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My Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid Mattress Review

Hybrid mattresses are in high demand these days, and if you’re looking for the best all-around mattress, you should consider one. We had the opportunity to test out a king-size Brooklyn Bedding Sedona hybrid mattress for a month and review the critical things you need to know before purchasing.

Brooklyn Bedding is out of Arizona and supplies American-made mattresses and bedding accessories. For a bit of background on the brand, founder John Merwin started learning the mattress ropes in 1995, refurbishing mattresses. As his knowledge grew, his company was among the first to launch a direct-to-consumers bed-in-a-box mattress concept. He rebranded his company to be named after his daughter, Brooklyn, not the city. After white-labeling mattresses for some of the top luxury brands, Merwin decided to take his company online to sell luxury-quality mattresses directly to customers at a fraction of the cost of mattress stores. Read on to check out our review of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress scene.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What Mattress Was Tested?

Brooklyn Bedding stands behind the quality of its product. Its mattresses are backed with a 10-year limited warranty and a 120-day risk-free trial with free shipping and returns. I chose the Sedona Hybrid because it’s featured as one of the brand’s newest and most luxury options. I tested for comfort, support (back, side, and stomach sleeping), coolness, and motion transfer.

If you’re unfamiliar with a hybrid mattress, they’re a combination of a coil-spring bed and memory foam mattress, giving you the best of both worlds. I had the opportunity to sleep on a Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid king-size mattress for a month. The construction of the 7-layer Sedona Hybrid mattress is as follows.

  • A 1-inch layer of base foam supports the coils as they compress.
  • 8 inches of Individually wrapped patented Ascension X coils designed to reduce motion transfer and provide better reactivity.
  • A 1-inch layer of transition foam for additional coil coverage.
  • A 1-inch layer of max-density gel memory foam for recovery and compression support.
  • A 2-inch layer of high-density gel memory foam for added cooling and support.
  • A 1-inch layer of patented comfort foam for contouring and responsiveness.
  • A plush top layer of advanced cooling fabric.

First Impression of the Mattress

When the box arrived at my doorstep, my very first impression was that the outer box looked pretty beat up. The package was dirty, tattered, and the box handles were ripped — making moving the cumbersome mattress harder to move. It looked like it had a pretty rough journey, but it’s hard to say if that can be attributed to the package carrier or Brooklyn Bedding.

Unboxing the Sedona Hybrid Mattress

Despite the beat-up box, the inner plastic packaging was not affected, as it was covered with two layers of dense plastic wrapping and another layer of plastic outside of the vacuum-sealed mattress. Keep in mind that this beast of a king-size mattress is heavy AF. Cutting off the box is easy, but moving, unwrapping, and unrolling it is definitely a two-person job.

Set-Up the Sedona Hybrid Mattress

The dimensions of the Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid are 76 x 80 x 14 inches and fit most king bedframes. Once the mattress is rolled out and positioned, removing the plastic covering is pretty easy and can be done by one person. When removing the plastic, the bed quickly comes to life and regains its shape. I noticed some “factory” smell after opening. Still, it wasn’t so overwhelming that the mattress was unsleepable out of the box. The scent was entirely gone after a day or so.

You’ll know you’ve set up the mattress correctly if the Sedona logo is at the right-hand corner of the bed when looking at it straight-on. However, the manufacturer recommends you rotate your mattress every 6-8 months but never flip it.

Brooklyn bedding was kind enough to supply a foundation for the mattress. It was super easy to put together, looks great, and is a cost-effective solution to a bed frame that you can get shipped to you at the same time as your mattress.

My Take on the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress

First impressions aside, this mattress thoroughly impressed me. The premium materials and quality craftsmanship are immediately noticeable. The bed itself is beautifully built and gives you a feeling of luxury before you even lay on top of it. After a month of sleeping on it, I’m very impressed with the Sedona hybrid’s comfort and support that really stand out.

Who Would Benefit From the Sedona Mattress?

This mattress was designed with every sleeper’s needs in mind. But, as the saying goes, you can’t please all the people all the time. The Sedona really shines as an all-around excellent luxury mattress and is best for side and back sleepers (i.e., me). The Allswell Luxe Hybrid lives up to the company hype and provides a great night’s sleep without breaking the bank. In my opinion, this mattress delivers a perfect balance of cushion and support. It’s ideal for side and back sleepers. However, suppose you’re a fan of the best firm mattresses out there or enjoy stomach sleeping. In that case, you might want to look into the Brooklyn Aurora, which allows you to choose a stiffer mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress at an angle.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Mattress Comfort and Support

After years of market research, Brooklyn Bedding crafted the Sedona hybrid to provide a plush yet supportive mattress to satisfy most people. That’s why the Sedona mattress comes in a medium/firm option only, unlike some mattress brands that let you choose your firmness level.

