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Man holding headphones

This is how long it takes to learn another language (and you might be surprised which languages are easiest for English speakers)

Here's a breakdown of how long it might take you, per the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) — the training academy for U.S. diplomats.
world series MLB 2017

Think MLB umps are making terrible calls this year? They are, and this Instagram account proves it

It seems like MLB umps are making some really terrible calls this year, and one Instagram account proves it's not all in your head.
The Texas Rangers MLB field.

MLB playoffs: Texas Rangers swept the Baltimore Orioles, and they have ’90s band Creed to thank – here’s why

Creed - yes, the band - helped the Texas Rangers sweep the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB playoffs. Here's how.
The outside of a Burger King restaurant.

Throwback video shows what happened when Burger King first let customers pay with credit cards, and the reactions are priceless

Witness history in the making when Burger King started taking credit cards to buy a Whopper. Watch for the warm embrace of nostalgia but stay for the comments.
A person listening to music on their iPhone.

Apple Music finally got a fan-fave Spotify feature but it’s buried in the app’s settings — how to turn it on

Apple Music got a great new feature with the release of iOS 17 — but no one heard about it.
prada designs nasa astronaut space suits in

Prada will design NASA astronauts’ space suits for best-dressed mission to the moon

Prada is one of the most innovative and future shaping brands in the fashion industry. Now they have paired with Axiom Space to conquer the last frontier, outer space.
Julijonas Urbonas (left) and Euthanasia Coaster at HUMAN+ display at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

The ‘Euthanasia Coaster’ was designed to kill riders with elegant violence

Deaths at amusement parks are rare, but, Lithuanian designer Julijonas Urbonas proposed building a euthanasia roller coaster, constructed to purposely kill.
Onewheel GT

Every Onewheel electric skateboard is being recalled (find out who just needs an update and who should ditch their board)

Future Motion has just recalled all 300,000 models of their Onewheel electric skateboard in compliance with the CPSC. Refund or update your board.

Director Todd Phillips teases new look at Joker 2 — this is what you need to know

This is everything you need to know about Joker 2.
Gold bars 1000 grams.

Costco keeps selling out of… gold bars? (The deal with the latest Costco obsession)

Forget about hit items like rotisserie chicken, maple syrup, or sheet cake — if you have a membership, Costco will let you add a gold bar to your online order.
Space Shuttle Challenger launching from Launchpad 39.

How NASA trained astronauts using a really cool waterslide and a ‘rubber room’

NASA gave astronauts a way to put their minds at ease with a rubber room below their launchpad, with the way to get there a little whimsical — and a little wet.
Miguel Cabrera holding the wine alongside the manager of the Oakland A's.

Everyone is dunking on MLB’s Oakland Athletics about a gift they gave player Miguel Cabrera – here’s why

The Oakland A's gave Miguel Cabrera a particularly thoughtless and cheap gift.
Sony PlayStation Portal

Will Sony’s portable PlayStation Portal be your new travel buddy?

The PlayStation Portal is designed to let you play your PS5 console games anywhere in the world, as long as you have a fast enough Wi-Fi connection.
a stack of vhs tapes

E.T., The Goonies, Back to the Future: Your old VHS tapes might actually be worth thousands

Your old DIsney movies could be worth a lot of money if your VHS tapes are in great condition.
babe ruth swinging a bat

Babe Ruth explains how to swing a baseball bat in this incredible 90-year-old-video

In a recently resurfaced video, Babe Ruth explains the two most popular ways to hit a baseball.
Red vein kratom leaves with a flower

What is Kratom? Everything you need to know

Ever wondered just what Kratom is, or why people use it? We tell you everything you need to know.
A close up of the first painting Bob Ross painted on his TV show.

A Bob Ross original from his first show heads to auction, bids start at $9.8 million

Ever wanted to purchase a Bob Ross painting? Now you can - if you have $10 million to spare.
Apple Maps update press release photo

Apple just gave hikers, campers, skiers, and snowboarders a great reason to use Apple Maps and ditch Google Maps

Do you ski, snowboard, hike, or camp? Apple Maps might be your new favorite app with its new offline mode.
Portland, OR, USA - May 7, 2023: Apple Music Classical and Apple Music app icons are seen on an iPhone. Apple Music Classical is a brand-new standalone streaming app for classical music lovers

Apple has a classical music app you’ve probably never heard of, and just purchased a record label to support it

Apple Music has classical music, sure, but most of its catalog is hosted in another app - and Apple just bought a record label to support it.
baseball on pitchers mound

Incredible video shows how hard it is for MLB players to actually hit a baseball

This video highlights how hard it is for MLB players to actually hit a baseball. You might not believe it.
PurpleRenew mattress

Costco has an exclusive Purple mattress you can’t get anywhere else, the PurpleRenew

Costco is known for its exclusive deals, and this is a doozy. Purple mattress made its PurpleRenew exclusive to Costco members
A person doing yoga outside of a she shed.

