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Spiced plum chutney.

The 5 Best Cranberry Sauce Alternatives

If you're not a fan of cranberries, these cranberry sauce alternatives can be the next best thing.

15 Delicious Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes to Try This Year

From a refreshing rum drink to a tequila hot toddy, here are the best Thanksgiving cocktail recipes to try out this holiday season.
Hot toddy recipe

How to Make the Best Version of the Comforting Hot Toddy

Learn how to make a hot toddy like the pros do for a soul-soothing experience.
Hot chocolate served in vintage mugs with marshmallows

The Best Spirits for Spiked Hot Cocoa and Why

Which spirit blends most smoothly with the flavor of chocolate and produces the best next-level cocoa? Here are the ten best.
Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA.

The Best Double IPAs to Sip This Chilly Season

It's double IPA season and here are some of the best within the category to try this chilly season.
cranberry sauce

How to Make Homemade Cranberry Sauce

It's cranberry sauce season, people. Here are three sauce recipes that utilize the zippy red fruit, all perfect for the upcoming holidays.
Calvarac cocktail on table.

The Best French Cocktails to Satisfy Your Inner Parisian

French cocktail culture is robust and vibrant. Here are 7 of the best French cocktails to enjoy the category.
Hemingway Revolution cocktail.

Cranberry Cocktails Beyond the Cosmopolitan

Cranberries are not just for cosmopolitans. Here's how to utilize late-fall ingredients in other great cranberry cocktails.
Schlafly Beer Nitro Irish Stout

Stout vs Porter: The Real Differences Between the Beers

Let's talk beer; stout vs porter to be exact. There is a difference and this is why.
Vivant Burgundy cellar caves image.

VIVANT Wine Membership Review

Vivant is changing the wine club at-home game, with compelling wines from famous French regions and an interesting interactive component.
Red Wine Hot Chocolate in mug.

The Best Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

A good hot chocolate cocktail recipe offers a comfortable one-two punch of warm sweetness and hooch. Here are several recipes worth mixing up.
soccer field aerial

Your Guide to the Champions League, the Best of European Soccer

The Champions League is in full swing, meaning some of the best soccer players on earth are competing. Here's how to enjoy all of the upcoming action.
Palm trees blowing in a hurricane

How To Set Up a Proper At-Home Emergency Kit

You can't predict most emergencies but you can be prepared. Here are the essentials to round out a good at-home emergency kit.
Top Burmese restaurant robot host.

Restaurant Robots and the Future of Dining

Top Burmese is one of a growing number of restaurants utilizing robots to help its staff as well as diners.
Messy fridge that needs to be cleaned

What Michelin-Starred Chefs Are Eating at Home

Michelin-Starred chefs gotta eat too. Here's what some of the most advanced culinary minds in the country like to eat at home.
Hazelnut Arugula Salad on table.

Eat Better Nuts: A Brief Guide About Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are an underrated and versatile nut, great in salads, entrees, even cocktails. Here's how best to use the tasty ingredient.
An imperial stout in a tulip beer glass.

How To Make a Brewery-Grade Imperial Stout

Winter is coming so ready yourself with a proper batch of homemade imperial stout.
Quick Pickled Vegetables

The Best Pickled Cocktails To Mix Up at Home

Move over dirty Martini and Bloody Mary, there are many more great cocktails utilizing pickled things. Here are 5 to mix up at home.
Euphoria Food Festival

The 7 Best Food Festivals Happening in America

Here are the 7 best food festivals you can find in America.
Jamie Oliver veggie chili.

Healthy Chili Recipes To Try for Fall

Chili is the stuff of the gods and it can be healthy, too. Here are four recipes to try out that work with things beyond standard-grade beef.
man dressed in lederhosen drinking beer from a glass boot.

The Oktoberfest Tradition Goes Digital for 2022

Oktoberfest has had to shuffle a bit the last two years but the beer-loving tradition is still alive and kicking.
A view of an NBA basketball court stadium.

What You Missed During the NBA Offseason 2021

The NBA season begins this month but not without a busy summer offseason. Here's what you missed.
how to cook pasta recipe instructions tips homemade

5 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Pasta Sauce

You can always improve your pasta sauce. It may never be as good as grandma's, but if you follow these guidelines, you'll get close.
best sparkling water cocktails refreshing cold americano cocktail

Mediterranean Magic: The Best Italian Cocktail Recipes

Italy has it all, from incredible food culture to Mediterranean beaches. It also has an amazing run of cocktails. Here's how to make eleven.
Oakshire Brewing Smoothie Sour beers on table.

Craft Beer Trends To Watch as 2022 Approaches

We chatted with a craft beer expert to keep pace with the always-evolving industry and see where it's headed in 2022.

