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C4 pre-workout powders have new formulas — why they’re celeb trainer Ron ‘Boss’ Everline’s ‘go-to’

How C4 is reformulating their pre workout

Ron Everline and C4 pre workout.

No one can deny how C4 has made itself known in the fitness industry, and C4 pre-workout has helped many people take their training up a notch

Nutrabolt, owner of C4, has announced that it’s time to take things to the next level, rebranding its C4 pre-workout powders — and that includes a new look, a new “We Hit Harder” branding campaign, and new formulations for the popular workout supplements. Ron “Boss” Everline, the man who trains Kevin Hart, is one of many famous names putting their weight behind the social-first “We Hit Harder” campaign — others include bodybuilding legend Jeff Seid, powerlifter Jamal Browner, and fitness influencer Miranda Cohen, among others. Boss chatted with The Manual to divulge all the details of this new launch and why the formula will likely be your new favorite pre-workout.

Overview of C4’s new formula

Man wearing C4 gear.

C4 claims that its formulas contain ingredients designed to help you improve your performance, get a fat-burning boost, and increase energy levels

When asked about his experience with C4’s supplements, Boss says, “The powder was my go-to; it was everyone’s go-to. It was the thing that really pumped me up, and I became a super fan of the product because, coming from sports, I never took a pre-workout. So now that I have got into the fitness world, you know, the day-to-day grind and just needing energy, C4 was that kick.”

So, how has C4 changed? In addition to the reimagined C4 Original, the new C4 lineup will also include a revamped C4 Ultimate series and a new NSF Certified for Sport C4 Sport series, which will debut later this spring.

  • The Sports Series consists of C4 Sport, C4 Sport Ripped, and C4 Sport Strength. It was designed with both collegiate and professional athletes in mind.
  • The Ultimate Series includes C4 Ultimate, C4 Ultimate Shred, and C4 Ultimate Strength. These formulas are great for those who are already active and want more support to take their workouts to the next level. 

On the outside, the packaging has a new logo and a striking new yellow color. On the inside, they’ve now got twice the active ingredients, such as beta alanine, creatine, leucine, L-arginine, and more. They have even included PeptiPump, an AI-powered designer peptide that is exclusive to C4 products. C4 Ultimate now offers the Trim-Stim energy experience — 300mg of caffeine in addition to TeaCrine. + Dynamine — which was designed for more effective strength sessions. Capsimax has been added to C4 Ripped for those looking to burn fat and increase metabolic rate.

Who is C4’s new formula best for?

Athlete taking C4.

C4 has always targeted those wanting to improve their physique and level of fitness with their pre workout powder, but has that changed since they created a new formula?

According to Boss, “I think it’s best for everyone, as long as they’re age-appropriate. Whether you’re a gym goer, whether you’re an athlete, I think C4 touches on all of it.”

When it comes to fitness supplements, whether they be pre-workouts, protein powders, creatine, or something else, the experience can be individual. Some people will see better results than others, and some will find a supplement that makes more sense for their routine than someone else.

To guide those interested in trying C4’s new formula, Boss says, “I love the powder because, based on your taste preference, you can add less or more depending on how you’re feeling. You don’t have to use a full scoop if you’re not feeling like a full scoop for your workout. For example, you could already be feeling pumped, so you only use half a scoop. That is something I love about the formula, and I think it can be for everyone, depending on where you are.”

How C4 is taking things to the next level

Woman doing pull ups.

C4 has already been established as a brand many people rely on to up their fitness game. However, the company still decided to change things up to keep things fresh.

When asked about his thoughts on this change, Boss stated, “When you ask me, an OG that’s been with C4 for a while, it’s the new transparency. People want transparency; people want to know what they’re putting in their bodies. People want to see everything, and they don’t want to see proprietary blends. I think the fact that we’re uncovering that and being completely transparent is exciting. And C4, the name speaks for itself. You know exactly what you’re getting; the brand stands for what it says.”

The brand decided it was time to move forward by supplying high-volume energy that hits harder for its consumers. It delivers new flavor debuts (future brand collaborations and flavors include Hawaiian Punch and Popsicle — and that’s just the start), new product innovation, and a label that tells you exactly what you are getting. 

Boss’ fitness tips for those looking to get in better shape

Everline training a C4 athlete.

Being a celebrity trainer and helping various people achieve their dream physique, including Kevin Hart, Boss knows what it takes to get in amazing shape and feel energetic and confident.

When asked what his number one tip is for those looking to get in better shape, he said, “Consistency wins all the time. There are so many different things, but just get moving. Find that consistency in your movement, and as you get better, you progress. Start moving where you feel most comfortable, challenge yourself, get uncomfortable, and build it.”

Depending on factors like your exercise experience, your current level of fitness, the food and exercise equipment you have access to, and your schedule, you are going to start in a different place than someone else. Boss says, “Find something that you like, and then keep with it, and I promise you’ll yield a result. Make sure that your mind and body are in sync, as well as your nutrition and movement.”

He also encourages everyone to “train their mind” before starting a fitness journey, as the physical challenge is only part of it.

And, of course, a pre-workout powder doesn’t hurt. You can find C4 Pre-Workout in The Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide, as well as Amazon and; this spring, that will expand to HEB, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, GNC, and Target.

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