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Middle Eastern, Arabic, or Mediterranean dinner table with grilled lamb kebab, chicken skewers with roasted vegetables and appetizers variety serving on rustic outdoor table

The ultimate guide to Lebanese cuisine, a rich and distinct food culture

Something like the Italy of the Arab world, Lebanon and its cuisine enjoy seasonality, multiple courses, and a rich history.
spinal tap band

The 16 best music movies of all time to watch now

Music has played a huge role in film since the beginning, but in some cases, it becomes absolutely central.
Diablo Don Papa cocktail

9 delicious drink recipes for Cinco de Mayo (that aren’t all margaritas)

Cinco de Mayo is about so much more than generic margaritas. Try these festive cocktails and see for yourself.
grasshopper cocktail

Secrets revealed: Easy ways to elevate your cocktail game from a pro mixologist

Want to make better cocktails? Heed to this wisdom from a top bartender.
Cauliflower steak with peppercorn sauce

The 5 best vegetarian and vegan dishes to try right now

It's a wonderful time of year for fresh produce to make vegetarian dishes. These vegan and vegetarian meals are perfect for any day of the week.
Last Word cocktail

How to make The Last Word cocktail, a gin classic from another era

The Last Word is a classic gin cocktail that's come back to life as of late. Here's how to make one like a pro.
White wine glass tip

Far older than you think: A beginner’s guide to Mexican wine

You might not think of Mexico as a wine-producing country, but they've been doing it since the 16th century. Here's what to know.
A vineyard in the Russian River Valley between Guerneville and Healdsburg, California.

These are the wine regions in jeopardy due to climate change, study says

Climate change affects all. The wine industry will look very different by the end of this century, according to a new study.
Waldorf Astoria NYC.

The best hotels in NYC for a spring or summer stay

Visiting NYC is a special experience worthy of many days and nights. Here's are the best hotels to stay at.
Brandy in the sunlight

Cognac vs. brandy: What’s the difference?

What's the difference between brandy and cognac? Turns out, it's all about region, grapes, and process. Here's the breakdown.
Alcoholic cocktail with pieces of fruit and berries in a bowl

Get creative: How to use hibiscus in your cocktails this spring

Hibiscus is a great ingredient to use in cocktails. Here are a handful of spring-forward recipes.
The scene from the show Barbecue Showdown

The best competitive cooking shows to watch right now – from Pressure Cooker to MasterChef

Looking for competitive cooking shows to binge? We've gathered a list of the 13 best cooking competitions you can stream any time.
Rose wine glasses

The 10 best rosé wines that everyone should drink

Whether you're looking for a cheap bottle or a healthier drink, we got you covered with the best rosés for this season and beyond.
Chef Jack Strong.

The Native American cuisine movement is on the rise

Native cuisine has been here longer than any food trend imaginable. Now, it's gaining some long overdue attention and sparking a movement.
Wine barrel barrique

What is a barrique? Exploring wine’s most popular barrel size

Barriques are the most common size and type of barrels in the wine game and are lauded for their functionality and ability to mature fermented juice.
Jefferson's Bourbon Rye.

Jefferson’s Bourbon makes the most well-traveled spirits you’ll ever drink

Jefferson's Bourbon has made aging at sea cool again. Here's what else the producer is up to as American whiskey continues to make strides.
A southern Crawfish plate

Here’s how to crawfish boil the right way (and everything else there is to know about crawfish)

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mountain lobsters, yabbies, or mudbugs — whatever you call them, they're delicious. Here's how to eat them.
Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Pro tips from Chef Eduardo Garcia for cooking outdoors like a true mountain man

The mountain men of today are self-sufficient but also eat well when outdoors. Here's out to pull of the role.
Grill barbecue gourmet filet entrecote steaks at summer party

How to grill filet mignon on a gas grill: Advice from an expert

It's grilling season and there's hardly a more iconic steak than filet mignon. Here's how to grill the cut correctly.
Banana liqueur cocktail

The 10 best banana liqueur cocktails for a taste of the tropics

Warning: This post contains a bunch of delicious and unique banana liqueur cocktails. You'll go B-A-N-A-N-A-S for these recipes. (Sorry-not-sorry for the puns.)
The Quixote Bar.

The best bars in New York City: Our top picks

NYC has no shortage of great bars. Here are the very best of the bunch.
Todd Thrasher.

How a passion for scuba diving inspired one of our favorite rum brands

Todd Thrasher started a rum company after traveling the world as a dive instructor. Here's some related wisdom.
Wine bottles

There’s a big wine glut right now: Here’s what that means for you

There's a surplus of wine from Australia to France. Here's what the means.
Ancient Roman wine sign.

