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Bowflex Home Gym Revolution Review: Convenient Equipment for Your Home Workout

Health and fitness are undeniably important. Many men carry out dedicated efforts to maintain a consistent exercise regimen. It can, however, often feel like an ongoing chore. Joining a gym sounds good enough — until you consider the tedious process it entails. After you change clothes, you must drive to the location, check in, and put your things in a locker. Hopefully you have a trainer, or a plan. Otherwise you end up wandering the floor, waiting for equipment to become available. Once you finish actually working out, you need to shower, change, and finally drive home. Your time is just as valuable as your wellness, is it not? There’s an obvious answer.

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A premium home gym is an incredible equalizer that eliminates hassle and frustration. Whereas free weights produce limited options and results, home gyms give all control back to you. In the privacy of your own home, you can explore and practice your fitness on a whole new level. The Bowflex Revolution home gym comes fully equipped with a plethora of training variations. From weighted and resistance movements, to push-pull exercises. Check out the groundbreaking features of this scientifically designed equipment that you can enjoy in your own home.

Bowflex Home Gym Revolution Features

The first feature that sets the Bowflex Revolution apart is the vast amount of exercises it was built to sustain. To be more specific, over 100 exercises with 400-plus alterations. You can target every major body zone, with sets to support all kinds of athletic capabilities. No matter your workout routine, or goals, a tailor-made regimen is yours for the making. Beginners will appreciate the easily adjusted weighted systems, while more practiced athletes have the opportunity to explore new methods and disciplines. The added convenience of keeping such a system at home means you can work out as often as you need to with all the range you could desire. If you want to build your Bowflex system even further, there are additions available that include mats, plate upgrades, grips, and more.

Next, any man will be able to appreciate the scientific development put behind each bar and bolt. The Bowflex Revolution supports a patented mechanical breakthrough called Spiraflex. The result of a NASA-commissioned study, this format utilizes plate technology that works independent of gravity. The process involves the focus of maintaining resistance without inertia. This means it can essentially duplicate the benefits of traditional weights in a safer, lighter, more portable package. The unique shaping and construction adds longevity to your equipment, by a difference of ten times the life of steel springs in similar mechanical structures. Should you need to replace a component for any reason, the Revolution comes with a 10-year warranty.

Now, for the heavy hitters looking to push their limits, Bowflex is ready to meet any challenge. For example, the Freedom Arms system is capable of 170-degree adjustments, in 10 different positions. You should never skip leg day, and the Leg Press Station has it covered, as it can work up to 600 pounds of resistance. For the uninitiated, it is worth noting — that is pretty unheard of in a home gym. Another attachment is the Preacher Curl. It allows you to rest your elbows while implementing an underhand grip. Simply grasp the inner handles of the ab/leg attachment. The Bowflex Revolution comes with a vertical bench press and leg extensions as well. The sleek black and gray aesthetic is an added bonus.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. No two men are built the same, so why should any two exercise routines be built the same? When you invest in a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, you are not just buying a hunk of equipment. You’re providing yourself a ticket to convenient, effective fitness in the comfort of your own home. Workouts don’t have to be mundane, disruptive, or tedious. Scientifically proven to operate with greater efficiency than your local gym assortment, the quality of movement maintained on this feat of engineering is unmatched. Don’t exert effort on regimens that are limited and unnecessary. It’s about time for you to embrace the kind of workout your body deserves.

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