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The Best Best Big and Tall Men’s Clothing Brands in 2022

If you’ve been anywhere near a radio in the past few years, chances are you’ve heard Lizzo’s upbeat anthems focusing on body diversity and positivity, and it’s not just for the ladies. The same agency that represents most Victoria’s Secret models recently launched Brawn, their division of plus-size male models including breakout star Zach Miko. We’re increasingly seeing bigger and taller male role models kill it in Fenty by Rihanna shows and on our Instagram feeds. Thankfully, brands are catering to the more-to-love community, too.

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Today’s consumer is more fashion and societally conscious, and consequently more demanding than ever before. There has never been a better time to shop for men’s clothing online than right now.

We’ve put together a list of the brands leading in the innovation and development of inclusive fashion that will keep you looking confident and cool.


Bonobos built its reputation on great pants, and now offers men great everything. Their extended sizes cover elevated and well-made pants, jeans, shirts, swimsuits, sweaters and even suiting up to sizes 4XL.


Duke was founded in Nottingham, England in 1985 and remains a family-owned and run company to this day. We love that they refer to their larger sizing as “King” and “Super King,” and offer a complete range of larger sizes up to 8XL and 3XLT in tops, 70-inch bottoms, and 15-inch footwear.


Farah got its roots in 1920s London and was first inspired by subcultures in the underground scene. Today, the brand references its heritage in traditional pieces like smart button-ups and oxfords ranging in sizes up to 4XL.

Jack & Jones

Contemporary British brand Jack & Jones offers fashion-forward pieces without the hefty price tag. Their plus-size line boasts a range of good-looking denim, blazers, organic cotton tees, and accessories.

Levi’s Big & Tall

Known for their legendary status when it comes to denim, Levi’s has been a step ahead when it comes to inclusive sizing. Its Big & Tall line will have you covered through with the iconic 501 jeans or trucker jackets up to a 66 waist and 6XL.

Only & Sons

Contemporary line Only & Sons is rooted in Scandinavian culture and modernism. Its plus-size items offer a stylish range of tees, sweaters, tops, trousers, and outerwear, up to size 6XL.

Puma Plus

The German sportswear brand recently launched Puma Plus, a line focusing on big and tall performance clothing, activewear, and streetwear. It offers a colorful range of athletic basics like hoodies and sweatpants up to 5XLT.

River Island Big & Tall

Coming from British e-commerce retailer ASOS, River Island is expectedly on-trend and their big and tall collections do not disappoint. River Island offers more fashion-forward pieces like tapered cargo pants and pique polo shirts at a great price. It is worth mentioning that ASOS has a top-notch curation of larger brands from all over the world.


The Dutch suit maker changed the game by providing premium quality tailoring at an agreeable price point. If you’re looking to up your style game in a larger size range, Suitsupply’s impressive Italian fabric-based suiting comes in sizes up to 4XL for jackets, shirts, and trousers.

Tommy Hilfiger

Sure, it’s great that a ton of brands are offering leisure pieces, but what about more put together styles? Tommy Hilfiger has invested in developing a range of handsome wardrobe essentials in larger sizes. Look for the brand’s Big & Tall performance jackets and crafted leather belts that are not to be missed.

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