The Sedona is rated by Brooklyn Bedding at a 4-6 firmness out of 10. Coming from a memory foam mattress to the Luxe Hybrid, In my opinion, I’d say the Sedona falls on the lower end of this firmness range at a 4.5. The three upper layers of cushioning really give the mattress a plush feel, yet it’s not so soft it doesn’t provide adequate support. It’s important to note that I’m 5’11” and around 200 lbs. Lighter sleepers will likely find it firmer, while heavier sleepers might feel it’s less supportive.

Side Sleepers

I consider myself a combination sleeper, meaning I typically sleep on my side or back but sometimes sleep on my stomach as well. My preferred sleeping position is the side, and I found that the Sedona provides soft cradling support for my shoulders, back, and hips in this position. If you’re used to the more firm contouring support of a memory foam mattress, this will feel different initially because you sleep more “on top” of the bed rather than sinking in.

Back Sleepers

Although back sleeping is my second go-to for sleeping, I feel even more support on my back than when I sleep on my side. My weight feels evenly distributed with no pressure in my lower back or shoulder/neck area.

Stomach Sleepers

Some nights when I can’t fall asleep, I’ll resort to stomach sleeping to switch things up. Unfortunately, stomach sleeping wasn’t very comfortable for me (being on the heavier side). Though lighter sleepers might feel differently, my hips sunk into the mattress too deeply, putting uncomfortable pressure on my lower back. If stomach sleeping is your preferred position, you’ll likely want a more firm mattress than the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona.

Mattress Edge Support

Even though I have a lot of space to sprawl out in the Sedona king-size mattress, I always find myself gravitating toward the edge. I never had any concerns rolling off the edge of the Sedona. But you might not be able to say the same thing. The same goes for sitting on the edge of the mattress. Overall, I’d say the edge support is average.

Mattress Coolness

A standout of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress, other than comfort, is its ability to keep you cool. In conjunction with the high-density gel memory foam, the tall coils do an excellent job of keeping you cool. Without sheets, the top of the mattress actually feels cool to the touch.

Motion Transfer of the Mattress

Although the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress has coils, the barriers of foam and fabric cut down dramatically on the motion transfer. The smaller a bed you buy, the more noticeable motion transfer is with a partner. When spaced out with my partner on the Sedona, motion transfer was non-existent. As we got closer, the motion transfer was more noticeable but not enough to wake either of us in the night.

What I Like About the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress

I’ll say that there were virtually zero aspects of the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress that disappointed me. However, these three categories stood out.

Comfort and Support

It’s hard to put into words exactly how Sedona mattress by Brooklyn bedding feels. To some, it might give a first impression of being too soft. But, once you sleep on it, you’ll find the layers of cushioned support prove that to be an illusion.

Luxury Craftsmanship

While you won’t be ripping apart your Sedona mattress to inspect its inner workings, by examining its outer craftsmanship, you’ll know it’s a well-built luxury bed. The mattress’s materials, stitching, and appealing look will all give you the confidence you invested in the right bedding.


There are a lot of factors that go into a bed that can provide the ultimate cool-sleep experience, and it seems like Brooklyn Bedding has considered them all. Whether you’re bundled up during cold months or sleeping with no blankets in hot ones, it’s unlikely you’ll wake up sweaty.

What I Didn’t Like about the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress

It’s hard to point out negatives about the Sedona. Still, if we have to pick, it would be the weight, packaging, and affordability.


Brooklyn Bedding positions its brand as providing a luxury mattress at non-luxury prices. Although that’s true, it’s definitely not a budget brand, nor is it trying to be. Brooklyn Bedding runs some good deals that will score you a nice discount. But, regularly priced, the Sedona king-size mattress is close to $3,000. Comparatively, some brands charge more for equal or lesser quality mattresses. Still, its price point does not fall in the “pro” category, in our opinion.


No one says mattresses are supposed to be easy to move around, and if you’re buying a king-size bed, you’ve likely got someone around to help you move it. But, compared to other king-size mattresses we’ve set up, this one seemed especially exhausting to set up. Be prepared to have some help around if you choose to buy the Sedona king size.


Beat-up and torn outer box packaging is a consistent complaint from bed consumers buying from almost any brand. In Brooklyn Bedding’s case, the weight of the mattress, and one unfortunate parcel carrier lugging it about, likely played significant roles in the box arriving damaged. That said, we have received bed-in-a-box mattresses whose packaging held up better due to re-inforced cardboard. A container that doesn’t rip makes overall transport and set-up much more manageable.

Should You Buy a Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress?

Yes, definitely! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona hybrid. It’s an excellent luxury mattress that, while still pricey, is less than others of the same caliber. My only concern is that since the bed lies on the cusp of being too soft, will the support hold up over time? I suppose only time will tell.

Check out customer reviews on the site and other mattress review sites. You’ll find that the Sedona rates high among them all. So, if you’re looking for a well-crafted, soft yet supportive mattress that will keep you cool, the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress is perfect.

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