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The TikTok trend of eating oranges in the shower sounds dumb, but you should do it anyway

Eating citrus and not worrying about the mess? Sign us up!

Orange sliced in half by knife on cutting board.
Jonathan Pielmayer/Unsplash

TikTokers have a way of making certain trends go viral — whether they are life hacks we never knew we needed, tips on the most popular dances, or fun food trends — there is never a shortage of options to view. Recently, a trend of eating oranges (yum) whilst in the shower (um…ok?) has been showing up in everyone’s news feed, and for good reason. Some say it’s the aromatics, others say it just makes you feel better, and still others say it’s just the motivation they need in the morning. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong adding oranges and showers to your daily routine, so why not combine them?


the orange in the shower phenomenon is actually so legit. 🍊🚿 #showerorange

♬ original sound – Makenzy Smith

The benefits of eating oranges

Before we get to the shower bit, oranges are considered a nutritional gut-punch, packed with vitamins, minerals, and the kind of goodness not found in other small citrus. Vitamin C, a water-soluble antioxidant preventing cell damage, is the biggest reason to eat the little orange gems. Not only does vitamin C help with collagen and vessel formation, but it also helps fight inflammation, improves your immune system, and helps reduce blood pressure and stress. If eating an orange in the shower makes you feel better and gets you to eat a healthy fruit, then, overall, we think it’s a good idea.

But why eat them in the shower?

Besides the obvious smell factor, which helps you immediately relax and eliminate stress, TikTokers point out that eating any citrus in the shower means less mess that comes from its juices. That’s right, no more washing your hands, chin, or any other body part, because you’re in the shower. You are self-cleaning as you eat! Still, other TikTokers say it just makes the fruit taste better in general. It is a freeing experience to eat something messy while cleaning yourself at the same time.

But back to the stress relief. Think about how much you spend on fancy soaps and body washes that make you and the entire shower experience smell fabulous. What if you can accomplish this by simply eating an orange? Who knew self-care could be so cheap and easy? Dare we say this is a “well-rounded” experience?

While there are TikTok trends that have come and gone for being silly or unnecessary, it feels like having an excuse to eat most of your daily vitamin C requirement while getting yourself ready in the morning just makes sense. It smells nice (and dare we say you will also smell nice), it’s good for you, and cleanup is a breeze. This feels like one of those trends that’s a win-win to us. So, why not give it a try? You’ll be in good company. And if it feels too weird, you can always just eat your oranges at the kitchen table the way you always have. That works, too.

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