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Nixon wants to help you upgrade your look, and they really mean it

Nixon Spectra worn with fashion outside.

This content was produced in partnership with Nixon.

When you think about the pinnacle of style, the true pioneers stand out as unique, right? That is, they’re not mimicking the style or fashion of others, they’re pushing the boundaries of what we might consider traditional. That is precisely what Nixon has been doing since its birth in 1998, offering collections upon collections of fantastic gear. Nixon is built atop a gnarly foundation of surf, skate, and snowboards. But what that means to you is they partner with world-class athletes, artists, musicians, and activists to create quality gear, with the best mind-blowing themes possible. That explains why Nixon’s mantra is: Team Designed, Custom Built.

What you may not know is that the Nixon brand is wide-reaching. Maybe you know about the Nixon watches, in a host of styles in both digital and analog formats? Or perhaps you know about Nixon’s bags, like backpacks, duffel bags, and travel bags? But what you may not know is that the brand dabbles in all things fashion and style, from headwear, clothing accessories, and bags, to bands, gifts, and jewelry. We’ll highlight some of the best gear they have available, and you’ll find that below, but you can always check out Nixon’s collections on your own, as well!

Defy and honor tradition with Spectra

Nixon Spectra gold watches for men in style.

It seems to be a contrast, defying tradition and the classics while at the same time honoring it, but that’s what Nixon’s Spectra delivers. It’s a brilliantly engineered wristwatch, employing a modern design — and sound construction — but with an exquisitely timeless feel. The 10-ATM or 100-meter water rating doesn’t hurt, and you don’t have to take it off when you swim unless you want to. That gives it a more practical use, which honestly is something you don’t always see with a lot of fashionable gear. The Spectra offers the best of both worlds in that regard. Not to mention it comes in four slick and tasteful colors.

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That’s what Nixon stands for

While the Spectra is impressive, it highlights Nixon’s dedication to beautiful and contemporary gear that is still capable of standing out — it might honor age-old traditions but it’s still unique in its own right. Take the , for example, which merges old and new thanks to digital functionality albeit encompassed in a classic style. We’re going a little too hard on the classic and timeless ideas here, but you get the gist of it. Nixon truly delivers on that front, and that’s true of every piece in its collection — and there are a lot of gold watches for men in Nixon’s collection.

Carry it in style with the Desperado duffel

Nixon Desparado Duffel bag

Nixon bags focus on three major elements: quality, function, and design. But there’s also no reason you shouldn’t look great regardless of what you’re carrying or where you’re going. The Desperado Duffel II is downright sexy but has all the trappings of your average travel bag. For example, the comfortable and padded shoulder strap is removable and adjustable. The leather handles are padded too, and there are both internal and external zip pockets to store your gear, plus the large main compartment in the center. There’s room for everything you need on your next trip, whether you’re leaving town or just spending a day out. There are three styles to choose from for a little more personalization.

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Bag it up, the way you like

If a duffel bag isn’t your thing, or you don’t need a bag that large Nixon has a bevy of additional gear. There are Nixon travel bags, crossbody bags and totes, backpacks, hip packs, and duffels, of course. We’re partial to the , or the . They hold up to six 12-ounce cans with ease, and while beer is the obvious choice here, you could fit soda or tea in there too — whatever canned beverage your little heart desires.

Rolling Stones Strapback hat givin’ you some shelter

Rolling Stones Flatback Hat worn

When it’s time to rock and roll, as you’re heading out the door, you want to snag a hat that matches your outfit, shields your face and head, but looks phenomenal. Nixon’s Rolling Stone Strapback hat is the one for you. Plus, let’s be honest, that tongue and lips logo is what it’s all about. With a comfortable yet secure clasp in the back, an all-cotton design, and a flat bill, it goes well with just about any style.

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Hats that fit on your head

Maybe you’re more into beanies? Have a penchant for curved bills over flat ones? Nixon offers a ton of different styles, designs, and options, enough that it’s worth browsing the collection to see what you can find. There’s definitely a hat or two that will resonate with you.

A Spot Hoodie you can rock year-round

Nixon Spot Hoodie front

The best thing about hoodies is that there’s no right or wrong time to wear them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cold out, either, but Nixon’s mid-weight Spot Hoodie is perfect for any time of the year, even summer. It’s not so thick that you’ll be sweating profusely, but the cotton and poly-fleece design will keep you warm when it counts. As Nixon so boldly claims, “it might be a little corny to claim a landing, but we totally stuck this one.” Indubitably, folks.

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Some clothing you can really get into

Nixon has a bunch of clothing and accessory options, not just hoodies. There are wallets, belts, T-shirts, gloves, and much more. You’ll want to check that out if you’re interested because you don’t know what you’re going to find in their collection. And honestly, it’s all fantastic.

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