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Gray sport coat on rack

The 3 types of suit lapels (and how to know which is right for you)

Jeffrey Appelson, owner of Jeffrey Scott, teaches us how many lapels there are and which ones to have on your suit
watch saves man who fell overboard islands surrounded by boats

This man fell overboard, and wearing a watch helped save his life

After a harrowing ordeal of 24 hours floating in the ocean, a man is saved simply by wearing a watch
Rolex on a table

Here’s how to remove watch links in 5 easy steps for a better fit

A great watch allows you to customize the fit just like your clothing. Be a pro at changing the fit of your watch by following these 5 simple steps.
Man removing shoe scuff marks

How to remove scuff marks from shoes (6 methods that really work)

When a clean cloth and elbow grease won't do, check out these tips on how to remove scuff marks from your favorite kicks with simple household products.
Smiling man with a trim beard.

How fast does facial hair grow, and can you speed up beard growth?

Wondering how fast facial hair grows and if you can make it grow faster? We've found the answers to help you grow the facial hair you've always dreamed of.
Smiling businessman with brown bag walking in city

Make grooming easy: The 8 best beard trimmers to get the job done

To help you find the right tool for your facial hair, we put together this list of the best beard trimmers. Mustache, beard, stubble — we've covered it all.
Orange linen suit and trelby hat

How to style the henley shirt, the versatile men’s fashion item your wardrobe needs

The henley shirt is the unsung hero of the men's closet. It can be everything from the base layer to the featured piece. This is how to wear them.
A couple on a romantic date outside with candles surrounding them.

5 date night looks for men that are guaranteed to make a great impression

IT is always important to look your best when you're on a date. These are five looks to ensure you do.
Man in green sweatshirt and sunglasses with watch

Men’s fashion tips: How to style a sweatshirt for every occasion

Sweatshirts are the ultimate casual look for the guy on the go. But they are more versatile than you think. Here is how to wear a sweatshirt in every occasion.

This hot new Asics yellow gel-quantum 360 collab might just be our favorite new shoe

Like any good collaboration, ASICS and C.P Company elevate a classic and bring the Gel-Quantum 360 VIII to the market in two colorways
Omega Speedmaster Racing

The coolest automotive-inspired watches for men who love cars

Car enthusiasts who want to expand their passion for four wheels to timepieces should explore these nine options.
menswear essentials you need men s clothing

The 25 wardrobe essentials every man needs: Your ultimate men’s fashion checklist

Check out our list of classic, stylish, and timeless menswear wardrobe essentials that every guy needs in his closet—day after day, year after year.
Man on a bench wearing a hat and polo

Is the polo shirt still stylish? We investigate

Do you think polo shirts have gone out of style? We investigate and tell you if it's still worth wearing polos or if you should move on
Man in glasses and sweater

The 10 best eyeglasses for men to buy this year

If you’re in the market for an accessory that instantly makes you appear smarter and more stylish, look no further than a solid pair of eyeglasses.
best fossil watches for men with classic and modern taste watch on desk

The best Fossil watches for men: Our top picks

The best Fossil watches for men live up to the company's legacy, from classic vintage styles to contemporary smartwatch silhouettes.
man wearing a hoodie

The best men’s athleisure brands in 2024 for year-round style and comfort

Athleisure is the combination of loungewear and athletic clothes and these are some of the best brands in 2023.
A pair of brown leather chelsea

The best Chelsea boots to complete the stylish man’s cold-weather look

Chelsea Boots are having a moment so here are the best options to buy.
Bezel watch hands in a group

Watches reseller Bezel launches new auctions feature for luxury timepieces, new celebrity investor

Bezel, a platform fur buying vetted luxury timepieces, has announced a new "auctions" feature and some big-name investors
Suede Dress Shoes

Step up your shoe game with the best Oxford shoes for men

Oxford shoes is an indispensable style move sure to add some sharp flair to any tailored or business casual look. Check out these best Oxford shoes right now.
businessman waiting on the stairs in daytime and looking at the time

An Apple Watch may be your daily driver, but you need a second (better) watch, too

Apple watches are some of the most popular watches on the market, but there are other quality timepieces you need to fill out your watch wardrobe.
Man sitting on steps in jeans and chukkas

The best pants for men to buy in 2024: Jeans, joggers, chinos, and more

Finding a trusted pair of pants takes time, but we're here to help. From trousers to khakis to jeans, we round up the best men's fashion pants to buy now.
Man in vest and blazer

Dress in tailored style: The best men’s blazers

The best men's blazers are packed with style and versatility for all your dressing needs, even in these casual times. Here are some of our favorites.
Man wearing boots on pavement

The 9 best men’s winter boots for style and warmth

There's no reason you can't look stylish and stay warm at the same time. These are the best men's winter boots that will keep you warm and make you look good.
Winter road

Good investment or an elitist ripoff: Is expensive winter outdoor gear worth the money?

