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This is where we surface all of the interesting bits that just don’t fit elsewhere.

The logo for Connections.

NYT Connections hints and answers for February 27, 2024

Connection from NYT Games is the hottest new craze, and we've got all the tips, tricks, hints, and answers to help you win every day.
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Elm House

Want to live in a tiny home? Here’s how much it would really cost, land and all

Adidas Mad Iiinfinity Shoes

Everyone thinks the latest Adidas shoes were inspired by Yeezys, but we really have Kobe Bryant to thank

Stanley tumblers

Yeti Rambler vs Stanley Tumbler – the choice is clear

gold and silver rolex watch in air

This credit card lets you buy elusive collector’s watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and more

Watching the Super Bowl on TV.

The 5 best Super Bowl commercials of all time (and the 4 worst)

The Super Bowl trophy being held up

What channel is the Super Bowl on?

A group of friends cheering while watching a football game.

A quick guide to Super Bowl prop bets and other fun football betting games

Watching the Super Bowl on TV.

Here’s how to watch the Super Bowl for free

A man reading a book on a couch in the living room.

18 classic books everyone should read (or reread) at least once in their lifetime

The first Super Bowl at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1967.

The best, worst, and most infamous Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

Simu Liu, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling in Barbie.

Why snubbing Barbie will come back to haunt the Oscars

Skier at Banff Sunshine Village

For skiing, snowboarding, and other dangerous activities, this is the only phone case we’ll use

When you're a skier, snowboarder, or adventurer, you need a robust phone case. Here's why the CLCKR G-Form Carbon case is our pick.
Kali Reis and Jodie Foster in True Detective: Night Country.

True Detective season 4: All the clues hiding in plain sight

Can you solve the mystery of True Detective season 4? Some of the Night Country clues are hiding in plain sight.
Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein ad

Jeremy Allen White is hot right now – thanks to calisthenics

Jeremy Allen White is all over the place thanks to his new Calvin Klein ads, and it seems calisthenics is to thank for his new physique.
Stanley bottle against gray background

The Stanley Tumbler is hot right now, but the classic Stanley Bottle is much cooler

Everyone is going nuts over the Stanley Tumbler, but we prefer the original Stanley Bottle - here's why.
best carl weathers movies and tv shows featured

The best Carl Weathers performances, from Rocky to the Mandalorian

Veteran actor Carl Weathers has passed away at 76 years old, and we're paying tribute to his best roles in film and TV.
Skier in Austria

If you like skiing or snowboarding, you need to update your iPhone immediately – here’s why

With iOS 17.3, Apple improved its crash detection feature, which has been sending false reports of crashes for some skiers and snowboarders
Margot Robbie as Barbie.

2024 Oscars nominations: The 10 biggest snubs (it’s not just Barbie)

Barbie wasn't the only movie that got snubbed by the Academy Awards. That's why we're ranking the biggest nomination snubs of the 2024 Oscars.
Grogu and The Mandalorian in a scene from season 3 of The Mandalorian.

3 things we want to see in the Mandalorian movie

Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that Jon Favreau will direct The Mandalorian movie. Here's what we want to see.

Somebody finally beat Tetris for the first time ever (but no one has ever won these super hard games)

A teenager just beat Tetris for the first time in recorded history, but no one has ever beaten these classic games.
mad max furiosa a saga anya taylor joy

Ghostbusters, Deadpool 3, Dune 2, If, Wicked, and more: The must-see movies coming out in 2024

There are a ton of great movies coming out in 2024.
Medical CBD oil on dark background with cannabis leaves

Why quality CBD oil is really important – and how to know if your oil is any good

What does CBD oil feel like? Like all legal drugs, the decision to take CBD is up to you, but this guide may prove helpful as you weigh your options.
Noa in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

Everything we know about Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Trailers, cast, and more

A full rundown of everything we know about Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Cast, trailers, and more.
Confused African guy holding smart phone feels concerned thinking over received message.

Zelle scams have long been a problem, but there’s now good news for payment app users

Payment apps are convenient until you get scammed. Zelle is now reimbursing users who have been victims of fraud.
Apple journal app against blue background

Apple’s new journaling app is here, and it’s great, but we have one major problem with it

Journaling can help with stress and mindfulness, and Apple's new Journal app might be your best shot.
The new promo art for Grand Theft Auto VI.

GTA 6: 5 hidden details in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer

The GTA 6 trailer confirms a lot of fans' speculation, but if you look deeper it may contain more details than you expect.
The Throwflake ornament in the box.

Everyday carry company The James Brand makes the most dangerous Christmas Tree ornament we’ve ever seen

Everyday carry brand The James Brand makes an incredibly dangerous Christmas tree ornament, but it could save you in a Home Alone scenario.
The new promo art for Grand Theft Auto VI.

