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7 Best Money Clips to Help You Ditch Your Bulky Wallet

There comes a time when carrying around business cards, important information, and pictures of your loved ones in your wallet begin to create unwanted clutter. Most of that information is digitized and available on your phone, signaling that it may be time for you to think about ditching the wallet for a more sensible option: the money clip.

The best money clips are a great upgrade from fat, heavy wallets since they organize everything you need and eliminate everything you don’t. If you’re an old fashioned man who has a wallet you don’t want to give up — by all means, stay with tradition and enjoy your wallet. but, you should know, though, that money clips have been around as long as paper money has.

Back in the day, all a man needed was a money clip to keep his cash organized, intact, and secure, and now all most people carry is their debit card, their credit card, and maybe a small stash of cash. If you’ve noticed your wallet getting in the way of you sitting down comfortably or you simply don’t feel the need for all that extra junk, our roundup of the best money clips has everything from elegant picks and old school classics to help simplify and minimize your daily baggage.

For the Heavy-Duty Man

James Purdey and Sons Stainless Steel Money Clip

Crafted from durable stainless steel in Italy, James Purdey & Sons’ silver-toned money clip is as tough and simplified as it gets. It comes etched with the brand’s signature and elegant ‘Starbust’ emblem and is housed in a felt-lined box that is perfectly presentable as a gift for your favorite hard-working significant other, father, or friend.

For the Casual Man

Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip

Studebaker’s Bessemer money clip is hand-forged and formed with American brass or copper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, resulting in a rustic, no-frill patina that will evolve with you over time. If you’re looking for an option to declutter your everyday carry items but you don’t want all the glitz and glamor, then this is for you.

For the Simple Man

Mulberry Silver-Tone Money Clip

Mulberry’s money clip embodies everything you need in a money clip. It’s affordable and durable and boasts a simple elegance that will make you feel proud to pull it out at any establishment. It sports the brand’s logo etched on the back, but most importantly, it is designed specifically to hold your cash and cards without adding extra bulk in your pockets.

For Men Who Need Some Flare

Kingsman X Deakin & Francis Rose-Gold Plated Sterling Silver Money Clip

As they say, a Kingsman wouldn’t put a bulky, overstuffed wallet into his freshly-pressed trousers. So why should you? Instead, let this rose gold-plated sterling silver money clip crafted by celebrated jeweler Deakin & Francis decrease your baggage and make you look dignified at the same time. It carries a bit of a price tag, but this clip is durable enough to last for years and beautiful enough to make you want to carry it even if and when wallets come back in style.

For the No-Extra-Baggage Man



One of the reasons you’re switching to a money clip is to downsize your baggage and weight, right? Well, if you want to do it the right way, a carbon fiber money clip is going to be lighter than a feather and will still offer the stealthy, carrying security you desire. CL CARBONLIFE offers an extremely lightweight, affordable, and durable money clip that’ll hold your cash and credit cards safely, while also providing you with enough chic style to make you happy to pull it out of your back pocket at any time of the day.

For the Security Man

The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet With Money Clip

Though this money carrier is considered a wallet, The Ridge designed its metal wallet with a slender body that is small and light enough to pass as a minimal money clip. The added space is provided specifically for your credit cards and identification, but it also was designed for more function. For those weary of pesky scammers, the metal body of this wallet and money clip was crafted to protect your cards from even the most powerful RFID chip readers.

For the Budgeting Man

Alaska Bear Money Clip

Alaska Bear Money Clip

When you think of what a money clip looks like, chances are the Alaska Bear design seen above is what you see. This money clip is the epitome of what a great money clip should offer: durable stainless steel construction, a luxuriously smooth and stylish appearance, and enough carrying capacity for a wad of cash and other necessities. We love the minimalistic yet modish look because it’s more than just a way to carry your money; it’s an affordable option for carrying your cash and cards in a way that makes you look distinguished and refined, whether you whip it out for buying you coworkers lunch or taking the family out for the day.

If you really hate money clips and absolutely need a wallet, we suggest one of these.

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