How to Make Money While Cleaning out Your Closet

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With the sudden unemployment spike in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are seeking new ways to make a little extra cash from home. So instead of saying “yes” the next time your smart TV asks if you’re “still watching,” try taking a break from your Netflix binge to kill two productivity birds with one stone: a closet spring clean and a consignment haul for a little added income.

It’s time to ditch pieces you bought online that don’t fit right along with gifted garments that are simply collecting dust. Start on one end of your closet and lay everything you haven’t worn in the last six months on your bed (feel free to cancel any months spent in quarantine). Chances are if you haven’t worn them in that time frame, you never will. Why not give them a new home while adding a couple of zeroes to your bank account?

Ahead, we round up some of the best online consignment shops with tips on how to successfully sell your like new and gently used clothes. Note, most of these sites will not accept clothing that is worn, damaged or majorly wrinkled. Remember, presentation is everything.

Best for Outerwear: Poshmark

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Chances are you know someone that either buys or sells on Posh. Sellers here take photos, upload and determine the price of their own items while including a short description. Think of it as a little online boutique of your unwanted items. Buyers can make an offer and you can negotiate. Once you get into the swing of things, it can become addicting like a video game. Soon enough, you’ll rack up that account balance. The site takes 20% commission and sends you an automatic shipping label for every sale. Brand names like Lululemon and Patagonia do well here.

Best for Vintage Clothes: Depop

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Depop is known as the creative community’s marketplace. It has a more indie, Brooklyn-hipster vibe to the items listed. Similar to Poshmark, it’s super easy to use and runs on an app only (not a website). Depop is great for your grandfather’s no-name old Hawaiian shirts hanging in the back of your closet that you’ve been saving for a costume party. Anything marketed as “vintage” here, does well, whereas on Poshmark it might not. And they only take a 10% commission.

Best for Streetwear: Grailed

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Although not as widely known, Grailed is one of the best online selling platforms for menswear. The interface is extremely user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, they only tail 6% commission, not including PayPal fees. The standards, however, are a bit high as the Grailed community is fashion-educated and the marketplace is curated. Streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White, and Vetements do well here.

Best for Novelty Clothes: eBay

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Spread the joy of #WorldNutellaDay with a hoodie that keeps you belly-deep in the deliciousness. ???? ???? #eBayFinds

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As the OG buy-and-sell-from-home platform, eBay is still among the best places to sell your items online. And this goes beyond just the closet. Ebay takes a percentage of all sales, ranging from 1.5% to 12% depending on the value and shipping costs per item. Because you can buy and sell just about anything on eBay, it’s not as streamlined as the more closet-focused apps. Novelty items (like this Nutella hoodie) do well on eBay.

Best for Luxury Items: Vestiaire Collective

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Your Gucci loafers and Prada briefcases will find a second home at this online consignment platform specializing in luxury items. Selling your pieces is a breeze on Vestiaire. Simply fill out a form with your item’s info, including season, size, and designer, and a brand representative will let you know if your garments are fit for their marketplace. If approved, you’ll receive a shipping label to send your items to their Paris headquarters for authentication. Vestiaire takes up to a 35% commission.

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