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Why You’ll Want To Wear Faherty’s Gorgeous Cardigan

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In the world of fashion, we are constantly seeing new trends pop up on the runways, in magazines and on Instagram. It sometimes feels like a rat race to constantly keep up with the latest and greatest if we want to remain even remotely relevant. But here at The Manual, our fashion experts aim to bring you practical and sustainable advice for a wholesome, long, and stylish life. Sure, we like to cover trends, but our real closet recommendations lie in wardrobe staples that bring actual value to your life from quality products we believe in. Enter: Faherty’s Heritage Motif Cardigan.

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This is a closet staple that undoubtedly belongs in every man’s closet. Whether you live in the four seasons and are beginning to face harsher temps, or you like to travel to a cold destination from time to time – this item will bring a bundle of joy, and for years to come. Let us tell you why.

For starters, Faherty is a mission-driven brand you can feel good about supporting. Not only are they committed to complete transparency, the majority of fabrics the brand uses are made from sustainable materials. They prioritize ethically sourced cashmere, alpaca, recycled polyester, and hemp along with non-toxic dyes. And this cardigan is a beautiful result of this process.


It’s a knit made from a mix of cotton and cashmere to bring you the perfect balance of warmth and cozy comfort. Think of that really expensive cashmere sweater you have (but only wear on special occasions) and marry that with your most comfortable, relaxed cotton t-shirt. That’s exactly what you get with this fall/winter staple from Faherty. Once your throw this on, trust us — you’ll never want to take it off. It has a mid-level weight but is breathable with just enough stretch. Plus, it’s totally safe to machine wash (unlike your typical cashmere sweater).

The pattern comes in two different colorways. We recommend choosing the one that best fits in with the palette of your closet. If you’re still undecided, choose a tone that best compliments your complexion. Usually bold patterns are more trend-driven items, but this is an exception. Like a good area rug, this western style is a core print that is seen year after year. It has become a true traditional print every time fall and winter come around. The design is woven with five different threads, placing major attention to detail that doesn’t go unnoticed. This type of depth in garment hits different and is much more apparent in person. The print is inspired by indigenous art and weavings, and rightfully so. Moreover, 10% of the sales revenue from this product is donated to the Lakota Way Healing Center. *Golf clap for Faherty for doing it right.*

How to Wear

Aside from its design, we love its practicality and versatility, enabling it to be dressed up with chinos or down with jeans. Many men are intimated by a cardigan with a shawl, but this one has a modern-slim fit, designed for layering. You can throw it over a dress shirt for a wintery feel and it will still come off as modern and slim. It also looks lovely with a plain tee, to keep it simple. The sweater even has pockets for storage or hand placement, complete with horn buttons that feel expensive. We love the sleeves scrunched up a bit and the bottom two buttons undone. This makes for that effortless chic vibe all guys aspire to.

Faherty’s Motif Cardigan is the perfect closet addition when sweater weather calls. It’s the best of all worlds – polished yet laid back, vintage with a modern fit and, of course, it brings all the comfort in the world. At $298, it’s one closet staple well worth the investment because you’ll wear it on repeat for years to come, mark our words.

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