She shed? Yoga studio? Man cave? For $11k, this incredibly nice Costco shed can be whatever you want – with a catch

If you have the space, this $11k Costco shed is everything you could imagine.
Shohei Otani playing baseball

Shohei Ohtani all but gone, MLB franchise LA Angels may also lose Mike Trout: Report

The LA Angels are in big trouble. A report claims Shohei Ohtani is almost sure to leave, and Mike Trout may follow him.
Chicken breast and broccoli

What UFC champions Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling eat while cutting weight in fight week

In this article, we get into the specifics to give you a rundown of what O'Malley and Sterling eat while cutting weight in fight week.
CBD Hemp oil, Doctor holding a bottle of hemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf, cbd and hash oil, alternative medicine

CBD 101: A doctor tells us how to use CBD for sleep, anxiety, and pain

CBD has a variety of use-cases, but many don't know where to begin. A doctor tells us how to use CBD, including the right dosage for sleep, anxiety, and pain
The Creator movie still

The Creator movie preview: This post-apocalyptic AI movie seems eerily on point right now

Gareth Edwards' new science fiction thriller has a lot more in common with the real world than you think
Mark Cuban is a long time Shark Tank panelist on the show.

The most useful Shark Tank products: Get these immediately

"Shark Tank" has introduced viewers to a lot of creative and helpful merchandise through the years, and we're here to pick out some of the best ones.
A family playing a game of pepper pong.

Pepper Pong wants to be the pickleball of table tennis, but it’s really just an old-school NERF game

Pepper Pong wants to be pickleball for table tennis, and it kind of is - except it's really just dusting off a classic NERF game.
Various iPhones on a table.

If this iPhone 15 rumor is true, you’ll only need one cable for (almost) all of your Apple stuff – so stock up now

Apple is believed to make USB-C the standard charging and data port on iPhone 15, which means you'll be able to have one cable to rule them all.
Patrick Mahomes in Oakleys

Oakley, Patrick Mahomes collab aims to push boundaries for youth sports

Oakley and Patrick Mahomes have teamed up on some cool new sunglasses that aim to help young athletes
Apple iPhone 14 with new features

You might be able to buy the iPhone 15 in Apple Stores next week – here’s how

A notable Apple reporter says the iPhone 15 may go on sale in Apple Stores as soon as the day after it's announced, which is unprecedented.
Burning man festival temple

Burning Man stranded thousands, but they’re now leaving the desert

Burning Man 2023's attendees are finding ways to escape the Black Rock desert after a week of mud and rain.
Baseball game at the Coliseum in Oakland.

The Oakland Athletics are heading to Las Vegas – but one more MLB team wants to move, too

The Oakland Athletics are heading to Las Vegas, and now another MLB team might leave town.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
Adam Driver Ferrari Movie image

Movie trailer: New Ferrari movie with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz is a glossy homage to car maker’s history

Adam Driver stars as Enzo Ferrari in the new movie "Ferrari," due to hit theaters this Christmas
Saddleback Cay

Fyre Festival is (allegedly) coming back sometime in 2024. Who’s ready to get ripped off again?!

Ready to get ripped off again? Fyre Festival 2 is apparently going to happen in 2024 - in the Caribbean again
A Starbucks cup sitting on a counter inside of a store

Starbucks is going to stream the Taylor Swift Eras tour setlist on a loop because why not

Starbucks is streaming the Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist to encourage people to actually go inside.
Pink pills.

What is ketamine therapy? Everything you need to know

Curious about ketamine therapy? Here's an explanation of its benefits and a firsthand account of what the experience is like.
Fritos Flow mullet man seated with Fritos

Fritos is giving out 1,000 free mullet haircuts in August to celebrate the USA Mullet Championships

Fritos, the snack that's basically just flour and lard, is giving away 1,000 mullets in August.
Some psychedelic trippiness.

Expert Rick Strassman talks psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and the future of psychedelics

Renowned psychedelics researcher Rick Strassman talks with The Manual about his latest book, "The Psychedelic Handbook."
Psychedelic Sciences at the Colorado Convention Center.

The largest psychedelic conference in history just happened, and here’s what experts had to say

The massive Psychedelic Sciences 2023 brought 12,000 people to Denver to discuss the future of psychedelics. Here's what you need to know.
"The Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer at home with his spouse Emely and a bottle of TINCUP whiskey.

Find your partner in adventure: TINCUP and Jesse Palmer want you to rethink date night

Here's more on Jesse Palmer's and TINCUP's new campaign to encourage more people to get out, make new friends, and perhaps even forge new romantic connections.
A mushroom in the wild.

How to stop a bad psilocybin trip

The much maligned "bad trip" might seem scary, but it turns out that not only is it manageable, but it might actually be good.
jacques marie mage johnny cash sunglasses collection

Jacques Marie Mage debuts Johnny Cash-inspired retro sunglasses

Luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage has a new collaboration that will have us jump through a ring of fire to grab a pair.
Someone going over their financials.

Why you should start pouring more into your 401k and IRA

We'll break down how people feel about retirement planning — and why you need to get started on yours if you ever want to stop working.
Nike Air Zoom close-up

Most people think LIV is good for golf: Survey

While the emergence of LIV Golf has been met with criticism and controversy, the majority of respondents view it positively.
A group of people playing a game of pickleball.

No more empty storefronts: Pickleball is (probably) coming to a mall near you

If you've never thought about going to the mall to play pickleball, we'll tell you why that's about to change.
Group playing pickleball

These are the weirdest and least understood pickleball rules and regulations

Pickleball seem easy, but it’s in the specific details that things get muddy. Let's review the unusual and lesser-known pickleball rules and regulations.
how to negotiate a 4 day work week two men meeting in office

How to negotiate a 4 day workweek and improve your work-life balance today

The idea of a 4 day workweek is trending but not new. Here's how to negotiate one with your boss and get better work-life balance in the process.
Some psychedelic trippiness.

How to do psychedelics right (now that psychedelic therapy is a growing trend)

I've used psychedelics more than virtually anyone in history. Here's how to get the most out of the experience.