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The 9 Best Briefcases for Men in 2022

The briefcase continues to be a significant piece in the working man’s wardrobe with a long history. What was once considered as a go-to bag for buttoned-up bankers has blended over into more business casual attire for men who want to stylishly carry their nine-to-five essentials. Various functions come into play when looking for the best suitcase that fits your needs.

If you commute, you might look for a crossbody, or a messenger bag so your hands are free during your journey. If you walk or bike to work, a backpack might be a better option (plus it has more room for snacks and water). These best briefcases are more practical and stylish than their early predecessors. Ahead, we rounded up some of the best briefcases from Sandro to Bottega Veneta with functionality and style in mind.

Best Briefcase Overall: Bottega Veneta Briefcase

bottega veneta

From one of the best clothing brands for men comes a sleek black briefcase that will always be a la mode. Embossed with Bottega’s signature weaving, this briefcase adds a taste of modern style that can be mixed with a business suit or a more casual work attire. The versatility goes beyond just pairing with your work attire, the briefcase comes equipped with an adjustable stop that can be added for shoulder carrying and a double zip closure for extra security.

Best Commuter Briefcase: Samsonite Leather Slim Brief

Samsonite Briefcase
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The geniuses behind durable luggage also venture into everyday needs like the briefcase. If you’re someone who travels or commutes on a regular basis this is the briefcase for you. With extra padding for durability and an overwhelming amount of storage, this briefcase will get you to and from work without worrying about damage to your laptop or iPad.

Best Statement Briefcase: Coach X Jean-Michel Basquiat Rogue Messenger

Coach Briefcase
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re all about making statements (we’re talking to you, creatives), snap up this whimsical briefcase from Coach that celebrates and honors New York City artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. It’s fun and rebellious with a bold motif from the iconic artist’s famous paintings and is as functional as it is beautiful. This slender messenger bag has an interior tech sleeve with room for an iPad, and an exterior pocket for easy access to essentials.

Best Luxury Briefcase: Dunhill Heritage Slim Briefcase

Dunhill Briefcase
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Paying extreme attention to detailed craftsmanship and the highest grade materials, Dunhill is built to last a lifetime. This heritage briefcase is made from vegetable-tanned black leather with a burgundy goatskin leather lining. Since this is a fully leathered briefcase, you might want to check our tips for taking care of leather if you’re getting this briefcase.

Other Briefcases We Love

Sandro Saffiano Leather Briefcase

Sandro Briefcase
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Parisian brand brilliantly transforms chic French style into everyday work attire. This briefcase would pair nicely with a more casual approach to office wear rather than a suit and tie look.

Matt and Nat Alban Vintage

Matt and Nat Briefcase

Elevating style and functionality, the Matt & Nat suitcase provides a more sleek and vintage take on the traditional briefcase while providing functionality from its removable and adjustable crossbody strap with standard shoulder patch, laptop compartment, laptop padded sleeve, smartphone pocket, and pen slots.

Zara Multi-Pocket Rubberized Traveler Briefcase

Zara Briefcase
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Perfect for the traveling professional, this rubberized briefcase comes packed with three front pockets with zip closures to put your trusty wallet as well as the main space to hold your laptop and papers. It also has a lined interior with a carabiner keychain to secure keys and two more additional pockets, making it the ultimate storage briefcase.

Brook Brothers Leather Briefcase

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you just need a briefcase to carry your MacBook Air and a few papers around, this sophisticated genuine cowhide briefcase gets the job done. With tonal stitching and an easy-to-close zipper, the modern design is a great extension to a wardrobe to show off your style.

Bally Minerbio Leather Briefcase

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This slim leather briefcase is a perfect option for an everyday workbag. Includes a shoulder strap for easy lugging during commuting.

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