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Letters on a Scrabble board spell out, Dad, Die and more.

Looking for games like Wordle? These fun word puzzles are just as addictive

If games like Wordle keep your brain happy, we bet you'll love these alternatives that are just as fun but different enough to keep you guessing.
A mini golf course

Professional mini golf exists, and it’s exactly as weird as you want it to be

Mini golf isn't an Olympic sport — yet — but it is a professional sport that looks like kids were let loose in a sports complex and told to go crazy.
Close-up of a bunch of bullets on a table

This interesting guide shows bullets before and after impact

Whether you're a "gun person" or not, you probably know that different types of bullets look different after impact. But you might not know just how different.
baseball on pitchers mound

Side by side: See how a pitcher changed his windup because of new MLB rules

The new MLB rules have been heated talking points. Just look how one rule has changed the way a pitcher throws the ball.
world series MLB 2017

MLB teams are already finding ways to cheat new rules

MLB has changed the rules this year but that doesn't mean teams aren't finding new ways around the regulations. Here's the latest.
PNC Park Pittsburgh Pennsylvania baseball mlb

Watch how one MLB rule change led to a 20-second at-bat, strikeout

A simple change is making at-bats in MLB baseball much shorter than they used to be.
Maud Stevens Wagner | badass women in history

25 badass women in history you should know about

From a Georgian Queen to a Swedish activist, and Oprah (of course), here are 25 women throughout history who push us to be more badass.

The best vinyl records (and what you need to know about this timeless format)

Your vinyl selection may vary depending on what kind of man you are, but these are the best vinyl albums that deserve to be in everyone's record collection.

Beyond the booze: A historian explains the real history of St. Patrick’s Day

We break down St. Patrick's Day history beyond wearing green and throwing back Irish-themed drinks.
A cannabis guide illustration

Indica vs. sativa: A guide to these two major types of cannabis

Indica, sativa, or something in between? Our weed guide will give you the 4-1-1- on the indiva vs. sativa debates, and hook you up with the best strain.

MDMA therapy is coming soon: What the experts think you should know

MDMA will be legalized for therapy soon, but what is it? What's the experience like? Are there any risks? Find out the answers to all of this and more.
A picture of the Reddit app with notifications.

This site helps you get started with Reddit (so say goodbye to your free time)

If you have no idea how to join Reddit, but you've seen the posts on Instagram and want to give it a try, there's a site to help get you started.
A Black History Month poster with famous Black figures.

6 badass Black heroes history doesn’t remember

Every year for Black History Month, we learn about the same public figures. Here are some other Black heroes who deserve to have the same awareness.
Saint Valentine Illustration.

The fascinating history of Valentine’s Day (it’s way weirder than you thought)

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th? What's special about it? Let's find out in our guide about the bone-chilling history of V-day.
last-minute valentine's day chocolates gifts.

The best last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day that are still super thoughtful

If you're in need of a last-minute Valentine's Day gift, we have you covered. Find the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts here.
Robert Redford holding a gun in Three Days of the Condor.

This site lets you find the exact gun used in any movie, ever

The Internet Movie Firearms Database contains firearms from every movie you can think of.
doctor explains why power slap league is dangerous powerslap matchday2 2022 12 07 cu 1398 1 2048x1365

What experts and athletes really have to say about Power Slap League (Hint: it’s not great)

Between creator Dana White caught on video slapping his wife, and backlash from medical experts, new sport Power Slap isn't off to a great start.
workplaces can be toxic to our health stressed man at work

Have you stopped caring about work? You’re not the only one, study reveals

Burn out. Silent quitting. For the past couple of years, employees have had enough. If you don't give a hoot about your job, you're not the only one.
paying with a credit card

Home Depot just gave the worst excuse ever for giving away customer data

Home Depot swears it didn't mean harm by sharing customer data without consent, a violation of Canada's privacy regulations.
sling tv launches freestream for free living room 1164

Sling TV debuts Freestream, a totally free streaming service with 210+ channels

Sling TV is expanding its streaming options with a new service called Freestream.
worst and best super bowl halftime shows beyonce

The 5 best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time (and the 3 worst)

Hardcore Super Bowl fans may be more focused on the game, but more casual viewers tune in for the talented musicians who take over the halftime stage.
Couple riding bikes together at sunset

Forget roses and chocolate: The best Valentine’s Day gift is one you do together

This year, instead of sticking with the classic dinner and roses, give your partner an experience-based Valentine's Day gift.
A group of friends cheering while watching a football game.

