How to Mod a NERF Gun: The Grown Man’s Guide to the Hammershot Modification (With Pictures)

NERF blasters aren’t just for pre-pubescent boys — the resurgence of NERF is real and it’s happening now.

Grown men are dipping back into the hobby and making hands-on modifications that increase the range and speed of the toys. These folks are bringing their creations to 500-person NERF games hosted in cities across the country.

luke goodman out of darts nerf gun
Luke Goodman Courtesy of Luke Goodman

If you haven’t pulled out your 1990s-era Lock ‘n’ Load or SuperMAXX 3000, do it today. The Manual sits down with the surgeon general of NERF modifications, Luke Goodman, to learn the basics of modding a NERF blaster and step-by-step instructions for an intro mod: the Hammershot.

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The Surgeon General of NERF Mods

Goodman is a former filmmaker who took a hairpin career turn away from cinematography. Today, the 33-year-old runs an online shop and NERF modification YouTube Channel called Out of Darts. Goodman also wrote the first-ever bible of NERF mods, The NERF Blaster Modification Guide: The Unofficial Handbook for Making Your Foam Arsenal Even More Awesome, released by Voyageur Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group.

Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Luke Goodman

Growing up with a love paintball, Goodman discovered the hidden world of NERF as an adult while playing with his cousins’ new NERF blasters. He went on YouTube to find a good model to buy for himself and unearthed a growing community of people modifying and playing. After tinkering with a few NERF models (he grew up with an engineer father), Goodman came up with a few novel modifications like an air blaster that holds 1,200 rounds and shoots 15 rounds a second. He became the go-to source for all NERF mod inspiration, suggestions, and — after selling his 15-gallon home-brewing set for a 3D printer — even the parts themselves. Between his Youtube channel, shop, and book, Goodman has facilitated an easy (and safe) entry into starting NERF modification.

Why You Should Get Into NERF Mods

“There’s nothing better than taking something into your own hands and improving it — taking something old and making it new,” Goodman tells The Manual. “For both kids and adults, getting them off video games, working with their hands, and interacting with the community can happen through NERF.”

“There’s nothing better than taking something into your own hands and improving it.”

Plus, Goodman says, you’ll find a NERF community anywhere you go.

“Every college campus has a NERF group and the games are getting bigger and bigger, with something like 300 people gathering in California to play recently, and over 800 in Ohio. A record-setting NERF game in Texas brought together 2,289 players in 2016 … and that engagement isn’t slowing down, especially with the popularity of Humans vs. Zombies, an interactive, real-world NERF game that takes place across entire cities where you pretend you’re surviving the apocalypse.” (NERF games operate under the honor system since there’s no marking to the foam darts.)

How to Mod a Nef Gun

Buying Goodman’s book is the simplest way to begin NERF mods. The NERF Blaster Modification Guide walks you through terminology, how blasters work, various types of mods, all the tools you’ll need, and five real step-by-step modifications.

The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide luke goodman book cover
Voyageur Press

The most interesting, albeit difficult, NERF mods are “Electric.” Beginners should start with a “Springer” mod, the most common upgrade. According to Goodman, the blaster is opened and the plunger tube is removed.

“The easiest mod to get wrong is an Electric mod because you can burn out components,” Goodman says. “For Springers, you can also commonly put too much spring in if you get too greedy and the plastic will break.”

Goodman gives us an exclusive step-by-step springer modification for the NERF Hammershot ($16) below, which you won’t find in his book.

NERF Hammershot Mod

Goodman calls the Hammershot “one of the best entry-level Springers and a great, relatively simple blaster.” The five-shot front-loader can be operated with one hand and is insanely popular at the higher Nerf level as a hip blaster in Humans vs. Zombies. Here’s how to make it badass.


  • Stock Hammershot: 55 fps (feet per second)
  • After the upgrade: 70 fps; range increase by 20 feet


  • #0 screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Upgrade spring for the Hammershot (just buy online because going to a local hardware store for NERF is almost impossible)
  • Optional Super Lube or white lithium grease/silicon lubricant to lubricate the O-ring


Step 1
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Remove all 12 shell screws and set aside in the shape of the blaster to remember where each goes. Or leave the screws in the shell that you remove and set aside. Luke Goodman
Step 2
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Remove the firing mechanism. Luke Goodman
Step 3
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Carefully pry the two tabs to remove the orange cap. Pry back the two tabs carefully to get access to the AR (air restrictor). Luke Goodman
Step 4
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Remove this small orange tab (the Air restrictor) and small spring. Discard these two pieces. Removing this will allow more airflow to the dart to take advantage of the upgraded spring. After removing this, you’ll want to avoid dry firing (firing without a dart). Remove the spring and AR, then close the cap back up. Luke Goodman
Step 5
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Re-install the orange cap. Luke Goodman
Step 6
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Unscrew the three black screws. Luke Goodman
Step 7
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Pull out the hammer mechanism and plunger. Luke Goodman
Step 8
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Lubricate the plunger tube with Super Lube or silicon grease. Luke Goodman
Step 9
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Reinsert the plunger tube and replace the white plate. Replace the three screws. Luke Goodman
Step 10
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Flip the plunger/trigger assembly over to confirm your spring is still in place. If not, replace it as pictured. Luke Goodman
Step 11
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Install the upgraded spring. Luke Goodman
Step 12
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Replace the trigger mechanism back into the shell. Luke Goodman
Step 13
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Replace the left shell and tighten all the screws. Luke Goodman
Step 14
Hammershot Nerf Modification Tutorial
Congrats! You’ve finished. Load the blaster and test fire! Luke Goodman

Article originally published November 8, 2018.

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