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One of the Comfiest Mattress Brands Just Launched a Men’s Loungewear Line

When it comes to what to wear right now, most of us are likely still finding ourselves in perplexing situations. You might be asking whether you should get prepared to dress up again for an eventual return to the office, or whether slippers and sweatpants will continue to reign supreme as you sit in your WFH office for the foreseeable future. Not to mention your social calendar that’s either revving up or still stuck in limbo.

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In short, it remains a confusing time to make firm fashion decisions, and it’s been tricky to invest in items that find that happy medium for circumstances that feel poles apart.

However, something we have learnt during this time is that we’re not prepared to give up on the comfortable styles we’ve become accustomed to, but we also don’t want to feel like we’ve totally lost touch with what’s currently trendy or fashionable. And thankfully, based on what we’ve been seeing on the streets and on the runways, that combination of easy-wearing yet still super-chic style is here to stay.

And fortunately for us guys, one of our favorite lifestyle companies has just the solution for our current sartorial needs. As of today, Parachute – the go-to home essentials brand that brought us the closest feeling we’ll ever get to sleeping on a cloud – is finally introducing men’s sizes and styles to its top-of-the-line Linen Loungewear collection.

The California-inspired brand designs its products in Venice Beach and is known for its responsibly manufactured items that are carefully crafted by the world’s top artisans. And better yet, they’re offered at accessible price points. It makes sense then why Parachute has developed a cult-like following.

So yes, guys can now shop both a linen top and linen pants – made from 100% European flax linen – for an incredibly breezy feel that’s as equally lofty in design. Both items can be bought as separates for $74 each, with color options in either fawn or coal.

The top, in an oversized button-down style, features a drop shoulder, chest pocket and relaxed collar. And, for extra breathing room, side hem slits round out the comfortable fit. The pants, also in a loose style, feature an elastic waist with drawstring and two front pockets. These pieces are as practical as they are polished.

What makes these items so ideal to own is how all their elements manage to strike that perfect balance many of us are after right now. Not only do they work really well together as a peak not-going-anywhere loungewear look, but each piece is versatile enough to be worn on its own when paired with other key items that you already have in your wardrobe.

Whatever fashion dilemma you find yourself facing, Parachute lays out a solid solution to dressing yourself up or down. We’d say, now more than ever, it’s wise to go for garments that guarantee exceptional quality and a versatile style, all while maintaining that extra level of comfort. The right kind of relaxation wear will make your outfit options feel endless.

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