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What can a heated razor do for you?

There are a million razors on the market that promise a smooth, quick, controlled, sensitive, one-of-a-kind shaving experience. The truth is, there hasn’t been a ton of innovation in the razor market aside from adding extra blades. Gillette decided to finally change the game by introducing a heated shaver to its lineup of award-winning razors to offer an experience like you’d have with a barber without ever leaving your home.

Heated razors are exactly what they sound like — a razor that radiates heat to give you a spa-like feel, which is very different from a typical shave where you heat up water in a sink and attempt to keep it that way, only for it (and your face) to grow cold by the end of your shave.

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Do you need a heated razor?

Need and want are two different things. Sure, you don’t need a heated razor, but if you shave regularly, it may be worth the investment. Not only will it feel fantastic on your skin, but heated razor manufacturers also say they will open the pores of your skin as you shave. Not only can this lessen the chance of developing razor burn, it allows any skin products you use post-shave to work into your skin more effectively.

Plus, a heated razor feels better on your skin. It’s like getting into a freezing car and turning on your heated seat. Within minutes, your body is enveloped in warmth, and it just makes you feel better. The same goes for a heated razor. It keeps you warm and enjoying an everyday experience like never before.

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The heated razor to buy

The Heated Razor by Gillette Labs is the first and only razor on the market that lets you experience a heated shave from start to finish at home. According to the company, the razor has a warming bar, “featuring four intelligent heat sensors, heats up in less than a second and distributes even and soothing warmth to the skin.” It also has wireless magnetic charging, which provides “up to 6 shaves from a single charge, depending on usage.”

The razor comes with a warming bar featuring four intelligent heat sensors, and based on the reviews on the Gillette website, it makes a big difference. “Absolutely amazing!” one reviewer wrote. “The heat added a dramatic level of comfort while shaving. Each stroke felt wonderful. With my first shave, I expected to feel the warmth, but I doubted it would provide such a dramatic level of comfort.” Another buyer agreed: “This is by far the best razor for the money.”

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Heated razor price

The Heated Razor by Gillette Labs starter kit is $200 and comes with a heated razor, one charging stand, and two razor cartridges, which should last you a couple of weeks at least. Buying cartridges for replacement will cost $25, and you can have them shipped every month, three months, or six months depending on how often you shave. The goal isn’t to be the cheapest option on the market but to offer a new, improved shaving experience for those who want it.

If you regularly get ingrown hairs or razor burn, you may find yourself trying a bunch of different razors to keep this from happening. That costs time and money, and the heated razor (at least from the online reviews) delivers a smooth shave without those side effects. “My son has sensitive skin and usually gets bumps, which usually bleeds. After using this razor, there are no bumps nor bleeding,” one happy customer wrote.

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If you shave regularly five days a week for work or just because you just like a smooth face, it may make sense to invest in a heated razor. You’re investing in your skin and your physical well-being, so if you can afford to spend the extra money, why not?

Tony DeAngelis, a co-owner of Blue&Black barbershop in Carroll Gardens, told New York Magazine that heat leads to a good shave. “Heat, whether from running the shower or the sink, allow hair to come off easier, which means less irritation.” If you can guarantee consistent heat from your razor itself, it achieves the same results in less time (and using less water). Sounds like a winning combination to us!

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