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Best cheap Nerf gun deals and sales for October 2022

Are you shopping for Nerf gun deals? If you’re shopping for an active, safe, and cheap way to have fun with family and friends this summer, how about the tried and true Nerf gun? You can find plenty of cheap Nerf gun deals and you may be surprised by how far the technology has advanced. The best Nerf guns for adults include a wide selection of Nerf gun sales in multiple Nerf categories with different types of ammunition in wildly imaginative styles. We found the best cheap Nerf gun deals available today, listed below. We also include tips on how to choose a Nerf gun for exercise, enjoyment, and, well, to just have a blast blasting.

Today’s Best Cheap Nerf Gun Deals

How to Choose a Nerf Gun

If you haven’t kept up with the Nerf metamorphosis, Nerf blasters aka Nerf guns have progressed far beyond the early foam dart models. Today Hasbro’s Nerf division houses 11 brand families of Nerf guns plus Nerf Super Soaker water blasters and Nerf Sports foam balls and games. We found deals on Nerf guns in most brand families and prices ranging from less than $20 to almost $200. There’s a lot more to choosing a cheap Nerf Gun today than when we were kids. Here are the major considerations in searching for Nerf gun deals.

  • Nerf Gun Brands: For adult Nerf gunplay, start with the Nerf Rival brand, rated for ages 14 and older or the highly-customizable Nerf Elite 2.0 brand of blasters. Several Nerf brands are theme-based such as the DinoSquad, Star Wars, Fortnite X, Zombie Strike, and Halo brands. The Nerf Alpha Strike brand is for newbies and Nerf Micro Shots are collectable tiny versions of classic Nerf blasters.
  • Types of Nerf Gun Weapons: Are you looking for simple or fancy guns? Do you want to fire foam darts or balls? Part of the fun of Nerf blasters is the wide variety of toy weapon designs. Some Nerf guns are single shot while other fire from magazines, clips, or high-capacity hoppers. Firing velocity up to 100 feet per second and range to 120 feet vary as well. It can be fun to build up a collection of Nerf guns in the same or different brand families just to enjoy the variety and ingenuity.
  • Individual, Random, or Team Play: If you do decide to buy more than one Nerf gun, consider the possibility of team play. Several of the Nerf brand families are available in blue and red team colors for group play. If you’re going to keep it all casual, colors won’t matter, but if you’re joining a team, y0u may also want to consider the capabilities of different types of Nerf guns to play different team roles. Are you going to be a scout who needs a fast and accurate single-shot gun or take a support role calling for a heavier motorized Nerf gun capable of laying down cover fire while other teammates advance? Different guns are for sure more suitable for specific types of play.
  • Cost: Because most Nerf guns deals come in under $50, we’re not talking about budget busters. If you decide to build an arsenal of Elite or Rival Nerf guns, however, the bill could quickly run to hundreds of dollars. Careful choices from among available cheap Nerf guns save money or let you buy more guns.

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