Want to know the truth about buying expensive outdoor gear? Well, I've used everything, from bargain-bucket to big brands, and here's what I've found.
Man in trenchcoat carrying a cain

Get an amazing trench coat — These are our favorites for men

The best trench coats for men offer dashing looks, easy style, and plenty of functionality through rainy weather.
Man in woodswith sweater and beanie

How to buy a quality sweater: Material, types, and tips

We show what a sweater is, what it's made from, and how to care for it, and show how to care for a sweater wardrobe.
Man sitting on bench with ripped jeans

The best jeans for men: These denim brands are worth the investment

Need to shop for a new pair of jeans this 2022? We've got your back with our roundup of the best denim and jeans brands, from vintage darlings to up-and-comers.
sneakers suit guide man in dress pants and

The definitive guide to wearing a suit with sneakers

Men can stylishly combine streetwear and tailoring by wearing sneakers with suits. Here are few fashion tips and fits to perfect the combo.
Man with gloves on a motorcycle

How to care for leather gloves so they can stand the test of time

Whether for minimal or daily use, caring for your leather gloves is easy as long you know what to do and what products to use. Here are some tips to help you.
Man in trench coat with briefcase

The best laptop bags for men in 2024

Forget using your run-of-the-mill bag for your laptop. Want a study bag to protect your laptop? Look no further than our list of the best laptop bags for 2021.
leather boots conditioning sitting on a tree root

4 things you need to know about conditioning leather boots

A quality leather boot is something anyone can have in their wardrobe. We show you how to condition yours for long-lasting wear.
Man dressed in winter clothes running under the snowy weather.

The best winter running gear: Our top picks

These are the best winter running gear you can get to help combat the cold if you're planning on doing any running this winter.
Man leaning on a bike in chinos

How pants should fit: A must-read guide for men

How your pants should fit is an important yet sometimes overlooked detail in the world of menswear. Read our guide to proper-fitting pants right now.
Man wearing driving gloves

The best men’s leather driving gloves – once you have these, you will never look back

With stitched leather and open knuckles, these driving gloves will have you positioned at 10 and 2 while hugging the corners this 2024.
Man in glasses

Ditch your boring old wardrobe: 3 key steps to reinventing your style

Don't let your style continue to keep you stuck in yesterday. Here's how to reinvent your style for tomorrow.
man in suede coat in the snow

How to clean suede: Your complete guide

We made this guide on how to clean your suede jacket because suede can be intimidating, but really, it doesn't have to be.
Man with a beard standing on the beach.

Manscaped, Hardworking Gentleman, and more: Here are the 11 best beard conditioners for men in 2024

It's surprising how much of a difference the best beard conditioners can make. Check out our guide to the best options in 2023.
Man wearing Tissot watch

The 4 hottest watches trends we’re expecting in 2024

If you're a watch enthusiast, you should know these upcoming trends in watches.
Men's boots walking

The best American-made boot brands to shop right now

Whether you’re a boot aficionado or looking to buy your very first pair, these are best American-made boot brands to shop from.
Duck boots

I love duck boots, and these are the only pairs I’ll buy

Duck boots are perfect for the wet seasons. But just what are duck boots and when should you wear this odd looking footwear?
Man in sweater and sunglasses

The definitive list of the best men’s wool sweaters this season

A roundup of the best men's wool sweaters that also feature cotton, wool, cashmere, and alpaca — and in every price range.
James Bond in blue velvet smoking jacket in Diamonds are Forever

The most sophisticated smoking jacket options: Our top picks

You may not see a lot of smoking jackets among your friend group, and that is precisely why you need one.
Man wearing Norqain watch and adjusting his hat

Watches 101: This is how to build the perfect watch collection

These are the factors to consider when you want to start a watches collection.
Trendy handsome man posing in autumn park alone

We love merino wool: The absolute best socks, base layers, and more

Wool has come a long way, and we found some of the best merino wool clothing for men that will keep you warm, while keeping you stylish as well.
Man in khakis with white sneakers

These are the sneakers you should have in your wardrobe

Sneakers are the best in-between shoes for comfort and style. When you need something more than tennis shoes, here's a list of the best to choose from.
Man wearing a watch

The best watches for men: These are the timepieces worth investing in

From luxury to budget pieces, we've made an in-depth guide to the best men's watches that span a wide range of designs.
Emerson TKF-1

When you need the very best EDC knife, these 8 knives make the cut – The James Brand, 5.11 Tactical, and more

The best EDC knives come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, but these top-of-the-line blades are our favorite go-to picks.
Man canoeing in a pullover sweater

Men’s fashion: These casual styles for men will keep you looking cool while staying warm

When the winter weather comes rolling in, there are some casual outfits for men that can keep you looking great while staying warm and dry.
Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

Cologne for men: An expert reveals how to pick the right fragrance for you

Kevin Keller, co-founder of Fulton & Roark, explains what to look for in a cologne and how to choose the right one for you.
Man in black overcoat

Yeah, a leather jacket is iconic, but you need these 7 coat types in your wardrobe, too

As the weather changes, so does a man's wardrobe. Here's a list of all the coats a man should have to stay warm and stylish.