The Best Minimalist Wallets for Men Prove that Less Truly is More

There is a difference between not having any cash and not wanting to carry cash. And with the way tech is evolving in our lives, cash will probably cease to exist before our cars take flight with us in them. And even today, with the rise of skinny jeans and with pocket occupancy insisting that less is more, we still need to carry an I.D. and few credit cards to get by. You shouldn’t want to be seen with a George Costanza wallet, nor carry anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. It’s time to streamline your pocket essentials with a truly minimalist wallet.

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve

The Bellroy Card Sleeve is as it states, a card sleeve. It has a slot on either side for the most important cards and though it doesn’t highlight the use of the cash, it does have a hidden internal pocket to house your big bills. The Card Sleeve holds anywhere from two to eight cards and is so slim it’s measured in millimeters (103 x 71, FYI). And for any item or bill that makes its way to the interior stronghold, the Bellroy Card Sleeve has a pull tab to quickly access any a loyalty card for that tenth punch.

Hitch and Timber Oswald

Hitch and Timber - Oswald

The Hitch and Timber Oswald is minimalism at it’s finest. With a single sleeve that can hold up to ten cards once you’ve broken in the U.S. sourced leather, it will fit nicely in your back or front pocket. Each Oswald is stitched to order making your new wallet as unique as the contents it holds. It also features a metal reinforced keyring hole for a lanyard or if you’ve got the confidence to rock it, a chain to keep your wallet secured to your waistline.

Spine Wallet

Spine Wallet - Titanium

Made entirely in the U.S. of A., the Spine Titanium Wallet is nothing more than an elastic band and a card-sized sheet of Ti with an integrated bottle opener. There are a range of anodized colors to choose from and each wallet is non-corrodable, so it should outlast any magnetic strip your burn through. It’s slim enough for any pocket — to the point that you won’t notice its rigid design and, when pulled out from the shadows to cover the tab, the Spine Titanium will be the backbone to your EDC.

Thread Wallets Vertical

Thread Wallets - Vertical

Minimal doesn’t require the death of personal expression. The Thread Wallets’ Vertical has an elastic pocket, RIFD blocking sleeve, and an internal compartment for the extras. The elastic band adds flair to an otherwise mundane pocket occupier while keeping your personals safe and secure. The Vertical is crafted from genuine leather and has a keyring so it can be clipped it into your over-the-shoulder sling bag or to your keys. Thread Wallets prides themselves on their products being “Woven for Originality” and pending your color preference, there is a Thread Wallet to match your personal style.

Shinola Five-Pocket Card Case

Shinola - 5 Pocket Card Case

The Shinola 5 Pocket Card Case is impressively minimal and stands ready to pack your arsenal of plastics. With four designated CC sleeves and an internal pocket (five in total), there is not much this wallet won’t house. The external sleeves are lined with a ribbed silky texture to keep your cards secure and simultaneously ready for swiping. This 5 Pocket Card Case is hand stitched in Detroit with the pride of American manufacturing at its roots. If you like to carry a little extra without the bulk of a bifold, this is the wallet for you.

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet

Tanner Goods - Minimal Card Wallet

When the intent is in the title, you can’t go wrong. Tanner Goods’ Minimal Card Wallet has 2 external sleeves and an internal pocket for those few bills you’re holding for the ice cream truck. The wallets are hand stitched in Portland with leather sourced from a tannery that dates back to 1867. Even if you think you’ve maxed out its capacity, the Minimal Card Wallet is so slim you may even forget it’s there — which is both good and bad since no one likes “losing” their wallet.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours but it’s important to keep in mind that when out on the town you shouldn’t need much more than an I.D., CC and/or ATM card. And more importantly, that your personal items shouldn’t be held together with a rubber band or paper clip. Show the world less is more with a minimalist wallet.

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