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Dress in tailored style: The best men’s blazers

Walk out in style with these incredible blazers

A man putting on his blazer - Yuri A / Shutterstock

Your wardrobe is an ever-changing animal. Whether it is changing through the seasons of the year or the seasons of your life, it is ever-evolving as time goes by. There are staples that the seasons offer which should always be in your closet regardless of how much you or the weather changes. Blazers are one of those staples. Whether you think you are someone who is always in a suit or someone who sees no need for one, a blazer is something you will unavoidably need. Of course, there is one aspect we need to get out of the way before we start listing out our favorite men’s blazers.

An midsection of a man wearing a checkered blazer.
Edward Berthelo / Getty Images

Suit coat vs. blazer vs. sport coat

For the purposes of knowledge, we want to make sure you know and understand the differences between these three coats. Of course, in the fashion world, many brands and stylists use these three terms interchangeably. If you want to be a true sartorialist, you will want to know the difference. Even if this article focuses on all three under the banner of blazer.

  • A suit coat is the most elevated of the three. It is canvas-lined to keep its shape and comes with a matching pair of pants to keep you as formal as you can be without going all the way to a tuxedo.
  • A sport coat is the most casual on the list. While the makeup of a sport coat is virtually the same as a suit coat, there are no pants to go along with it.
  • A blazer is a bridge between the two. It is often double-breasted and features contrasting metal buttons. If you wear it with jeans or chinos, it can be perfect for a casual event, or you can elevate it with dress pants for a truly fashionable ensemble.

Knowing the difference will do you well in some circles, but most of the world uses all three interchangeably. So here is a list of our favorites from all three worlds.

Man wearing Ralph Lauren Gregory Hand Peak Lapel Blazer
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Gregory Hand Peak Lapel Blazer

We can’t start out a list of best blazers without choosing the granddaddy of blazers on the market. Ralph Lauren didn’t invent the blazer, but this Gregory Hand peak-lapel blazer reinvented it for the modern day. This is the blazer Ralph Lauren himself wears when he needs to style up his outfit, so if you want the best, here it is.

Best stretch blazer for men.
State and Liberty

State and Liberty Athletic-Fit Stretch Blazer

For the bigger guys out there, stretch and fit are crucial; State and Liberty tackles this problem handily, and it does so in crisp color and all the correct stylish design details.

Man wearing Buck Mason Carry On Jacket
Buck Mason

Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket

Buck Mason has proven as reliable as ever when it comes to casual gear you can depend on daily. It’s now upping the ante and expanding into a simple, breezy, breathable blazer. Made to be worn on and off a plane or a train while retaining its shape, this patch-pocket blazer is a surefire winner any way you style it.

Tommy Bahama Boracay Blazer 
Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Boracay Blazer

Shake up your style with a cotton-blend blazer in a refreshing shade of light blue, the kind you can wear to inject a bit of tropical flair into your seasonal wardrobe. When the time comes to return to a sunlit patio for cocktails, you’ve already got the perfect jacket.

Johnston & Murphy XC Flex Knit Blazer
Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy Knit Blazer

It’s pretty helpful when the brand that makes your stylish dress shoes and boots comes through with a laidback-yet-versatile knit blazer — one that you can wear over everything from a white Oxford shirt to a merino henley.

Peter Millar Flynn Classic Fit Wool Blazer

Peter Millar Flynn Classic Fit Wool Blazer

If you’re going to own only one, make it this one, as it fits perfectly into your Four-Legged Stool. A classic navy blazer in lightweight wool will get you through everything from an early fall wedding to a holiday party, with plenty of options for the office in between. It looks good on everybody and goes as well with crisply pressed dress pants as it does with completely ripped jeans.

Man wearing Bonobos Jetsetter Italian Wool Blazer

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

Pick this jacket up for effortless class. Its soft construction does make this sport coat feel as comfortable as a sweatshirt, but throw it on with a dress shirt for a style that says “no sweat.”

Man wearing Stone Rose Black Stretch Performance Blazer
Stone Rose

Stone Rose Black Stretch Performance Blazer

This polyester, viscose, and stretch fiber blend is the ultimate travel blazer. Its clean, black silhouette looks great with dress trousers for a big meeting, but it’s also super comfortable on the plane or in the car.

Man wearing The Normal Brand Lambswool Blazer
The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Lambswool Blazer

This is about as close as you can get to a cardigan while still being a blazer. Made from a mid-weight lambswool blended with nylon, this blazer is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear it as a blazer to dress up a t-shirt and jeans, or wear it as a cardigan to dress down a dress shirt and slacks.

Man wearing The House of Bruar Harris Tweed Jacket
The House of Bruar

The House of Bruar Harris Tweed Jacket

There is nothing like adopting a classic, masculine style. Harris Tweed is known all over the world, and this Harris Tweed jacket is hand woven on the Scottish Isles. You may be looking for a more casual style, but that doesn’t mean the style part of that statement is any less important. Refined and gentlemanly, this is as close as you can get to Henry Jones Sr. without going for the grail.

Blazer with silver buttons
Muhammad Numan / Unsplash

A few tips on how to wear a blazer

When you step out wearing a blazer, the key is that the blazer shouldn’t be wearing you. For example, you can almost always wear a classic pick like an Oxford shirt with your favorite blazer, paired with chinos and a tie if the situation calls for it. It’s a great way to ease into a dressier look for the office (worn over jeans or chinos) without wearing a suit. Wearing one can also raise the stakes on a romantic dinner out. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here (featuring the best men’s clothing brands), from traditional jackets with old-school construction right through to warm, snuggly sweaters that are shaped like sports coats.

Blazers with more structure look better with dress shirts, while blazers with less construction can be worn more easily with more casual picks, like a lightweight T-shirt or even a crewneck sweatshirt if you want to blur the lines between high and low. Sports coats are some of the most valuable garments you’ll find in your closet; whether dressing up your jeans or chinos or dressing down your dress pants, they create versatility for anything they are paired with.

When shopping for the right coat, thoroughly go through this list and find the one that speaks to you.

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