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For skiing, snowboarding, and other dangerous activities, this is the only phone case we’ll use

The best phone case for your outdoor adventures

Skier at Banff Sunshine Village
Banff Sunshine Village via Unsplash

Your phone keeps you connected wherever you go. Whether messages to friends, phone calls to family, or work emails, mobile devices provide essential functions day in and day out. Keeping them protected ensures you’re always in the loop.

If you’re a skier or snowboarder — or all-around adventurer — there’s only one phone case up to the task, the CLCKR G-Form Carbon. Featuring a strong yet sleek design, the case keeps your phone safe when you’re getting after it. 

Our review criteria consisted of:

  • Level of protection
  • Overall design and appearance
  • Cost
  • Accessory compatibility
CLCKR G-Form Carbon phone case

What we like about the CLCKR G-Form Carbon Case

  • 13 feet of drop protection: Over time, phone drops happen. Whether a small impact or a significant fall, phones have to stand up to repeated abuse. The G-Form Carbon case uses raised edges and padded corners for top-end protection. For us, 13 feet of drop protection is more than enough. 
  • Slim and sophisticated design: Today’s phones are works of art with high-end materials and a chiseled appearance. When choosing a phone case, it’s nice to enhance rather than detract from those cool qualities. This case only adds to a modern phone’s high-tech looks.
  • 100% GRS Certified recycled plastic construction: By using sustainable materials, this case combines the best of both worlds. Not only do you get high-level protection, but you can feel good about buying an eco-friendly product.
  • MagSafe compatibility: Phone accessories enhance convenience and function. MagSafe — with magnetic accessory attachment — offers easy on/off and improved usability. We’d go for the Stand & Grip accessory, along with the windshield attachment. 
  • Wireless charging: For a case this tough, it’s nice to know it’s wireless charging compatible. That gives the G-Form Carbon all-around function that’s hard to match.

What to consider about the CLCKR G-Form carbon case before buying

  • Pricing: At $59.99, this case isn’t cheap. If you’re on a budget, there are cases with a friendlier price tag. On the other hand, you get what you pay for.
Snowboarder in Whistler big mountain terrain
Benjamin Hayward via Unsplash

Should you buy the CLCKR G-Form Carbon case?

If you live an active lifestyle and need the best phone protection, yes, you should buy the CLCKR G-Form Carbon case. While skiing or snowboarding, you get peace of mind your device is good to go, no matter how hard you get after it. It’s also nice to have a case that makes your phone look even cooler.

When buying the CLCKR G-Form case, you have several options. If you’re upgrading to a new iPhone 15 with Verizon, just add on the case before completing your online purchase. Or, you can go straight to the source and

For skiers, snowboarders, and adventurers, a robust phone case provides vital protection. Whether dropping cliffs or climbing mountains, active people need gear that stands up to demanding conditions. For us, the CLCKR G-Form Carbon case is the choice when you need a phone case for intense activities. Then you can hit the mountains without worry. 

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