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The 7 Best Wallets for Men in 2022 and Beyond

Similar to the briefcase, a man’s wallet is more than a functional piece to hold one’s essentials — it’s also an accessory that allows every man to add their personal style into their everyday look. By choosing the right wallet, you will always appear as a well-organized man whether or not you have your life together. For one thing, it is a reassuring confidence boost when you pull it out from your pants and you don’t have stray dollars falling out of it.

When on the search for a new wallet, there are a few things every man should take into consideration. Whether you need a wallet that helps with organization, need it to be lightweight to slip into your pocket, or prefer something with RFID protection, there’s a wallet brand out there to fit your lifestyle. We rounded up some of our favorite wallets on the market for every man out there.

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Best Overall: VaultSkin Manhattan Card Wallet

VaultSkin Manhattan Card Wallet

The Vaultskin wallet has the best of all worlds. It’s slim and bi-fold for easy management, and it has RFID protection to offer high-level security to your personal items.

Best Slim Wallet: Bellroy Micro Sleeve

If you only have one or two cards and you’re not big on cash, this is the wallet for you. Eliminating the bulkiness of traditional wallets, the micro sleeve provides only what you need as a hassle-free option.

Best Bi-Fold Wallet: Acne Studios Bi-Fold Cardholder

Acne Studios Bifold Cardholder

This bi-fold wallet provides multiple compartments for easy money management and organization to eliminate having a sloppy wallet.

Best RFID-Protected Wallet: Andar The Ambassador Wallet

Andar The Ambassador Wallet

If you’re looking for the highest grade security for your personal items, look no further than this RFID wallet. Protecting you beyond hackers, The Ambassador is also water- and stain-resistant for those of us who tend to be a little clumsy.

Best Travel Wallet: Samsonite Travel Wallet

Samsonite Travel Wallet

When looking for the best travel wallet, Samsonite is the go-to brand. Designed to hold your cards and bills alongside your passport, this wallet helps eliminate the additional passport holder for the guy who’s always on the go.

Other Wallets We Love

Fjallraven Passport Wallet

Fjallraven Passport Wallet

If you plan on traveling as much as possible, the Fjallraven is a must for those backpacking trips across Europe and beyond.

Maison de Sabre Bi-Fold Wallet

Maison de Sabre Bifold Wallet

The Maison de Sabre offers a super-sleek silhouette with pebbled leather to add refined texture to the average bi-fold wallet. For an added sense of style, you can get a complimentary monogram when you order!

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