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A bottle of Cavit Cab Sav.

The best red wines under $20: Our top picks

Red wine doesn't always have to be expensive to be delicious. These are the top red wines you can find under $20.
places to visit in america before they disappear photographer glacier national park  montana

Visit these 10 places in America before they change forever

Look to these 10 destinations as they're likely to disappear in the not-too-distant future.
how to make a tom and jerry allison griffith vcxk bo97vq unsplash

This perfect winter cocktail is like drinking cake and we love it

Move over cartoon cat and mouse, there's an even better, older Tom and Jerry in town. Here's how to make the classic dessert cocktail from the early 1800s.
Grasshopper 2.0 cocktail.

New Year’s Eve deserves these pours, some of the best drinks of the year

It's time to bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022. We suggest doing so with a proper celebratory drink in hand.
A toast with several glasses of sparkling wine.

The scoop on sparkling wine — it’s not just for New Year’s Eve anymore

The sparkling wine industry is growing quickly. Here's why the category has grown so much and what we can look forward to in the near future.
A Blue Hawaii cocktail at the beach.

The pros weigh in on the biggest drink trends to watch for in 2023

While 2022 has been great for drinks, 2023 promises to be even better. Here are some trends to look forward to, as predicted by the pros in the know.
Tray of fish and seafood on ice.

It’s seafood pasta season: These are the tasty meals you should be cooking

Winter is an ideal time for ocean grub. Check out these four seafood pasta recipes as you host holiday gatherings and meals this year.
A Toasted Ghost Cocoa cocktail in a mug.

Warm up your Christmas gathering with these hot alcoholic drinks

This holiday season, treat you and yours to a special cocktail. These four recipes are guaranteed to get you in the mood and match the magic of the season.
il principe lasagna bolognese recipe bechamel sauce over getty images

You should know how to make these 5 sauces

A good sauce can take your kitchen game to new heights. Here are some of the best sauces to create as you cook your way through 2022.
Zombie Holiday Cocktail

Here are the best holiday cocktails for Christmastime

The holidays should be full of cheer and happiness. The best holiday cocktail recipes are thankfully here to help you achieve that.
A train travel window in Glacier National Park.

These luxe dining cars make a railway vacation worth it

Trains are coming back, people. These are the best options for those looking to eat high-end meals while enjoying the scenic ride.
A pile of chestnuts in autumn.

Chestnuts aren’t just for roasting, they’re for cooking

Chestnuts are great for roasting, the holiday songs have told us as much. They're also great for cooking with.
A sea of sparkling wine in the glass.

A simple breakdown of Cap Classique, the wine you’ve never heard of

Sparkling wine has a lot of famous players, from Champagne to Prosecco. It's time to meet Cap Classique, South Africa's very own version.
A pour of Nocino, a walnut liqueur.

Bartenders explain the merits of nocino, the tasty liqueur you need in your life

It's nocino season, which means it's time to celebrate the Italian walnut-based liqueur. Here's how to enjoy the stuff properly.
Holding a glass of white wine.

Curious about low-calorie wine? Here’s what to know about the trendy beverage

Low calorie wine is a thing and more and more producers are turning it out. Here's what to know about the trending liquid.
hot cocktails

These are the subtle differences between hot cocoa and hot chocolate

Hot cocoa and hot chocolate are trying to do the same thing but they're far from it. Here are the key differences and how to make the hot beverages.
LP O'Brien from the Netflix show Drink Masters.

Want to make a Drink Masters-worthy cocktail? A top contestant shares recipes

Drink Masters just debuted, and we talked to one of the top bartenders on the show. Here's her take on competing, some wisdom, and a few recipes.
Cajun food in a pan.

A guide to Cajun food, a Franco-American wonder

Like jazz or basketball, Cajun food is a quintessential American creation rich with history and culture.

The 13 best Christmas movies to watch this year

There are far too many Christmas movies and they're not all created equal, as these 13 standouts suggest.
Merlot being poured into a glass

A red wine guide for beginners (and 12 options to try)

If you love red wine, then you're going to love these dry reds that will really surprise your taste buds.
Fans at the World Cup.

Qatar may have banned beer, but you can make these World Cup-inspired cocktails

The World Cup call for some eclectic cocktails. Here are eight popular recipes from nations competing in the tournament.
A Bourbon Whiskey Decanter and Bourbon on the Rocks in a Tumbler sitting on a bar with bottles in the background.

Entertain like a pro: How to set up a self-serve home bar this holiday season

If you're hosting parties this season, you're going to need a good bar spread. Here's how to set up a self-serve home bar.
A California Spiny Lobster in a tank.

This tasty crustacean will make you forget all about the canceled crab season

Spiny Lobster season is here, happening up and down the coast of California and Mexico. Here's how to cook the crustacean and how the fishery is faring.
A shelf of stout beer next to porter and ipa.

What are the best beers? We did our tasting homework to find the answers

It was a fine year for craft beer. Here are the best options of 2022, from non-alcoholic drinks to wheat beers and IPAs.
The Manual examines the United States men's soccer team as it stands on the brink of earning a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar this summer.

