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Leah Bjornson

Leah Bjornson

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Leah Bjornson is a writer and editor living on the West Coast. Because of her inability to ever stop moving, she enjoys writing on a variety of topics: tech, design, travel, style, wellness, you name it. A usual evening for Leah (when she's not working on an article) involves playing board games, drinking a macro brew, or binging the latest true crime show on Netflix.

zodiac watches sea wolf collection

Zodiac Pays Tribute to Iconic Diver Watches with Vintage-Inspired Collection

A legacy of innovation continues today with the release of Zodiac's Super Sea Wolf Collection. Built with adventure seekers in mind, these watches pay homage to their vintage ancestors in their look and feel, but their function has been reimagined.

Get Outdoor and Survival Gear Delivered to Your Doorstep with BattlBox

Looking for a gear subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts? BattlBox brings a menagerie of outdoor and tactical gear to doorsteps across North America — we're talking much more than just camping supplies and gadgets.