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Ackee and saltfish, the national dish of Jamaica.

A guide to Jamaican food beyond just jerk chicken

Jamaican cuisine is way more than jerk chicken. Here, we plunge into some of the island nation's other signature dishes.
A scary sketched Frankenstein monster.

The best horror podcasts (listen to at your own risk)

Ghost stories, real haunted places, freaky folktales, and more spine-chilling stories come to life in the best horror podcasts.
Roberto Duran II Sugar Ray Leonard 1980

Gloves up, here are the 12 best boxing matches of all time

Knockouts in 11 seconds, Muhammad Ali as the underdog, and the end of the bare-knuckle era-- here are the best boxing matches of all time.
baseball on pitchers mound

Side by side: See how a pitcher changed his windup because of new MLB rules

The new MLB rules have been heated talking points. Just look how one rule has changed the way a pitcher throws the ball.
world series MLB 2017

MLB teams are already finding ways to cheat new rules

MLB has changed the rules this year but that doesn't mean teams aren't finding new ways around the regulations. Here's the latest.
margarita tequila cocktail lime strainer

Here’s how to make a margarita, according to top bartenders

A great margarita is not a given, it's a lesson in balance. Here's how you make the best one, according to two top bartenders.

10 incredible whiskey decanters (they’re not just for wine)

Don Draper and Jack Donaghy used one. Should you start buying the best whiskey decanters? If you're all about keeping up appearances, then yes, absolutely.
whiskey bar

The best Irish whiskeys come in these 12 bottles

Craving for Irish whiskey? Forget traveling to Ireland to get your whiskey fix, for we've got you covered with the best Irish whiskeys for 2022,
Casey's Irish Pub

St. Patrick’s Day drinks taste better at these great U.S. venues

St. Patrick's Day drinks taste better at these great American venues. From classic bars to retreats, they embrace the holiday.
mai tai

Warm up with these 10 stellar Tiki cocktails

Give these 10 classic Tiki cocktail recipes, collected from the best bars and spirits brands across the country, a try in 2023.

The 10 best Simpsons episodes of all time, ranked

The Simpsons deserves to be the best longest-running animated series. Watch these 10 episodes and you'll see why.
6 Must-Try Irish Spirits

Here are a half dozen Irish liquors worth trying (that aren’t whiskey)

While whiskey undoubtedly reigns supreme among the Emerald Isle’s hard-liquor offerings, Irish distillers have plenty of other well-crafted spirits to offer.
Buckwheat Honey Old Fashioned on table.

This is how to mix cocktails with honey for a flavorful drink

Honey improves just about everything it touches, especially cocktails. Here's how to utilize the stuff while mixing drinks.

The best vinyl records (and what you need to know about this timeless format)

Your vinyl selection may vary depending on what kind of man you are, but these are the best vinyl albums that deserve to be in everyone's record collection.
Refreshing Cold Tequila Ranch Water Cocktail with Lime.

How to make Ranch Water the right way for a day-drinking gem

It's a simple three-ingredient cocktail suitable for the hottest of days. Here's how to make the Ranch Water, the best way to ride out the end of summer.
Ikimi Dubose-Woodson.

The Roots Fund is changing the American wine scene for the better

Thanks to organizations like The Roots Fund, the American wine industry is finally becoming more diverse and inclusive. Here's what the group is up to.
A hand serving a glass of Mojito on a table.

The 9 best rums for Mojitos that you can get behind

A perfectly blended Mojito relies on fresh ingredients, but the rum matters as well. Here are your best options.
irish coffee

This is how to make an Irish coffee like a pro bartender

There may be no better combo than coffee and whiskey. Thus, we present you five Irish coffee recipes, and how to make 'em like the pros do.
Amazfit GTR 4 watch.

We tried the Amazfit GTR 4 watch to see if it’s worth the hype

The Amazfit GTR 4, a smartwatch built for all conditions, has arrived. It has a lot going for it, from great sensors to a stylish build.
Peter Wassam enjoying some wine.

Wine pros reveal the bottles that changed their lives

Many have joined the wine industry thanks to the power of a single bottle. Here are several wines that turned regular people into wine professionals.
A Bourbon Whiskey Decanter and Bourbon on the Rocks in a Tumbler sitting on a bar with bottles in the background.

Here are the best bourbons, according to top bartenders

Getting the best of a category often involves getting some insider info. For best bourbons, we reached out to some of our favorite bartenders.
Shelf of vegan wines.

These are the best wines to add to your collection: Our top picks

We dive into some of our favorite wineries of the last year and examine what made them so special. Turns out, it's about way more than just good wine.
best ginger ale brands organic soda

The best ginger ale brands to sip on or mix with

Whether you're a bartender or just thirsty, ginger ale has many uses and merits. Here are the 10 best brands to try.
drinkers guide to aspen aspenkitchen obiwanoldfashioned3

This Toronto cocktail recipe is the perfect whiskey drink

Toronto is a fine city in Canada. It's also a tremendous whiskey cocktail that deserves a larger following. Here's how to make one.
Campbell's executive chef Bryan Cozzi.

