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Here’s What I thought of the New Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets

When we shop for new bed sheets, we tend to seek certain qualities that make for a more restful bed, such as high-quality fabric, breathability, and durability. In addition, a lot of us want sheets that look good on our beds, and many of us feel the urge to find more sustainable bedding products that are better for people and the planet.

Has home design entrepreneur and bestselling author Robin Wilson given us sheets that check all these boxes and more? Wilson’s Clean Design Home has collaborated with WestPoint Home’s Martex brand on hypoallergenic and eco-friendly sheet sets. How well do these sheets actually perform in bed? I’ve had the good fortune of trying these sheets on my own bed. Here’s everything you need to know about these sheets.

What Are These Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets About?

A set of slate blue Clean Design Home x Martex bed sheets on a bed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re at all familiar with Robin Wilson and her vision for better living at home, you understand that her ethos is centered on the concept of clean living. As someone who personally understands the struggle of living with allergies and asthma, Wilson designed this sheet set to block allergens of more than five microns in size and to keep out dust, dander, and additional unwanted particles. For those with concerns about dangerous pollutants, Clean Design Home x Martex sheets are made of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton in environmentally friendly facilities that are “Made in Green” certified by OEKO-TEX.

If you’re wondering whether Wilson’s commitment to social responsibility, good environmental stewardship, and hypoallergenic design means sacrificing quality and comfort, wonder no more. These cotton sheets look and feel like sheets one would find on a bed at a four or five-star hotel. I received the slate blue sheets for my bed, but they also offer white, gray fog, and light blue sheets for those who are working with different color palettes in their bedrooms.

How Do These Sheets Work in Bed?

A set of slate blue Clean Design Home x Martex bed sheets in its original packaging.
Andrew Davey/The Manual

The sheet set comes with one fitted sheet to secure on top of your mattress and mattress protector, a flat sheet to place on top of the fitted sheet and below any blankets and comforter you’re using, and two pillowcases to use on your bed pillows. Wilson specially designed this sheet set to comply with her “Rule of Threes”: A protective layer to prevent invasive elements from soiling your mattress, quality sheets to help you feel clean and comfortable, and weighted blankets and/or comforters for the right amount of warmth.

What Are the Features of the Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets?

If you’re like me and you appreciate the finer things in life in your bedroom, you may appreciate what this sheet set has to offer:

  • Includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases
  • 400 thread count and 100% cotton sheet set
  • Produced under Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) standards
  • Made in Green by Oeko-Tex: tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably
  • Machine washable: Wash in warm water with similar colors and use non-chlorine bleach when needed, then dry in the dryer on a tumble dry medium setting
  • Available in a serene color palette of white, gray fog, blue, and slate blue

What Do I Like About Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets?

A set of slate blue Clean Design Home x Martex bed sheets on a bed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
  • They’re very comfortable: No really, these sheets feel every bit as good as they advertise.
  • They’re sturdy: Even when I toss and turn in bed, I don’t worry about whether I might make a wrong move that results in ripped sheets.
  • They’re eco-friendly: If you want a greener bed, here’s a satisfyingly clean option for better sheets.
  • They’re not high-maintenance: While these sheets look and feel quite high-end, I’ve thus far had no trouble with them when I’ve included them in my weekly laundry haul.
  • They fit my bed and pillows incredibly well: I have big pillows, but I have no trouble sliding them into these pillowcases. When it comes to the mattress, the big sheets fit quite well, even with my mattress protector attached.
  • They’re affordable: For such high-quality sheets, even the regular price — between $100 and $220, depending on bed size — feels like an incredible bargain. When these sheets go on sale, you might end up paying Target and Walmart level prices for sheets that feel like they belong in a luxury home store.

What Do I Not Like About Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets?

A set of slate blue Clean Design Home x Martex bed sheets on my bed.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • They’re heavy: It’s not really a personal complaint from me, but if you like to sleep under multiple layers of sheets and blankets, you might feel a little extra warm with these sheets plus blankets and a comforter.
  • I can’t think of anything else! Honestly, I am very happy with these sheets. 

FAQs for Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets

A set of slate blue Clean Design Home x Martex bed sheets.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Since these sheets are fairly new, I couldn’t find many user reviews of the sheets. Still, let’s do our best to answer any more questions you might have about these sheets.

Will These Sheets Fit My Bed?

The sheet sets come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so most likely you’ll find sheets here that will fit your bed.

Why Are These Sheets Billed as Hypoallergenic?

As I mentioned earlier, these sheets are specially designed and woven to block allergens that are five microns or larger in size (such as dust and pet dander).

What Goes Well With These Sheets?

If you want to be super matchy-matchy, or if you simply want to maximize the hypoallergenic benefits of Clean Home Design’s products, Macy’s also sells Clean Home Design x Martex pillows, mattress covers, and down-alternative comforters. If you’re more inclined to mix and match, I recommend pairing these sheets with lightly and brightly colored blankets, comforters, and decorative pillows.

Should You Buy Clean Design Home x Martex Sheets for Your Own Bed?

Clean Home Design's Robin Wilson redesigns a bedroom.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: If you’re seeking bed sheets that are hypoallergenic, are made with top-notch cotton, feel great in bed, and cost less than comparable quality sheets, then it’s a very good idea to buy these sheets. I have genuinely enjoyed sleeping with these sheets, so I feel confident that you will also have a good experience with them.

If you need more help in upgrading your bedroom, take a look at our complete guide to latex mattresses, these health experts’ picks for best mattresses, and our list of the six best pillows for a cooler night’s sleep. Good night, and good luck in building your perfect bed.

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