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These lifting straps are your new home gym essential — and they’re under $20

If you are into weight lifting or are just getting started, having good form is critical. Not only will it help you build muscle quicker, it will prevent injuries caused when weights slip, or you don’t have proper form. Ensuring you have a good grip while you lift isn’t easy, especially as you begin lifting heavier and heavier weights. Luckily, there’s a product out there that can support your grip during deadlifts or rows so you can concentrate on your training at home.


What are lifting straps?

Lifting straps were designed to give weight lifters a better grip. This offers control for heavier reps because you don’t need to concentrate on your grip and can overload your muscles instead. Lifting straps work when you are using a pulling movement and want to lift as heavy a weight as possible. In these moments, your grip will often give out before your major muscle groups like your glutes, hamstrings, and deltoids. They are meant for support and to help build heavier reps over time. But how do you find the best lifting straps for you?

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The Gymreapers lifting straps

In our opinion, the best weight lifting straps are the ones made by Gymreapers. Not only do they help bring your training and ability to add weight to the next level, they aren’t going to break the bank and come in so many color combos that you can buy one to match any gym attire if you’re into that sort of thing.

At just $16.99, the Gymreapers lifting straps are padded to support your grip no matter how heavy a weight you’re lifting. According to the product description, they can be used for “any amount of weight without discomfort, pain, slipping, or tugging.” They recommend using the straps for exercises like deadlifts, rows, or any move that requires a pulling movement (hello pull-ups) to help you build weight.

Gymreapers Lifting Straps

The reviews are in

The straps can be used for powerlifting, cross-fit workouts, and when you need support while weightlifting. According to the company, their deadlift straps “are endorsed by world-record holding powerlifters, IFBB pro athletes, and world-known trainers who use Gymreapers lifting straps to eliminate grip strength fatigue and target muscle groups like the upper back, traps, and other muscles.”

Of the 43 reviews on the Gymreapers site, 41 of those users gave the straps 5-stars, with people saying, “These are the most comfortable lifting straps I have tried,” and “Every true lifter needs a pair in their gym bag.”

Because grip strength is less than your large muscles can handle when lifting, many weightlifters wear lifting straps. This allows you to train with heavier weights, improve your training performance, so you see results quicker. One expert said he can “lift up to 20-30% more with straps compared to going barehand,” ensuring you are at peak performance every time you workout. Athletes use all kinds of products to improve their performance, so why not add straps to the list? If the end result is lifting heavier weights, lifting straps are a must-have product.

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