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10 Best Pajamas for Men to Stay Cozy All Year Round

Pajamas. Who wears pajamas these days? Well, based on some of the current casual wear and loungewear trends, it’s almost as if those loose-fitting sleepwear garments have made their way into fashion without anyone blinking an eye — we’re kidding, sort of. Regardless, we believe it’s always a good time to think about a quality pajama set. Why? Because they represent the little bit of TLC we all deserve after enduring this past year.

A great set of pajamas will give you a level of comfort when you sleep, and act as your go-to cruising outfit for those late nights leading up to your slumber. Whether it’s trying to get that final Battle Royale dub on Playstation with your buddies, or kicking back and binge-watching the latest releases on Netflix, pajamas will be your comfortable assistant in your wind-down. Here are some of our favorite pajama set picks — style points are taken into consideration, per usual.

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Best Overall: LL Bean Scotch Plaid Pajama Set

LL Bean makes a classic plaid pajama set that will last in your closet for years. Made with 100% Portuguese flannel, they hold warmth incredibly well while offering breathability; and their relaxed fit lets them drape over the wearer’s body ever so comfortably.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Uniqlo Airism Cotton Pajamas

Uniqlo is the best at providing high-quality fabrics at an affordable price. These Airism pajamas are made with a cotton and polyester blend and feature an open-collar design with subtle piping details.

Most Stylish: Desmond and Dempsey Pajama Shirt & Shorts

For those who love linen, this Desmond and Dempsey set will give you an opportunity to sleep in the blissfully breathable fabric. Need to run to the bodega? You won’t get any weird looks in these pajamas. They’re stylish enough to wear around the house as loungewear.

Best Loungewear-Inspired: Ralph Lauren Jersey Sleep Shirt & Shorts
Ralph Lauren PJs

Ralph Lauren taps a trippy tie-dye pattern for this cotton jersey sleep set. Quite frankly, they’re worthy of a fit pic in your body mirror at some point down the road.

Best Premium Pick: Derrick Rose Cotton Poplin Pajama Set

Derrick Rose PJs

Cut from smooth cotton poplin, this set from Derrick Rose is for the serious pajama wearer. Mother of pearl buttons, tasteful piping details, and an overall lovable pattern, you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you get under the covers.

Best for Warm Weather: J.Crew Seersucker Pajama Set

J.Crew Seersucker PJs

J.Crew are experts at utilizing seersucker fabric. They used it to create a crinkly and breezy feel to this pajama set, perfect for warm weather and for those who want the lightest fabrics on their body when they sleep. Lest we forget to mention, the color scheme of these is simply one-of-a-kind.

Other Great Pajama Sets

Hanes Woven Pajama Set

Hanes PJ Set

Hanes commands the white tees and underwear space, so why ignore the fact they have great pajama sets, too? Made with a cotton-polyester blend, these pj’s come in a wide array of colors and are extremely wallet-friendly.

MeUndies Modal PJ Set

Meundies PJs

The podcast ads are true, Meundies makes some of the softest underwear out there. And now they’ve parlayed their skills into making other garments, one of which is pajamas. This set comes in a crisp green color and exudes comfort in the way only Meundies can promise.

Majestic Cotton Short Pajamas

Nordstrom Short PJs

Anything associated with Nordstrom generally means it punches above its weight for quality. This pajama set by Majestic is another great option for those who prefer shorts and a short-sleeve over its longer counterpart.

Tie Bar Orange Stripe Pajama Set
Tiebar PJs

We give Tie Bar style points for this bold orange and navy contrasting set here. Made with 100% cotton, we can assure you that you’ll not only look good while you sleep, but will feel good as well.

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