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You Need to Sport a Shawl Cardigan This Season

If you’re looking for one of the best sweaters for men this winter, then start (or end?) your search here. We’re putting you on the path to sweater-wearing excellence, all thanks to one style in particular. That would be the rugged shawl cardigan (or shawl-collar cardigan). Think of it as your classic cardigan, with a V-shaped open front or front buttons, but beefed up with a — you guessed it — shawl collar. The collar adds visual (and actual) heft, giving the cardigan some serious layering potential and extra warmth. Shawl cardigans are also typically made of heavier fabrics, amping up the potential for layering with classics like your favorite henley or a chambray shirt. But back to our picks: Some of the best shawl cardigans can be found below.

Grayers Belmont Plaited Cardigan Sweater

Grayers Belmont Cardigan Sweater

Grayers comes through in the clutch with a versatile, pleasingly rugged yet casual cardigan to pair up with the brand’s expertly cut chinos on a cold winter day.

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Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan

Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan

For the ultimate in accessible, surprisingly affordable luxury and classic style in equal measure, turn toward Buck Mason. The Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan is at home on the road or at the office but might look best with your favorite pair of blue jeans, a classic henley, and a hot cup of coffee in hand on a cold winter morning.

Billy Reid Patchwork Quilt Cardigan

Billy Reid Patchwork Quilt Cardigan

If you want to kick things up a notch and go all-out with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind cardigan from an American menswear master, you’d do worse than this Patchwork Quilted Cardigan, a guaranteed menswear winner no matter what you wear it with.

Faherty Brand Flecked Merino Wool Cardigan

Faherty Brand Flecked Merino Wool Cardigan

For top-notch comfort and easygoing style, Faherty Brand makes one of the best shawl cardigans you can buy. The exceptional fabric and winter-friendly color separate this handsome number from the pack.

Peregrine Waffle Cardigan

Peregrine Waffle Cardigan

As to be expected from a brand sold by Huckberry, Peregrine has a long, long heritage when it comes to making incredibly long-lasting sweaters and jackets. This Waffle Cardigan might just take the cake as one of the best shawl cardigans we’ve seen this year (and beyond).

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