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Hana Holden

Hana Holden

Hana is an independent writer and editor originally from Detroit, Michigan. She has a lifelong passion for words and storytelling and combines the two to create interesting articles, novels, and poems. When she isn't working behind a keyboard, she can be found traveling the globe, painting, reading, cooking, or painting.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Departing Kahului International Airport Maui Hawaii

CEO says Southwest Airlines may add red-eye flights in certain markets

Red eye flights are convenient, but Southwest Airlines doesn't offer any. That might change.
Portrait of handsome smiling man in casual wear holding his luggage and messaging through his mobile phone while sitting in the hall of the airport.

This is the must-have travel item iPhone 15 users need (and it’s less than $20)

This eSIM is a great deal that iPhone 15 users should take advantage of.
A Southwest Airplane takes off on the tarmac

Southwest Airlines copies Delta and makes a checked luggage change you’re really going to like

Worried about lost luggage when you fly? Southwest Airlines introduces a new tool to help you keep track of checked luggage.
A passenger scans their boarding pass prior to boarding the plane.

United Airlines’ new boarding process saves time, but may annoy you

Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat? When you go to board a United Airlines flight, that will matter a lot.