freeride ski boot with an integrated BOA system. Check it out.
never summer tests snowboard on ice desktop 1400x large

This is nuts: Never Summer tested its newest snowboard on a lake of pure ice

Watch as Nick Larson hits the ice to prove that the 2024 range of Never Summer snowboards have the ultimate edge control in any conditions.
man wiping his face

The best morning skincare routine for men, according to experts

Experts share tips for perfecting your morning skincare routine. Yes, even your skincare routine order matters — here's what to know.
burton family tree hometown hero snowboard review

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero snowboard review: Powder lovers apply within

Looking for a powder-plowing snowboard? Check out our review of the Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero.
a day for jake snowboarding burton snowboards 2023 group

Burton just gave you the perfect reason to go snowboarding this weekend

Need an excuse to go snowboarding? Burton's annual "A day for Jake" is March 11, and is the perfect excuse to spend a day on the mountain.
A man takes a shower.

Try these 9 best body washes to freshen up your 2023

Upgrade your shower experience and lather up with one of the best body washes for men, leaving every skin type feeling extremely hydrated and clean.
backcountry skiing camp in colorado debuts telluride helitrax brett schreckengost 3

This might just be the ultimate backcountry skiing and camping experience

If you're serious about hitting the slopes and finding fresh powder this winter, check out what's on offer from Mountain Trip.