This is what wine tasted like in ancient Rome, and we have thoughts

Wine was a little different back in its infancy. Here's what it tasted like in ancient Rome.
Roberto Duran II Sugar Ray Leonard 1980

Gloves up, here are some of the best boxing matches of all time

Knockouts in 11 seconds, Muhammad Ali as the underdog, and the end of the bare-knuckle era — here are the best boxing matches of all time.
Rob Roy cocktail with cherry garnish

A guide to making a Rob Roy, the Scotch lover’s classic

The Rob Roy is a classic among classic cocktails. Here's how to perfect the Scotch-based drink.
Aged fish by PABU

How to age fish at home (your new favorite hobby)

You're heard of aging beef and curing pork, but you can also age fish to give it a better texture and flavor. Here's how to age fish at home.
A serving of ranch water cocktail

How to make Ranch Water the right way

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make Ranch Water, the best way to ride out a warm spring or summer day.
Rhubarb drinks

7 rhubarb cocktails worth adding to your spring drinking rotation

Rhubarb is a bright veggie that functions more like a fruit. Here are seven great cocktail recipes that use the spring-fresh ingredient.
Two glasses of grapefruit cocktail with grapefruit slices and rosemary garnish on a table

The 30 best spring cocktails to cheers the season with

We've rounded up the best spring cocktail recipes just in time for the most vibrant season of the year. So, clink a glass and toast to the warmer days ahead!
Sushi from Katami.

The do’s and don’ts of eating sushi, according to a James Beard Award winner

Chances are good that you can up your sushi game. Here's how to approach the cuisine the right way.
Pouring alcohol. Barman working at night and wearing uniform pouring alcohol into glass with ice

Gin, vodka, whiskey? New spirits are defying categorization

New drinks are upon us and they're hard to categorize. Here's what to know.
A whiskey sour

How to up your cocktail game with egg whites, according to a pro

Egg whites bring bending power and a bit of luxury to cocktails. Here's how to use them.
Mezcal service at Little Coyote.

Mezcal service is the latest great import from south of the border

Mezcal continues to gain popularity in the U.S. And thanks to this traditional Mexican way of serving the spirit, the trend will continue.
Black cup of coffee next to a pastry

What is chicory coffee? All about this unique variety of our beloved morning drink

Born during hardship and still enjoyed today, chicory coffee is a rustic-flavored story almost as old as New Orleans itself.
Sablefish in a dish

The best fish to eat: 11 of the healthiest options for your plate

There are literally seven vast seas' worth of great fish out there for eating, but these are the healthiest.
A teal bowl of citrus fruit on marble

The 11 best citrus cocktails to make in 2024

To celebrate the prime of citrus season, which is around the corner, we've gathered the best citrus cocktails that everyone can make for a zestier 2024.
Jack White on SNL

The 10 best SNL musical performances of all time

Saturday Night Live has made America laugh since 1975, but it has also shown us some exemplary musical performances, like these top 10.
Heirloom Carrot cocktail.

Veggie-infused low ABV cocktails are on trend, and the pros rec these 3 drinks

Low-ABV and healthy? These veggie-infused cocktails are here to salute spring.
An Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail at a bar

The 9 best whiskeys for making a bar-worthy Old Fashioned at home

The deliciousness of an Old Fashioned depends on the whiskey you use. Here are the some of best whiskeys for whipping one up at home, just as good as the bar.
A glass of cucumber gin gimlet with cucumber slices on a table and container.

A brief look at the (slightly strange) history of gin

Gin is, depending on who you ask, revered, reviled, or simply misunderstood. Here's a brief overview of how and when gin got started.
Boulevardier cocktail and orange zest on wooden table

How to make the perfect Boulevardier

The Boulevardier is the Negroni's delicious, bourbon-based cousin. It's also a classic cocktail you should creat,e and we are here to help.
TUT Fitness accessories.

The TUT Fitness review: Do you need this affordable mini home gym?

The Tut Fitness home gym can be assembled just about anywhere. But do you need it?

What does AVA mean? Breaking down the geographical wine phenomenon

What's an American Viticultural Area? We'll break it down, as there are nearly 270 of them in the U.S. alone.
Negroni cocktail orange

The amazing 3-ingredient cocktails every home bartender should know how to make

Cocktails don't have to be complicated for them to be delicious. So, here are some foolproof recipes for 3-ingredient cocktails you will definitely enjoy.
Irish stew.

A guide to Irish cuisine (beyond corned beef hash)

Corned beef and Guinness are great but Irish cuisine runs a lot deeper. Here's a primer on the subject.
The fields at El Cristiano Tequila.

El Cristiano Tequila: Taking agave to the next level

Tequila is a crowded market these days. Here's how El Cristiano separates from the pack.
fly fishing

A beginner’s guide to fly fishing: Everything you need to know

Fly fishing is a sport that brings a special kind of joy to anybody with a love of the great outdoors. Here's how to get started.
how to order a martini bar

How to order a Martini like you know what you’re doing

What's the difference between a dry and wet Martini anyway? You don't have to be James Bond to order this classic cocktail with style. Here's how it's done.
A set of Ravencroft Crystal snifters

Cognac vs Whiskey: The main differences between them

Let's breakdown cognac and whiskey, two staple spirits of the drinks culture canon. Here's how the two really differ.