Why you should care about the 2022 World Cup (even if it’s not your thing)

The World Cup is just days away. Here are 10 storylines that will excite both the hardcore sports fan and the casual viewer.
An assortment of liquor bottles on shelves

Level up your drinks: These amazing spirits belong on every bar cart

It was a banner year for spirits. From brandy to bourbon, here are some of our favorite selections of the year.
Fall tempura tacos from Damian in Los Angeles.

How to make some very tasty, very autumnal tacos, according to a pro chef

Fall stands for a lot of things and fish tacos is often not one of them. Not anymore, thanks to this thoughtful recipe.
A jar of fresh maple syrup.

Maple syrup is the tasty ingredient your fall cocktails have been missing

Maple syrup is not just for breakfast pancakes. It serves as a great sweetener in some classic cocktail recipes.
Cajun food in a pan.

These U.S. cities are the best places for foodies to visit

UNESCO has been honoring great culinary cities since 2004. Here are the two recognized U.S. cities and our picks for a few more that deserve the honor.
A sangrita tequila shot.

Flavored tequila is the hottest new trend (and you can make your own)

Tequila continues its remarkable surge and a new-ish category is gaining momentum. Say hello to flavored tequila and even learn and to make some.
Keg wine from Settembre Cellars.

Why the experts say you need to embrace keg wine

Draft wine is here to stay and gaining momentum. Here's what's behind the trend and how you can join the movement.
Turkey being carved on a cutting board.

Of course there’s a turkey shortage — here’s what it means for your Thanksgiving dinner

Looking at the turkey shortage of 2022 and what it means for your holiday dinner table. How it came to be and how to plan around it.
The Dirty Little Secret cocktail.

Pro tip: Adding butter to your fall cocktails will elevate your drink game

It might sound strange, but butter makes everything better, including cocktails. Here are some of our favorite recipes to convince you.
Yellow Door Taqueria bar in Boston.

The bar’s future is here and it’s… in a container?

The future of the bar as we know it is in Boston. It's set in a container and is maximizing the many food and drinks trends of the last few years.
The Zombie Punch cocktail by Death & Co.

How to make the ultimate Halloween cocktail, according to Death & Co.

Halloween is here and you need a festive, well-made cocktail to match. Here's how to make the Zombie, with expert insights.
Haunted Winery

These American wineries are haunted and downright terrifying

It's no wonder that some wineries are haunted, what with their dusty bottles and dark cellars. But these seven are exceptionally so.
Dead Rabbit In New York.

These are the best bars in the U.S. — do you agree?

The top bars in the world have been named and the U.S. did well. Here's a look at the standout watering holes.
Seattle Public Market Fish Stand with Crab Legs

1 billion Alaskan snow crabs vanished and scientists are blaming climate change

Due to a massive depletion in the snow crab population on behalf of climate change, the snow crab season has been canceled. Here's why that's big news.
Chef Massimo Bottura in his restaurant.

This chef will completely change your perspective about food

Massimo Bottura might be the most convincing chef on the planet. He'll make you love food for the first time or all over again.
Lava Roasted Manhattan cocktail.

The best spiced rum cocktails to spice up your palate this fall

Spiced rum is great for autumn and can be the star of many great cocktails. Here are seven to try.
Two ice-cold glasses of gin with blood orange garnish with cocktail sticks on a table.

This is the best gin drink you’ve probably never heard of

The Finnish Long Drink is a 70-year-old Scandinavian beverage that's refreshing and easy to make at home.
A set of Plantation rums from around the world.

You’re drinking rum all wrong — why you need to treat it more like wine

Even if you take rum seriously, as you should, you're probably doing it wrong. Here's how to properly honor the spirit.
Olive oil being poured into a bowl.

Is climate change coming for your beloved olive oil next?

Of the many agricultural crops out there, olive oil is a staple and fairly sustainable. How's the industry handling climate change?
A graduate from the AHIVOY program in Oregon.

The American wine industry is finally becoming more inclusive

The wine industry is finally starting to reflect the many communities that are actually part of it. Organizations like AHIVOY are making sure of it.
aperol spritz

The secret to making your tequila drinks fall-friendly is Aperol

Summer is going away but that doesn't mean your tequila drinks have to. Here are several that stress the addition of Aperol.
McDonalds iconic yellow arch with sunset.

Adult Happy Meals are here, you can finally stop lying about your age

Happy Meals were once reserved for kids, or, the kid in us. Now, there's an adult version built entirely out of nostalgia.
Conner Coffin with a surf board and beer in hand.

3 things you probably don’t know about being a pro surfer, according to one

Pro surfing is easily one of the wildest professions on the planet. Here's what it's like, with insights from Conner Coffin, a bonafide wave catcher.
A scene from The Bear.

How The Bear nails American kitchen work (and the one thing it gets wrong)

The FX show The Bear gets a lot right when it comes to kitchen culture. We wanted details from a few pro chefs who've watched the show.
Friends enjoying grilled food and red wine.

The fall food and wine pairing you’ll be loving through winter

There are many timeless food and wine pairings and Bordeaux and burgers might be the best of the bunch.
The trio behind brewery Japas Cervejaria.

Why Japas Cervejaria is one of the most interesting breweries on earth

Japas Cervejaria incorporates the heritage of its three Japanese-Brazilian founders, in creative and delicious ways.