GTA 6 first look: The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer gives gamers a lot to be excited about

The first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer brings gamers back to Vice City and offers a few hints about where GTA 6 will take players when it finally arrives.
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial

How to mod a Nerf gun: An illustrated beginner’s guide to the Hammershot

Fun fact: Some toys are meant to be wielded by adults, like Nerf blasters. So, here's how to mod a Nerf gun, courtesy of Luke Goodman of Out of Darts.
Jason Mamoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Everything we know about this Jason Momoa and Amber Heard DC movie

Everything we know about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Amber Heard casting, Jason Momoa stars, and more
Man hitting a golf ball behind a bag of clubs

Golf Pride reintroduces fan-favorite V55 Heritage grip in corded and rubber for a limited time

One of the most iconic golf grips ever, the Golf Pride V55 Heritage, is coming back — for a limited time — and only through Golf Pride.
Baseball player hitting at the plate.

Hitting a baseball is insanely hard, but MLB legend Tony Gwynn breaks it down to 2 disciplines

Watch MLB Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn break down hitting a baseball as only he can.
Flying subaru air mobility concept rear

Subaru previews flying car concept that basically looks like a giant drone

We've been promised flying cars for decades. Subaru has revealed its contribution to the cause.
Rick Astley performing

Rick Astley re-records ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’— but this time, with the wrong lyrics for a good cause

Rick Astley has released a new version of "Never Gonna Give You Up." He sings the wrong lyrics, but it's for a good cause.
A hand holding up an iPhone with the screen showing

Your new iPhone 15 has a semi-secret menu you might be overlooking

Your new iPhone 15 has a cool new feature, the Action button, which has its own menu people may be overlooking.
Baseball game at the Coliseum in Oakland.

MLB playoffs ump cam gives first-hand look at why baseball is so beautifully difficult

MLB pitching might look easy to hit on TV, but this ump cam from a playoff game shows how tough batters actually have it.
A cannabis guide illustration

Indica vs sativa: A guide to these two major types of cannabis

Indica, sativa, or something in between? Our weed guide will give you the 4-1-1- on the indiva vs. sativa debates, and hook you up with the best strain.
ufc 294 sports psychologist overview

UFC 294: A sports psychologist breaks down what really happened with Volkanovski, Usman, and Chimaev

UFC 294 was a stacked card that many felt didn't deliver. We spoke with a sports psychologist to find out why.
Martin Luther King Jr. March on Washington 1963

Here are 10 famous speeches in history that continue to stand the test of time

Great speeches transcend time and place, offering wisdom that speaks to every era and stirring souls long after their speakers' tongues have been silenced.
The Atari 2600+ system and joystick controller.

This new Atari console looks just like the original, and can even play all those old, retro games

The Atari 2600+ is a faithful recreation of the original, and it can even play the old games.
A pile of toilet paper.

TikTok is putting toilet paper in the refrigerator to solve a problem that doesn’t exist

Should you put toilet paper in the refrigerator? Why the latest social media trend is probably unnecessary.
Tequila Mandala

MLB playoffs: The Dodgers have been eliminated, so they can’t celebrate with this team-favorite tequila

Though the Dodgers have been swept by the Diamondbacks in the MLB playoffs, the team's favorite tequila is still here.
A person looking out the window while wearing headphones and working on a laptop

Grateful Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, and more: You can watch 250,000+ concerts free through this site

If you are nostalgic for old concerts or have always wanted to know what a certain band sounded like live, there is an archive to take a deep dive into.
A whole lot of psychedelics. DMT and other drugs.

What is DMT? Learn why this powerful drug is unlike other psychedelics

DMT is unlike any other psychedelic. Learn about the experience and what DMT researcher Dr. Steve Barker has to say about this unique, powerful drug.
Bedrock City theme park in Arizona.

There’s a secret theme park in Arizona (and it will transport you to the past)

Forget about overcrowded theme parks like Disneyland or LEGOLAND. See how to ride with the family down the street to Bedrock City at Raptor Ranch in Arizona.
Man holding headphones

This is how long it takes to learn another language (and you might be surprised which languages are easiest for English speakers)

Here's a breakdown of how long it might take you, per the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) — the training academy for U.S. diplomats.
world series MLB 2017

Think MLB umps are making terrible calls this year? They are, and this Instagram account proves it

It seems like MLB umps are making some really terrible calls this year, and one Instagram account proves it's not all in your head.
The Texas Rangers MLB field.

MLB playoffs: Texas Rangers swept the Baltimore Orioles, and they have ’90s band Creed to thank – here’s why

Creed - yes, the band - helped the Texas Rangers sweep the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB playoffs. Here's how.
The outside of a Burger King restaurant.

Throwback video shows what happened when Burger King first let customers pay with credit cards, and the reactions are priceless

Witness history in the making when Burger King started taking credit cards to buy a Whopper. Watch for the warm embrace of nostalgia but stay for the comments.


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