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This credit card lets you buy elusive collector’s watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and more

If you love watch brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, you'll love this credit card

blue and silver Patek Philippe watch
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Just when you thought having an American Express card didn’t already come with numerous exclusive benefits, they’ve added one more specifically for watch lovers. The well-renowned credit card will now allow its most exclusive card holders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get their hands on some of the most unique and historic watches from some of the most famous watch companies in the world. 

Not only are these cardholders getting this rare chance, but they get the benefit of trying out the watches for a few days before making their final purchase. This try-first, buy-later program is only available to a select few American Express holders, but it’s sure to be an enticing opportunity for those in this select group. 

three american express cards on table
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The new American Express Black Card benefit 

Holders of the invite-only American Centurion Card, also known as the AMEX Black Card, will get the rare chance to try on watches from brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe for ten days before making the big purchase. Potential customers will use the VIP services via Watches of Switzerland, which will take you step-by-step through your options and details behind each watch. Clients will also get a market report, just in case they want to make a likely profit off one of the vintage watches available. Since the purchase will likely be a big one, it’s vital to distinguish some of the aspects of the watch that make it rare and historic. 

To inaugurate the new benefit, American Express threw an exclusive, one-night-only shopping event at the Centurion New York that included over 200 never-before-seen wristwatches. With such exclusivity and rarity, this new benefit will likely produce record profits for watch companies on these never-before-seen pieces. Those without an invite to the event or who couldn’t get off the waitlist can still receive one-to-one sessions at select Watches of Switzerland boutiques around the United States. 

AMEX credit card
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How to get an American Express Black Card

While this opportunity is grand for any watch lover or collector, it’s only available to holders of the infamous American Express Black Card. This card is only available via invitation and includes a heavy initiation fee. After the initial $10,000 initiation fee, cardholders must pay the annual $5,000 fee included with the lucrative card. However, the card’s perks might be well worth the initial cost to those fortunate to get an invite. With no credit limit and access to numerous exclusive hotel and flight benefits, it’s the card that gets you access to almost anything. 

Other benefits of the card include VIP access to some of the most popular events like Wimbledon and Coachella. With all of the high-end and exclusive perks of the Black Card, this new watch lovers program is just another reason to covet the card.

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