Campbell’s Soup has an executive chef, and he’s dishing amazing tips and recipes

Campbell's Soup brings up images of hearty broths and classic American artwork. The brand also has a head chef and he shared some useful thoughts.
The Original Ninfa’s

These are the 7 best Mexican restaurants this side of the border

Our country is teeming with fantastic Mexican restaurants, from family-style casual outposts to high-end modern joints.
A dish at Per Se in NYC.

These 10 NYC restaurants are worth splurging for

There's no shortage of great places to dine in New York City. Here are the very best ten, guaranteed to offer an experience unlike any other.
Flaviar subscription with whiskeys on table.

The 7 best whiskey subscription boxes in 2023

There are a host of great whiskey subscriptions that are wonderfully curated and, better yet, deliver great whiskies right at your doorstep.
Variety of raw uncooked organic potatoes: red, white, sweet and fingers potatoes over wooden background.

The USDA tightens the rules for organic food labels (and here’s why it matters)

A significant change is happening in the world of organic food labels. Here are the details and how to shop for goods accordingly.
An Olivo Amigo cocktail.

How to use balsamic vinegar in cocktails to add depth, complexity, and flavor

Balsamic vinegar is great to cook with to elevate sauces and salads. It's also a great ingredient in cocktails, provided you know how to use it.
best car free us destinations french quarter  downtown new orleans

It’s Mardi Gras season: A guide to New Orleans drinks, according to NOLA experts

New Orleans is all about great food, signature drinks, and a convivial, music-fueled atmosphere. Here's how to best enjoy the Big Easy.
Coquito Cocktail

Learn how to master the Coquito cocktail with these great recipes

A classic Puerto Rican cocktail for the holidays, the Coquito is your new favorite drink this winter. Here's how to make great versions of the drink.
A halved pinkglow pineapple.

Wait, they made a pink pineapple?

There's a new pineapple in town and it claims to be juicier and sweeter than the rest. It's also pink in color and grown in the jungles of Costa Rica.
Person roasting coffee beans in a wok

This roaster’s $150 cup of coffee sold out in a single day

Splurging is a habit we can't seem to kick. The latest development involves a tiny batch of coffee that goes for $150 a cup.
Champagne in glasses

Valentine’s Day calls for the very best Champagnes: Our top picks

Valentine's Day comes once a year, meaning it's a special occasion worthy of a special wine. Light up the night with one of these great Champagnes.
The Super Bowl trophy being held up.

What channel is the Super Bowl on?

The Super Bowl is must-watch television for sports fans and casual viewers alike. Here's how to watch in 2022.
Some pinsa from Montesacro.

Pinsa, pizza’s Roman cousin, is about to take over: Everything you need to know

With the help of a pinsa pioneer, we're taking a look at the history, makeup, and baking process of pinsa, a Roman-style pizza.
Several racks of Rodney Scott ribs in a smoker.

Chow down on these 5 crowd-pleasing Super Bowl BBQ recipes

If you are going to watch the Super Bowl, you have to have snacks. Why not have BBQ? These are the best BBQ recipes to match the game.
super bowl tickets lvii

Here’s how much it would cost to attend Super Bowl LVII

The biggest game of the pro football year is just days away. So, how much would it actually cost to attend? Here's how much.
A pair of mocktails.

Here’s what drinks pros have learned from Dry January

Dry January is over, but it has offered some useful lessons. Here are some we learned from a couple of drinks industry pros.
A drink with cocktail bitters.

A pro tells all about cocktail bitters and how to make them at home

A look at bitters, how they're used in cocktails, and tips and insights from a bartender. Also, some thoughts on making them at home.
A warm cup of coffee and spoon on a saucer with coffee beans

These are our favorite coffee bean brands for 2023

With the best coffee beans, you can elevate your coffee-drinking experience to new levels. Here's what to stock up on for a great cup.
A pint of stout at the bar.

These are the 11 best stouts to unwind in winter with

These stouts currently on the market offer smooth flavors and silky textures perfectly designed to keep you warm and happy.
woman listening to podcast and smiling

These are the best music podcasts to cue up in 2023

The podcast is the new book and when music is the topic, great stories are told. Here are some of the best music podcasts to give a spin.
A man listening to headphones.

This website is a curated musical time machine we can’t stop listening to

Time travel and music are two of the best things out there. With Radioooooo, a internet radio site, you can engage in both.
Matsuhisa Aspen restaurant.

These are the very best ski towns for foodies in America

Ski season is here and you should be dining well while you're not on the slopes. Here are the best ski towns for foodies in America.
A tin filled of caviar.

Amid recession and inflation woes, caviar is having a renaissance

When times are tough, those who can, splurge. Here's our look at caviar and what it says about the state of the world.
A scene from CES 2023.

CES 2023: The Manual’s Editors’ Choice winners are…

Here are our favorite finds from CES 2023, ranging from urine analysis gadgets to cars and electric bikes. Buckle up and take in the future of tech.
best bars platform 18 centrury grand phoenix

Drink up at the very best bars in all of America

There are many great bars in America we love to patronize. There are the 24 best, from New York to Nashville.
A model wearing the dryrobe.

We tested out the dryrobe to see if it’s worth your money

The dryrobe is a versatile jacket that you can wear while changing, but as we found out, it's also good for a number of other wet weather activities.