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The Best Men’s Wallet Brands to Shop Now

Your checklist for getting out the door is crowded enough as it is without adding another item, right? Take the seemingly humble wallet. You carry yours with you on the daily. You slide it into your front jeans pocket. You throw it into your messenger bag. You reach for it without a second thought as you dash out the door wearing a new field coat. Isn’t it time your wallet got some more attention?

We’re talking the type of wallet that blends craftsmanship and design to stylishly store your essentials for years to come. Ahead are a few of our favorites.


If you seek a stylish leather wallet that merges the latest and greatest technology with a slimmed-down profile and premium materials (akin to, say, your favorite pair of dress shoes), then it’s Bellroy that you seek. The brand’s line of wallets includes card sleeves and cardholders, plus RFID-protected travel folios and coin wallets (that way, you’ll never misplace your valuables). Yes indeed, the brand easily makes some of the best men’s wallets.


For more than 20 years now, Chris and Kirk Bray have been crafting some of the best leather goods of any brand in the country, and they’ve been doing it with a focus on made-in-the-States craftsmanship and ridiculously high-quality materials. The brand’s full line of leather wallets, including bifold card case and standard card case options, pairs up quite nicely alongside a handsome Billykirk belt or Dopp kit, and there’s no question you’ll have your Billykirk wallet for years to come (to say the least). A rugged wallet from Billykirk is an ideal way to complement a wardrobe filled with the best clothing brands for men, we’d say.

Andar Wallet

Andar’s specialty across the board (be it phone cases, bags or wallets, naturally) focuses on handcrafted leather goods that make a difference in your everyday carry. That holds true in matters of style and performance in equal measure. By that, we mean that the brand carefully builds its wallets to last and last, from cardholders to wallets specifically designed to slide into the front pocket of your tailored trousers. Wallets are also made from materials like full-grain vintage leather, giving you a modern heirloom in your pocket.


Pioneer Carry

Pioneer uses next-level fabrics and innovation to craft futuristic wallets that can stand up to the daily grind with ease. The Altitude Billfold is especially impressive, made with water-resistant performance fabric in a lightweight design and neutral color options. If you want a wallet to use day after day after day, one with room for unique currencies and cards, this is your best bet.

Ridge Wallet

The proof is in the pudding, or rather, the proof that Ridge Wallet knows how to make a mighty fine wallet for men is right in the name. The brand specializes in sleek, sharp, tactical wallets that seriously slim down your everyday carry. Made from tough materials like titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber, and available in neutral colors like black or navy, the brand’s wallet options can function as a cardholder/cash strap that holds up to 12 cards, and you can also select a simple money clip option (this assuredly qualifies it as one of the best money clips, right?).


The makers of your favorite watches and some seriously stunning everyday carry essentials are, of course, quite skilled at crafting a versatile wallet for the modern man. If it’s a trifold wallet you seek, the kind that can travel with you on jet-setting trips, you’ll find it at Shinola. And if it’s a slim bifold wallet to stow away in the pocket of your field jacket, Shinola also has you covered. Better still, Shinola wallets are made with every bit as much quality as the brand’s famed watches.

Tanner Goods

Portland, Oregon is home to some of our favorite brands in plenty of different categories, but one of the coolest has got to be Tanner Goods. From collaborations with like-minded heritage brands to its focus on the finest leather goods and gear, the world of Tanner Goods is enviable and built to last, no matter what you get your hands on. In fact, you should go ahead and add one of the brand’s exceptionally well-crafted leather wallets to your daily haul, then prepare to see it break in handsomely over time.

Distil Union

Distil Union is undoubtedly the brand to shop if you want no-frills everyday carry gear that can get the job done without causing you stress or worry. These are goods that can stand up to repeated use, with an emphasis on an easy carrying experience and plenty of utility. The much-loved Wally Bifold in particular has garnered rave reviews and a rabid following.

Troubadour Goods

Troubadour Goods has a knack for seamlessly blending the refined with the utilitarian, and in this case, that means crafting a full lineup of eye-catching leather wallets to pair nicely with its handsome duffel bags and tote bags. The brand’s wallets are expertly crafted from Italian leather in options like a sleek card case or a standard billfold wallet. They also come in an array of colors to match your investment-level Troubadour bag, and every great bag needs one of the best slim wallets to go along with it.

Bexar Goods Co.

Bexar Goods is what you might call a “small-but-mighty” presence in the world of leather goods and gear, taking craftsmanship to the next level with passion and commitment. Bexar Goods wallets are particularly impressive, crafted by hand using materials like vegetable-tanned harness leather. The resulting wallet options, including a durable and rugged classic bifold, are the sort of pieces to be used, coveted, and passed down over time.

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