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My Sheets Rock review: Do these cooling sheets really live up to the hype?

Are these the best sheets for a cool bed?

It’s not always easy to shop for new bed sheets. We want fabric that’s soft and kind to our skin, yet we also want fabric that’s strong enough to withstand whatever the night brings. We want sheets that look good on our beds, yet we also want sheets that are easy to clean and put back on our beds. It’s not always easy to find the perfect bed sheets. But when we find those perfect sheets, it’s easy to want to sleep in them every night. 

When a company calls itself My Sheets Rock, it’s an open invitation to sky-high expectations. Do My Sheets Rock’s Regulator sheets actually meet these expectations? Stay tuned, as we’re about to go under the sheets and see for ourselves how well these Regulator sheets work in bed.

What are these My Sheets Rock sheets about?

A man sleeps on a set of My Sheets Rock regulator bed sheets.
My Sheets Rock

To be completely honest, I did not even know about My Sheets Rock before this year. But when the opportunity arose for me to try them, I decided to take the plunge. My Sheets Rock has attracted plenty of attention for its Regulator sheets in the last three years, so we might as well see for ourselves what all the hype is about.

Why do we need these sheets? “These are grown man, pro-level performance, keep you cool when you’re at your hottest sheets,” according to My Sheets Rock. They’re made from bamboo rayon. Yet unlike many other bamboo rayon sheets, these sheets feel as buttery soft as silk or cotton sateen sheets while also designed to be “50 percent less humid and three to four degrees cooler than cotton or polyester sheets.”

How do these sheets work in bed?

A portrait of My Sheets Rock Turquoise Regulator bed sheets.
My Sheets Rock

The sheet set comes with one fitted sheet to secure on top of your mattress and mattress protector, a flat sheet to place on top of the fitted sheet, and two pillowcases to use on your bed pillows. The fitted sheet even has special tags on all its corners to help you place it on the mattress correctly. The pillowcases were large enough to fit my pillows with little trouble getting them in, and the sheets fit my bed with ease.

What are the features of the My Sheets Rock Regulator Sheets?

A portrait of My Sheets Rock Navy Regulator bed sheets.
My Sheets Rock

So what can we expect from My Sheets Rock? Here’s the rundown:

  • Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases
  • Made from sustainably sourced bamboo rayon
  • Specially designed to prevent overheating at night, reduce humidity, minimize odor(s), and wick away moisture
  • Machine washable: Wash in cold water with similar colors and use non-chlorine bleach when needed, then dry in the dryer on a tumble dry low setting
  • Available in a color palette of navy blue, sky blue, turquoise, cream (off-white), sand (golden brown), burgundy, black, stone (gray), and white
  • Backed by a 90-day risk-free trial period: If you don’t like these sheets, you can return them to My Sheets Rock for a full refund

What do I like about the My Sheets Rock Regulator Sheets?

A close-up of My Sheets Rock bed sheets.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • They’re comfortable: These sheets truly do feel incredibly soft in bed. 
  • They’re cooling: In this realm, they’re every bit as good as advertised. When I’ve used these sheets in bed, I’ve tended to avoid waking up because I was too hot. 
  • They’re stylish: For being sheets that were designed with “tough guys” in mind, they truly look every bit as good as those fancy sheets you see in high-end home stores. 
  • They’re easy to wash: Thus far, I’ve had no trouble handling these sheets in my weekly laundry load.
  • They fit my bed and pillows very well: See above. Even with my mattress protector on, the fitted sheet fits very well, and I can easily drape the flat sheet on top.
  • They’re affordable: It’s nice to see such well-designed sheets available for under 200 dollars. 

What do I not like about the My Sheets Rock Regulator Sheets?

A close-up of My Sheets Rock bed sheets.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • They’re really light and cool: If you live in a colder climate, or if you’re simply the kind of sleeper who needs more warmth at night, you may need an extra blanket or two to avoid shivering in bed. 
  • They feel quite thin: So far, I have not noticed any wear-and-tear. Hopefully, this remains the case. It’s just that these sheets feel so thin that I tend to worry more when I roll around the bed with these sheets than when I use my heavy-duty cotton sheets.

FAQs for My Sheets Rock Regulator Sheets

A close-up of My Sheets Rock bed sheets.
Andrew Davey/The Manual

If you still have questions, we have more answers! Here are some of the questions that seem to be floating around the most on the internet.

Will these sheets fit my bed?

The sheet sets come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King, and Split King sizes, so most likely you’ll find sheets here that will fit your bed. If you’re still wondering whether the fitted sheet will actually stay on your mattress, it has 16-inch pockets, so rest assured that it probably will.

How can they claim to offer high-quality sheets when they price them this low?

My Sheets Rock’s team have over three decades of experience in the textiles industry, so they put their long-standing relationships in the industry to work. They work directly with suppliers throughout the supply chain to ensure sustainably and ethically sourced fabrics. And since they don’t go through any middlemen, they still manage to keep costs down.

What goes well with these sheets?

If you like bold and bright colors, you may very well love My Sheets Rock’s Regulator sheets for their robust color palette (see above). If you opt for one of the more adventurous colors for your sheets, aim for similar colors for your blanket and comforter, or try mixing and matching these sheets with more neutrally toned blankets and comforters.

Should you buy My Sheets Rock Regulator Sheets for your own bed?

A portrait of My Sheets Rock Navy Regulator bed sheets.
My Sheets Rock

Overall, I say yes, though I will repeat this caveat: If you’re a colder sleeper who needs more warmth in bed, these may not be the right sheets for you. But if you’re a hotter sleeper who needs to cool down at night, these are probably the sheets you’ve always dreamed of. I personally like these sheets for their cooling quality, and they’re a very happy addition to my mattress’ “wardrobe.” These sheets look good, feel good, and make it easier for me to get a good night’s sleep, so I’m good with these sheets.

Thanks so much for spending the day with us here, and we hope you now feel better about planning a better night’s sleep. If you need more help in upgrading your bedroom, take a look at the ten best mattresses for kids, our guide for choosing the right pillow for your sleep patterns, and the seven best books to help you reset your sleep habits

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