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This is the must-have travel item iPhone 15 users need (and it’s less than $20)

This eSIM will be as useful as Global Entry

Portrait of handsome smiling man in casual wear holding his luggage and messaging through his mobile phone while sitting in the hall of the airport.
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If there’s one thing that we can’t live without (especially when we’re traveling) it’s our smartphones. But finding the right plan for that iPhone 15 can be difficult. International travelers have been battling the fine print of cellphone plans for years, and so far, most resolutions are either short-lived or more hassle than anyone can realistically bear. From the intended flexibility of Google-Fi to T-Mobile’s expansive international benefits, cellphone companies of all sizes have spent years rolling out (and reneging) intricate cellphone plans tailored to frequent travelers. 

The aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSIM Plan has proved itself to be efficient and built to last for even the most adventurous travelers. With coverage in over 170 countries, customers can enjoy their newly upgraded iPhone 15 wherever their holiday travels take them. Everyone knows traveling internationally can be hectic, especially this time of year. 

Added worries about roaming fees, slow data speeds, or having to buy a SIM card at every destination melt away with the ease and convenience of aloSIM. This means you can look up directions and activities, browse travel tips, and connect with loved ones on social media without any extra effort. 

To sweeten the deal, this eSIM is currently on sale for less than $20, but only for a limited time…and it even includes $50 in eSIM data credits for half the price

How this eSIM simplifies international travel 

Gone are the days of purchasing expensive data plans with your standard cellphone company, searching for a reasonable price on an international SIM card, or paying an arm and a leg for one at the airport. With no extra hardware or paperwork required, making your phone internationally operable will probably be the easiest part of your holiday vacation planning. 

When you’re ready to go abroad, turn off your everyday phone plan data, install aloSIM on your phone, and pick out whatever aloSIM package your heart desires–just make sure it corresponds to the country you are headed to. The data package purchased will only be valid for the length of your trip. However, the SIM itself will never expire. In other words, the next time you are headed to the same country, you will only have to purchase more data without having to reactivate another eSIM. 

A hand holding up an iPhone with the screen showing
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Make the most of iPhone 15’s eSIM capabilities

It’s a common travel hack to switch your data completely off before leaving the country so you never incur any roaming charges or start the complicated clock on the “excessive international roaming” clause so many plans have written into the fine print. With aloSIM, this is ultimately an issue of the past. 

It would be fair to think that something so ideal could easily be complicated, but it isn’t. With the iPhone 15, dual-sims are simpler than ever. If you wish to keep your “regular” phone number, the dual-sim capability allows you to do so while still getting the most out of aloSIM. Utilizing the dual-sim function will allow you to keep your “main” phone number active without losing access to critical everyday things like login codes for secure sign-ins. 

Depending on how flexible your main cellphone plan is, you can quickly turn your main data line on to receive a login code or make a phone call using roaming data or your nearest wifi network. When done, switch it back off in your phone’s cellular settings. 

Your personal needs and preferences will decide how you use aloSIM alongside your regular cellphone plan. 

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