A quick guide to Super Bowl prop bets and other fun football betting games

Looking to make a little extra side money during the big game? Here's a quick rundown of Super Bowl prop bets and other football betting games.
boarding for breast cancer lyp web btbounds dewtour rideday feb2020 walsh 71

Boarding for Breast Cancer wants everyone to ‘love their peaks’

Boarding for breast cancer is raising awareness and funs at ski resorts around the U.S. Find out how you can get involved.
Super Bowl XXIV San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos 1990 Joe Montana

5 interesting facts about the Super Bowl’s history to gear up for the game

The Super Bowl is upon us, with the Eagles playing the Chiefs in Arizona this February. But what of the history and tradition wrapped up in the biggest game?
The Super Bowl trophy being held up.

What channel is the Super Bowl on?

The Super Bowl is must-watch television for sports fans and casual viewers alike. Here's how to watch in 2022.
The Moulin Rouge Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

4 little known facts about Black history that everyone should know

There's no better time to learn about African-American's significant contributions that define America. Here are Black history facts that may surprise you.
A collage of various license plates.

This hilarious list shows all the license plates Oregon rejected last year

Check out this list of rejected vanity plates in Oregon in 2022 to see which ones make you cringe and which ones you would consider paying for.
A bird's-eye view of healthy foods on a table.

There’s a surprising link between politics, keto and vegan diets

It turns out that where you live - and even your political beliefs -  may have a lot to do with which diet you're sticking to.
History of Valentine's Day

Make shopping easy: The best Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him or her

Not sure what to give your sweetie for Valentine's Day? Pre-made Valentine's Day gift baskets are a fun way to shower them with treats.
super bowl tickets lvii

Here’s how much it would cost to attend Super Bowl LVII

The biggest game of the pro football year is just days away. So, how much would it actually cost to attend? Here's how much.
super bowl tickets lvii

Headed to Super Bowl LVII? Here are the best deals, according to experts

Want to watch the Eagles take on the Chiefs in person for Super Bowl 2023? Check out these Super Bowl flight deals that have been vetted by the experts.
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet these 10 influential Black leaders in history

If it weren't for some of our Black heroes, we wouldn't be where we are today. So, here are ten of the top Black leaders in U.S. history.
Couple posing at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney, PA

Did you know you could go to a groundhog reveal (and they’re kind of a big deal)?

See Punxsutawney Phil and experience Groundhog Day 2023 in person.
TSA security line.

Guns in chickens? The weirdest places TSA found illegal items last year

Air travel is a challenge — from hustling to wait in line to packing, only to remove clothing. TSA's list of most shocking 2022 finds reminds us why.
a ton of $20 bills

The U.S. government has a real inflation calculator anyone can use

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a real, live inflation calculator. Be warned: The results are pretty grim, though true.
A man listening to headphones.

This website is a curated musical time machine we can’t stop listening to

Time travel and music are two of the best things out there. With Radioooooo, a internet radio site, you can engage in both.
Marijuana leaf held up to the sky.

Weed is now legal in Thailand: Here’s what you need to know

Hurrah! Thailand has legalized weed! Here's everything you need to know about the new laws, where to get it, and what it costs.
A scene from CES 2023.

CES 2023: The Manual’s Editors’ Choice winners are…

Here are our favorite finds from CES 2023, ranging from urine analysis gadgets to cars and electric bikes. Buckle up and take in the future of tech.
Playin' Pickleball's YouTube page.

There’s a new way to play the game of pickleball right in your own living room

Virtual pickleball becomes a reality via the official launch of "Playin Pickleball," which simulates real-life gameplay with Meta Quest 2 VR Goggles.
RMS Titanic floating on water in an old black-and-white photo.

This is how the Titanic’s engine worked before an iceberg sunk the ship

While the Titanic is known for being one of the largest and most luxurious ships, its engine was one of its more noteworthy features.
McDonalds iconic yellow arch with sunset.

Mcdonald’s explores automated store, so our dystopian future is one step closer

Last month, McDonald's launched their first fully automated, no-humans-required, soulless, and lovin' it restaurant, and people have feelings.
Robert De Niro in The Godfather: Part II.

You’ll never see Scorsese’s Goncharov starring De Niro — since it doesn’t exist

It's not a real movie, but that hasn't stopped the internet from being obsessed with Scorsese's 'Goncharov.'
a man pressing the snooze button

Study suggests you’ll give up on your New Year’s resolution before February

Research reveals that most people ditch their New Year resolutions by the end of January. What might help you keep your New Year goals?
A 2016 blizzard in the United States.

You’re not imagining it: Winter weather is getting worse

The U.S. has recently got hit hard by severe winter storms, but is climate change making these occurrences more likely and frequent?
watch england vs germany live stream euro 2020

England vs. Germany Live Stream: Watch the Euro 2020 Match Now

Keen to watch England vs Germany later today? Here's how to watch a live stream of the match