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Rothy’s Debuts Its First Collection of Men’s Accessories

Rothy's new men's carryall.
Rothy’s new men’s carryall. Image used with permission by copyright holder

After Rothy’s debuted its men’s shoe line this past spring, the fashion firm is following it up with matching gear in its first collection of men’s accessories.

After the successful inaugural shoe debut in May, Rothy’s confirmed that there is a real gap between supply and demand in the men’s market for sustainable, zero-compromise design. While there are a few sustainable men’s footwear brands out there, there are almost no options for accessories. This is where the Rothy’s mission lands: its new men’s accessories bring elevated yet sustainably crafted fashionable equipment to the game.

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First on the list, Rothy’s men’s carryall is a versatile tote designed to fit into any lives, whether carried by hand or over the shoulder. The carryall comes complete with an adjustable, detachable strap for fit and features clever storage space and multiple pockets for all fetching needs.

Second, Rothy’s released a laptop portfolio that all the work from daily commutes to travel. Its versatile style helps to keep you cools and your tech secure with included slip pockets, a padded compartment and a secure zipper.

Finally, its slim card case is meant to be a sleek addition to any and all pockets, combining streamlined design with smart organization. And Rothy’s minimalist wallet is a slim, bi-fold case that keeps clutter to the minimum with multiple card slots and a top loading pocket. The best part? You’re helping the planet in style when you rock Rothy’s.

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Rothy’s goods and accessories are knit with 100% recycled materials, using a blend of ocean-bound marine plastic and Rothy’s signature water bottle-spun thread. 

Collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments, Rothy’s has transformed thousands of pounds of marine plastic into sustainable bags and weaved it into its latest men’s kit. For its bottle-spun fiber, Rothy’s diverts plastic bottles from landfills and transforms it into knittable ply that is durable, sustainable, and washable. 

Beyond removing this ocean waste, the shoes, bags, and accessories manufactured from cool marine plastic and landfill wrap are fully machine washable. The world is a dirty place, so these accessories can also offer peace of mind as hygiene continues to take precedence in our new normal.

Rothy’s is on a continuous quest to do better by the customer and the planet and that means beginning and ending with the right choices. There’s a better way to do business, and it starts by putting the planet and its people first.

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