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Parachute The Mattress Review: Experience Sleeping on a Cloud

How does sleeping on a cloud actually feel? Well, we can’t tell because no one has done that yet — Elon Musk should definitely get astronauts to try that out. But what if you could get a foamless mattress that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud even without a blanket? That’s interesting, right?

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Yes, The Mattress by Parachute is such a mattress. So, if you want to experience something close to sleeping on a cloud, this is the mattress you should be looking for at your nearby store. Does it really feel like sleeping on a cloud? Keep on reading to find out.


The Mattress is made by Parachute, a U.S.-based brand that makes bedding products from sustainably sourced and natural materials. It helps to learn more about this mattress should you consider buying it.


This mattress is made from 100-percent organic cotton, pure New Zealand wool, and tempered steel. It doesn’t contain memory foam or latex, which are the most popular mattress materials.

This doesn’t mean foam is a bad material for mattresses. In fact, it is comfortable, quiet, and durable. It has also been shown to reduce chronic back pain and has a positive effect on chronic respiratory problems. However, memory foam can be quite heavy, and it retains heat longer than most mattresses. It gets softer in hot climates and name-brand memory foam mattresses can be quite costly.

Being foamless also means The Mattress doesn’t have odor problems — so you shouldn’t be worried about off-gassing. It might come with a new mattress smell, but that usually goes away within a day or two. The foamless design also eliminates the sinking feeling that’s common with foam mattresses.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Thanks to its eco-friendly materials, The Mattress is a completely recyclable option. If you’re environmentally conscious, this mattress delivers an option you should definitely have on your bed.

The choice of tempered steel, organic cotton, and pure wool was made to provide optimal comfort while ensuring the sustainability of the Earth. It doesn’t have chemical flame retardants, petrochemicals, gimmicky layers, or adhesives. Most of these materials are toxic and can affect your health.

Organic cotton is the cover material, while pure wool is the transition layer. This layer is made of hypoallergenic, flame-resistant wool that protects your bed frame from the pocketed coils.

Hybrid Construction

The mattress has pocketed coil layers, and this feature is what makes it a hybrid mattress. Yet, it doesn’t have latex or foam, which are both common in hybrid mattresses.

The comfort layer has wool batting with three stacked layers of pocketed micro coils. It also has a  transitional layer of wool batting and a support core of pocketed coils. With a total of four layers of coils, The Mattress provides plenty of surface bounciness for a comfortable sleep, and it’s very responsive.

The three materials deliver a 13-inch thick mattress ideal for people looking for a high-profile option. It also has a firmness rating of 7, which is suitable for most sleepers.

Supportive and Comfortable

The construction of the Mattress provides a comfortable and supportive surface for a good night’s sleep.

Generally, hybrids are known for their great temperature regulation. The Parachute Mattress stays even cooler than most hybrid mattresses to ensure optimal comfort. This is because its wool batting comfort layer is highly breathable. It also has moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you comfortable and dry while sleeping.

Its four coils deliver optimal edge support, which is a major attribute of this mattress. You’ll hardly feel any sinkage when sleeping or sitting near the edge of your mattress. Plus, this means you can securely sleep near the edge without rolling off the bed.

Even so, the four coils ensure a very responsive feel, which allows ease of movement thanks to its bounce-back effect. Regardless of your body weight, the surface won’t sink too much, allowing you to move freely across the surface. Some people who own firm foam mattresses complain that they tend to sink.

Unlike foam mattresses, The Mattress provides a refreshing option for people who dislike smells emitted by mattresses. Because this mattress does away with foam, you don’t need to worry about strong and persistent odors. Also, the coil system allows the mattress to lose any potential smells much faster than latex and foam mattresses can.

Pros and Cons

The Mattress has great features for a good night’s sleep. Its coil layers provide optimal support throughout your body, while its responsive, medium-firm feel is suitable for heavier people. The Mattress has a breathable wool layer that delivers good temperature neutrality.

Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the mattress is an ideal pick for spinal alignment. Its firm coils provide enhanced support for the back and hip, and they also keep the spine and legs perfectly aligned.

The Mattress is completely recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option. It doesn’t contain toxic materials, such as flame retardants, adhesives, and petrochemicals. This makes it ideal for people who experience allergies due to such materials.

Regarding the cons, The Mattress might be a costly option for some people — the price ranges from $1,299 to $2,199. If you’re considering getting a trial before buying, it has a fairly short trial period of 100 days, denying customers further time to make their purchasing decisions. The New Zealand wool might emit a smell at first — this goes away after a day or two, though.


With a price of $1,299 to $2,199, The Mattress is quite a costly option for some customers. Most queen foam mattresses cost less or slightly higher than $1,000. In comparison, the cost can make customers consider other options. However, it’s worth reviewing its features before making your decision.

Parachute offers a 100-night trial to allow customers to try the mattress for free. While some customers feel the trial period is short, it’s still enough to make your decision. If you want it but you don’t enough money for upfront payment, Parachute offers 0-percent APR financing that allows you to make monthly payments as low as $129 per month for the mattress. As of April 2021, this program is only offered via Affirm.

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