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8 healthy frozen meals nutritionists love — and we do too

There are so many diets out there, and if you’ve tried a bunch of them, you know it can be challenging to remember which foods are good and which are bad on any given day. One thing most people can remember, however, is that typically, frozen meals aren’t very good for you. Even though you can still get a traditional TV dinner with Salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese if you want, that isn’t a great option if you’re trying to eat healthily. Good thing many companies have realized that everyone needs a quick frozen meal sometimes, even healthy people.

Healthy Choice Barbeque Seasoned Steak with Red Potatoes

This frozen meal from Healthy Choice is part of the Café Steamers menu and is just 260 calories. The dish is packed with high-quality ingredients, from the tender beef to the crisp vegetables and perfectly roasted potatoes. Perfect for a quick lunch or lite dinner, the meal has 0 grams of trans fat and 17 grams of protein to keep you full longer.

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Gardein Chick’n Fajita Bowl

The Chick’n Fajita Bowl from Gardein makes it easier than ever to come up with a vegan meal in a hurry. The meal is made with Gardein meatless plant-based chick’n, black beans, corn, bell peppers, and more on top of a bed of rice with a fajita sauce. Whether you’re vegan or not, this meal is delicious and satisfying, with 15 grams of protein and just 250 calories.

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Green Giant California-Style Harvest Protein Bowl

This Harvest Protein Bowl from Green Giant has 14 grams of protein packed into each ten-ounce serving. The dish is meat-free and has no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. Containing quinoa, edamame, peppers, kale, and many more vegetables in a light-lemon and herb sauce. Coming in at just 280 calories, this meal is great for lunch or a quick dinner.

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Lean Cuisine Korean-Style Rice and Vegetables Bowl

This Lean CuisineRrice and Vegetable Bowl is delicious and convenient for anyone trying to eat healthier, especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian. The bowl contains an entire cup of vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, kale, edamame, and more. Though the dish is meatless, it still has 12 grams of protein and 370 calories, making it a perfect quick weeknight dinner.

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Kashi Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

If you’re a fan of quinoa, you’ll love this bowl from Kashi. The dish is South American-inspired and overflowing with roasted vegetables and tossed in a tomato sauce. The dish also has kale and black beans, so you get a well-rounded meal with this dish. Coming in at only 270 calories, the meal has 9 grams of protein and a whopping 12 grams of fiber.

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Saffron Road Thai Red Curry Chicken

If you’re looking for a quick meal that packs tons of flavor, the Thai Red Curry Chicken from Saffron Road is the dish for you. The peppers and beans ensure you get an ample amount of fiber, and the chicken adds protein to the party. The dish is 350 calories and 14 grams of protein, so it’s perfect for a quick lunch. You could also serve this alongside a small salad and, poof, instant healthy dinner.

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Evol Foods Balance Bowl

If you or someone in your house has a food allergy, it can be really tough to find quick, easy, and safe meals. Well, Evol Foods is here to save the day with the Balance Bowl, which is egg-free, fish-free, peanut-free, shellfish-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free. And, with 460 calories per serving/container and 13 grams of protein, this bowl is balanced and filling.

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Daily Harvest Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Hash Harvest Bowl

Daily Harvest is a company that delivers ready-made meals that are simple and veggie-forward, but you won’t find them in your local supermarket. Daily Harvest is a subscription service that offers everything from flatbreads to smoothies, and everything is organic and vegan. While this particular Harvest Bowl only has 12 grams of protein (15 grams per meal is an excellent healthy-eating target), you can add some beans or chicken to bump up the protein in the dish.

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If you’ve ever grabbed a slice of cold pizza on your way out the door, you know how important it is to have healthy snacks and meals on the ready. Now that you know there are healthy frozen meals out there, your meal planning time and effort could be cut in half. With all of the healthy and diet-specific frozen meals on the market, a quick meal on the go can be healthy, fast, and delicious.

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Strangely enough, there is actually something like a blue raspberry in nature. Also called the whitebark raspberry, the plant exists west of the Rockies in North America, from Alaska to Mexico. But it’s a relatively rare species that produces a berry that’s sometimes blue, sometimes purple, or somewhere in between.
The blue raspberry concept is one invented to capture your attention and imagination. It has become a fixture in the sweet realm especially, injected into Slurpees, ice creams, candies, and gummy treats. Its popularity begs the question: Why isn’t red banana or purple pineapple a thing?
When it came about in the '50s, food coloring was a booming business. It upped the color intensity of unnatural ingredients and made things like candy all the more attractive to youthful eyes especially. It found a permanent home in the land of amusement venue food, at places like ballpark concession stands, carnival snack shacks, and ice cream trucks.

The color is typically created using Brilliant Blue FCF, a colorant created during the heyday of sibling additives like Red No. 3. It’s not entirely reserved for kids’ foods, as the blue dye shows up in things like curaçao. As this interesting Bon Appétit piece points out, it wasn’t until the '70s, with the creation of blue-flavored treats like Otter Pops and ICEEs, that the blue raspberry movement really took off (the story also touches on the really interesting psychological effects of blue and how it relates to flavor perception).
It may have seemed like a funny juxtaposition at first but blue raspberry clearly stuck. Most of the major brands responsible for sweets or drinks have embraced it entirely. It remains ICEEs top-selling flavor. In short, from a consumer standpoint, we can hardly tell blue and raspberry apart anymore. City-grown kids are as likely today to be confused by a wild red raspberry sighting.
Whatever your thoughts on the flavor, blue raspberry is undeniably fun. It's also surprisingly consistent, having never really taken its foot off the gas since its first big breakout in the early 1970s. Bartenders and chefs may chuckle or scoff at the idea but it's had a stronghold on concessions for generations. If chefs are looking to create high-end spinoffs of iconic Americana dishes like fast-food burgers and, hell, White Zinfandel is even coming back to life, why can't blue raspberry be taken more seriously?

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