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Julie Scagell

Julie Scagell

Former Digital Trends Contributor

I am a freelance writer based in Minneapolis, MN. My passions include my dogs, talking about my dogs, and taking pictures of my dogs (and sometimes my kids). I also love reading, cooking, and watching anything involving Lester Holt. You can find my work in The Washington Post, McSweeney’s, Disney, Huffington Post, Forbes, Scary Mommy, Love What Matters, and others.

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Closet with luggage and hanging clothes

These are the best online menswear consignment stores

In our new economy, now is the time to reorganize your closet and make some extra income by selling your clothes online. Here are digital consignment stores.
Two guys in summer outfits

Our top picks for the best big and tall men’s clothing brands

Body diversity and positivity are not just for the ladies, here's where you can find stylish clothes for big guys.
Man sitting wearing cuffed jeans

The ultimate guide to stacking, rolling, and cuffing your jeans

A pair of denim jeans is universal. How you wear those jeans, though, all boils down to personal taste. Here's a guide to make them your own.
The inside of a busy airport.

Hate the airport security line? Make a reservation instead

If waiting in airport security lines feels like the absolute last way you want to spend hours in your day, you may be in luck.  
Si'u Point Trail, Ta'u Island, National Park of American Samoa.

Good news for JetBlue loyalists — the airline is adding a bunch of new routes to the Caribbean

JetBlue just announced plans to continue its expansion of flights—both in and outside of the U.S.—and some of those destinations happens to be to the Caribbean.
A crowded beach in the summer.

The top 10 most popular beach vacation spots this summer, according to JetBlue

The time to book is now, and with the average length of stay coming in at 6.5 nights, your time to sit on the beach and relax could be right around the corner. 
man sleeping on his side

Experts think you should sleep like an astronaut – here’s why

The benefits of sleeping in zero g, inspired by an astronaut’s position during lift-off, helps reduce the pressure on the neck and body.
People loading their golf bags into the cart to start playing a round.

How to pack golf clubs the right way when traveling for play

If you want the golf vacation of your dreams, spend the extra money and do so with the clubs you know and love in hand. 
man sleeping on his side

Experts reveal how to lose weight while you sleep

Quark Expeditions Ultramarine cruise

These 7 things are actually worth paying extra for on your cruise vacation

It really depends on what you prioritize on vacations and how that upgrade can make your time on the water and in port the best it can be.
Airplane in a blue sky

Report: This is how much you should expect airfare to cost for your summer travel

Our advice would be to book as soon as possible, be flexible on your dates of travel, and have a little patience during the booking process.
Airplane taking off

Summer travel: Airbnb reveals the most popular hot spots

Whether you need a quick weekend retreat or a multi-week vacation, these destinations offer a unique travel experience.
Bravur La Crosa Rosa III

This incredible chronograph watch just debuted, and you’re going to love it

From a manufacturing perspective, Bravur has its own assembly in Sweden, giving them "maximum control of the production," creating watches that will last a lifetime.
mitchell and ness miller lite athletic wear collaboration x  amp club collection full suit 3

Mitchell & Ness teamed up with Miller Lite on throwback gear to help you look like your dad

Well-made, vintage-inspired clothing from Mitchell & Ness that's comfortable and stylish? Sign us up.
Orange sliced in half by knife on cutting board

The TikTok trend of eating oranges in the shower sounds dumb, but you should do it anyway

While there are TikTok trends that have come and gone for being silly or unnecessary, it feels like this one about oranges just makes sense.
apple card

Apple Card just gave you one great reason to sign up (and it has nothing to do with credit)

Apple makes it easy to instantly begin earning cash back and compounding your savings. If you're going to put purchases on credit, you might as well earn money.
dumbbell workout plan lunge 768x512  1

7 dumbbell exercises for beginners who want to see gains fast

Lifting weights doesn't have to be tough -- this is our favorite workout plan for beginners.
calorie burning short workout exercise stairs  1

This 5-minute workout will have you closing your Apple Watch rings by the time your work day ends

Blast fat, burn calories, and hit your goals with this quick workout.
blue light bad for eyes research disappointedsadwomanholdingmobilephonewhilelyingonbed 768x512

Is blue light bad for your eyes? What you need to know

Is blue light actually dangerous or are you safe without protective glasses?
healthy frozen meals nutritionists love quinoa bowl resized 266x266

8 healthy frozen meals nutritionists love — and we do too

Nutritionists love these healthy frozen meals and we guarantee you will too.
cute homemade gifts girlfriend colorfulcandiesisolatedonwhite 768x512

Homemade gifts your girlfriend will love

DIY these beautiful gifts your girlfriend will swoon over.
essential lifting straps home gym weightliftingwriststrapssupportforbodybuildingandpowerlifting fitnessman 768x512

These lifting straps are your new home gym essential — and they’re under $20

These lifting straps will be the best addition you've made to your home gym this year.
heated shaver benefits best shaving face 266x266

What can a heated razor do for you?

Is a heated razor your new best friend? We find out.