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Savage X Fenty Review: Rihanna’s Inclusive Underwear Line for Men

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Following the second annual Savage x Fenty fashion show hosted by pop star and businesswoman Rihanna in Los Angeles, California, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. The singer showed off her designs as she debuted her fall collection alongside the brand’s first-ever menswear capsule collection and bold new size-inclusive underwear.

The capsule collection bold and edgy esthetic embodies Christian Combs’ style. Combs serves as a collaborator for the capsule collection and also is a brand ambassador for Savage x Fenty. Combs worked directly with Rihanna to create a line that pushes individuality boundaries and makes versatile styles that everyone can wear.

The 11-piece collection, designed to be worn separately or layered together, features satin monogram print pajamas, woven boxers, knit boxers, and trunks. Prices for the collection range from$13 to $70; this affordable price point and diverse range of sizes from S-XXXL makes this collection, which has been on sale at and Amazon until recently. Not surprisingly, the inclusive line sold out within hours. Here’s why we love it.


The Savage X Fenty men’s capsule collection os comprised of a diverse range of fabrics one would expect from an underwear and leisurewear line. Each underwear style is a mixture of cotton and spandex for stretch and extra comfort. While everything in the collection felt terrific, I do wish there was more stretch in the woven boxers, especially for everyday use.

The Material of the Savage x Fenty Satin Pants is superb. Satin pants have become a go-to favorite of mine since the start of the quarantine. I genuinely enjoy these pants for their value and versatility; you can easily dress up for a casual outfit or pair with a simple t-shirt for the perfectly styled outfit to enter a slumber.

Fit and Style

In comparison to other brands at similar price points, the design and execution exceeded my expectation. The vibrant waistband elevates the minimal style of the knitted briefs and trunks. The woven material provokes 90s luxury that not only feels amazing against the skin but is the perfect pair to grab when you want to feel sexy for your partner. No matter if you’re a boxer, briefs, or trunks guy, this collection has a little bit of something for every guy.

The Savage x Fenty Trunks is my favorite in regards to fit and style. They offer a perfect fit that’s snug against the body without being too short. The bold 90’s-inspired waistband adds a unique flair to the traditional silhouette of the trunks.


For under $25, you can get any underwear from the Savage x Fenty men’s capsule collection. When compared to similar designer underwear, the product is definitely worth the value. The smoking jacket and satin pants, two of the highly anticipated pieces of the collection, might be the most expensive items in the collection. However, both of these styles allow you to style them to dress them up or everyday wear or dress them down for the bedroom. It’s one of our new favorite men’s clothing brands.

In terms of value, my favorite piece of the collection is the smoking jacket. Aside from feeling special because it is the first menswear piece Rihanna has designed, I couldn’t get over how luxurious the robe felt. I am a sucker for a good robe and have spent significantly more on jackets that didn’t feel this soft or smooth against the skin.

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