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How to Build Your Own Home Gym for Under $500

Our new socially distanced society has affected our daily lives, from where we work to how we stay in shape. As mandates from local and federal governments have forced sweeping closures, many of us are trying to translate our gym routines into home workouts. If you’re struggling to keep up with your fitness goals, it might be worth investing in home gym equipment.

Once you settle into a routine at home, exercising is easy. Your equipment is always there when you need it, it’s not covered in someone else’s sweat, and you can easily customize your workout. There are even apps that will plan workouts for you, providing you with tips and motivation to keep your fitness goals on track.

A home gym doesn’t need to take up a ton of space, either. By choosing multifunctional equipment that you can configure for many different kinds of workouts and that is easily stored away at the end of the session, even apartment-dwellers can enjoy the benefits of pursuing their fitness goals at home.

Weight Bench

weight bench
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A weight bench is an essential part of any home gym because it serves as the central hub for your workouts. Far beyond being a place to work on your bench press, a weight bench is also a great place to do rows, vertical jumps, and aerobic exercises like step-ups. This bench from AmazonBasics is designed with a durable steel tube frame and a comfortable PVC top surface. It weighs 24 pounds and is just 41 inches long, making it easy to store away when not in use.

Dumbbells, 20 Pounds

20 pounds dumbbell set
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You don’t need to store a full weight set in your home in order to have a range of workout options. This set of 20-pound weights is perfect for building strength over time by adding more reps or a high-intensity element, such as a punching exercise.

Kettlebell. 30 Pounds

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For leg exercises like squats (and a few kinds of arm exercises), you’ll need a kettlebell. You don’t want to look like you skipped leg day at the gym, even if that “gym” is actually your home.

Medicine Ball, 15 Pounds

medicine ball
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Medicine balls are popular due to the diverse exercises you can accomplish with them. They’re an excellent supplement to a partner routine, too, if you’re working out with someone else. This 10-pound ball is the perfect size for both upper- and lower-body exercises, though Amazon also sells medicine balls from 4 pounds up to 20 pounds.

Pull-Up Bar

pull up bar
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Pull-ups are one of the best full-body workouts you can do in your home. With this affordable workout bar from Sagler, you can instantly turn any doorway into a personal gym in just seconds. Whether you’re doing pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, or crunches, a pull-up bar can help make it easy.

Resistance Bands

resistance bands
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Getting fit isn’t just about lifting more weights or running a faster mile — it’s about improving your flexibility so that you can exercise harder without injuring yourself. These resistance bands from Tribe help you get there, with different kinds of colored bands at different resistance levels. Use them while stretching or combine them with an exercise like lateral side steps for an added challenge.

Jump Rope

jump rope
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Jumping rope is an incredible cardio workout perfect for months when it’s too cold to go running outside. The Survival and Cross Jump Rope is touted as a great tool for boxers and MMA fighters thanks to its adjustable length and tangle-free rope. No matter how tall or short, expert or novice you are, this is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to get in shape.

Step Platform

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You might recognize the exercise platform from ’80s workout videos but it uses go far beyond neon spandex and pilates. Use an exercise platform for fast feet exercises and specific movements like calf raises. This is also a good piece of equipment for anyone who needs to strengthen their knees gently, such as those who’ve suffered a sports injury.

Exercise Mat

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Unless you’re living in a shag-carpeted fantasy, you likely won’t want to lay on your floor during a full workout. A half-inch exercise mat is perfect for stretching as well as yoga practices. While it won’t be the most glamorous object in your home gym, it will likely be the one you’re most thankful to have.

Foam Roller

foam roller
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As you start working out, you’ll soon notice your muscles start to cramp and feel sore the next day. To help yourself stick to your training schedule, use a foam roller to work through any aches and pains as they occur. A long roller like this one is ideal because you can use it on your legs and back no matter how tall you are. Here’s how to use a foam roller.

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Article originally published by Leah Bjornson. Last updated by Nicole Raney.

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