The 9 Best Cucumber Cocktails You Should Make

The cool factor of cucumber makes it a dynamic cocktail ingredient and so much more than a garnish. Try out one of these cucumber cocktail recipes to find out.
Beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

The Essential German Beer Styles You Need To Know

Beer is a big deal in Germany and it pays to know at least a few of the major styles. Here's a quick 101 on the subject.
Bottles of whiskey sitting on a shelf.

The 9 Best Whiskies Under $100

These are some of the best whiskies under $100 for you aficionados.
bartender pouring Jameson Caskmates Stout into a glass.

How Good Is Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition?

The latest stout edition release from Jameson's Caskmates line is a well-made whisky that drinks a bit like a beer.
Digital artwork of various musical instruments.

How to Learn a Musical Instrument All By Yourself

Learning how to play a musical instrument all by yourself might be too overwhelming but with this guide, you'll be able to nail 'Chopsticks' soon enough.
A glass of cognac served on a wooden table.

What is Cognac? A Quick Guide to the Classic French Spirit

In our entry-level guide on Cognac, you'll find out that the classic French spirit is more than just a smoother and polished version of brandy.
Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club Mezcal box on table.

Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Club Review: A Mixologist Experience in a Box

The Shaker and Cocktail Club is more involved but ideal for the wannabe bartender. Here's how it works, along with the pros and cons of the beverage company.

The 7 Best Kombucha Brands to Drink Right Now

To get the health benefits of kombucha without compromising great flavor, stick to these seven best kombucha brands available in the market now.
Kamas Arrow Cocktail Death and Co

The 17 Best Mocktail Recipes To Make in 2022

While a mocktail won’t give you the buzz that a cocktail would, one or a few of these non-alcoholic drink recipes also won’t make you feel as bad.
A Sweetango Apple placed on a piece of cloth.

The 5 Best Apples for Baking Your Favorite Fall Treats

Not all apples are created equal. So, when making your favorite treats, always remember to stick with the best apples for baking like the Cameo and more.
Zombie Tsunami Cocktail being lit.

The 7 Best Dark Rum Cocktails to Drink in 2022

Dark rum is a dynamic spirit fit for some of the best cocktails imaginable. Here are 7 to whip up.
A pint of stout at the bar.

The Difference Between Stout and Imperial Stout

There are two major types of stout in craft beer, the standard grade and the imperial version. Here's how they differ.
A glass of cognac served on a wooden table.

Cognac vs Brandy: What’s the Difference?

What's the difference between brandy and Cognac? Turns out, it's all about region, grapes, and process. Here's the breakdown.
Stock-Cognac, cognac

How To Drink Cognac and What It Tastes Like

Fear not this age-old brandy from France. Like a fine wine, Cognac begs to be enjoyed. Here's how to do just that.
the best home bar glassware version 1612854960 for your 2021

The 11 Best Glasses for All of Your Home Bar Needs

Don't know what kind of glassware you need when stocking your home bar? We've got you covered.
DIY home projects windowsill painting

10 Small DIY Projects You Can Tackle While Stuck at Home

Make the most of being at home by trying out these simple and small DIY home projects. Note that they don't involve heavy machinery or over-the-top tools.
CJ McCollum with his wine at vineyard.

NBA Star CJ McCollum on His Burgeoning Wine Project and on Creating a Legacy

NBA star CJ McCollum is creating a fanbase beyond the court with his growing Willamette Valley wine project.
how to make an old fashioned cocktail

How to Make an Old Fashioned the Right Way

As simple as an Old Fashioned cocktail is, it can still be made improperly. Here's how to perfect the age-old bourbon classic.
Oakshire Brewing Smoothie Sour beers on table.

What on Earth Is a Smoothie Sour Beer?

The smoothie sour follows a long trend toward cloudier, more mysterious beers in the craft scene. Here's what you need to know about the latest style.
Cioppino in a bowl.

How to Make Cioppino, the Italian-American Seafood Stew

Cioppino is the ultimate fisherman's stew. Here's how it came to be and how best to prepare it.
Milk Punch

Breaking Down Milk Punch, a Creamy and Increasingly Clarified Classic

One of the oldest drinks around, Milk Punch comes in two distinctive styles. Here's how to make and enjoy them.
The White Lady Cocktail

How To Make a White Lady Cocktail, a Gin Classic

The White Lady is a gin lover's classic, often enhanced by the addition of egg white. Here's how the pros assemble the cocktail.
Hard apple cider in a glass, surrounded by apples.

The Best Hopped Ciders To Try This Season

It's hop season, which means fresh-hop beers but also fresh takes on cider. We've listed five options that are definitely worth trying.
tequila sunrise cocktail orange cherry

How To Make a Tequila Sunrise, a Misunderstood Classic

The Tequila Sunrise is poked fun at, but only the worst version of itself. The tequila cocktail is actually a classic, and a remarkable one when made properly.
A glass filled with wine with plants as background.

The 10 Best Sweet Wines for 2022

There's much more quantity and quality to the sweet wine category than just Riesling or Manischewitz, like these ten standout options that you'd love.