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Kayaking on a lake.

E-bike tech is coming to kayaking because nobody wants to peddle hard anymore (and who could blame them)

If you thought kayaking and e-bikes had nothing in common, think again. The best e-bike tech is headed into the water.
delta skymiles changes sven piper osazgds9aag unsplash

New Delta Skymiles changes have members fuming mad, and now Delta Air Lines risks losing faithful customers

Delta Skymiles program will change in 2024, and users are pretty upset. If Delta doesn't learn its lesson, other airlines might poach customers
Photo of William Siff, founder of GoldThread Tonics and author of The Plant Medicine Protocol

A clinical herbalist reveals his 5-step guide to minimize inflammation

Banish inflammation for good with Clinical Herbalist William Siff's 5 step Plant Medicine Protocol
Ice bath in Switzerland

The best cold plunge and ice bath tubs for your post-workout recovery

Whether you're an elite athlete seeking peak performance or a health-conscious individual searching for a good recovery routine, there's an ice bath for you.
Birch vihta hanging in a Finnish sauna.

The best home saunas for ultimate relaxation

Home saunas have experienced a surge in popularity this year. If you’re adding a sauna to your home, I hope these options help narrow down your decision. 
Apple Maps update press release photo

Apple just gave hikers, campers, skiers, and snowboarders a great reason to use Apple Maps and ditch Google Maps

Do you ski, snowboard, hike, or camp? Apple Maps might be your new favorite app with its new offline mode.
An American Airlines plane in flight in a cloudy sky

Study: First class flights may be less expensive than you think (especially if you fly this airline)

The price difference between first class and economy flights may not be that much, according to one study, especially when you consider the added perks you get.
View from Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

U.S. national parks have a plan to go carbon neutral — here’s what that means for visitors

This is how U.S. national parks are reducing their carbon footprint.
A man skis on a clear run, with mountains and trees behind him.

Get your skis and snowboards ready: Ski resorts worldwide are starting to see snow

Ski resorts worldwide saw their first snowfall of the season in August.
Solo stove tiki torch

New Solo Stove Torch might be the only tiki torch you’ll ever need to buy

Tiki torches are cool, and retro - and Solo Stove just took it to a new level with Torch
Scorkl 2.0 underwater

This revolutionary device might make snorkeling more like scuba diving

The Scorkl 2.0 Electric will let you snorkel and do boat maintenance tasks with a lot more freedom.
Rattlesnake in the desert

How to treat a snake bite when you’re stuck in a worst-case scenario

A snake bite can be terrifying, but as long as you stay calm and follow these doctor-approved first aid tips, you'll live to hike another day.
Infrared sauna in the corner of a room.

How to choose the best infrared sauna for you

Infrared saunas offer a bunch of health benefits, and they're perfect for people who want to sweat a lot. Here's how to choose one for your health goals.
Four men sitting in a sauna.

The hidden costs of installing a home sauna you need to know about

Beyond the initial investment, there are several hidden costs associated with installing a sauna that homeowners should consider.
Apple Watch Ultra

Good news: Why we’re likely to get a new Apple Watch Ultra this year

The impending release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in 2023 appears to be a reasonable assumption supported by credible sources.
Sliced watermelon in a pile.

How to pick a watermelon: Tips for choosing the juiciest, tastiest fruit

By paying attention to these important traits, you can significantly increase your chances of selecting a sweet, juicy watermelon.
An infrared sauna turned on.

These are the different types of infrared saunas — find out which one is right for you

In this article, we will explore the different types of infrared saunas (NEAR, MID, and FAR) and the amazing health benefits that each one provides.
Carton of brown eggs.

Need an egg substitute for baking? These are the absolute best

Whether you need an egg substitute for cookies, brownies, or cake, we’ve got a few delicious options for you.
Black bears looking for food

To avoid a bear attack, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed a road

Bears foraging for food caused park rangers at the Great Smoky Mountains national park to close a road
Black sauna bucket on top of a sauna bench.

Getting a home sauna? What you need to know before you install

By choosing the right type of home sauna, finding the perfect location, and choosing great accessories, you can create an inviting sauna space in your own home.
Family camping

How well does your home state rank for adventure? Study reveals the best and worst states

Wyoming, Montana, and Utah stand out as the top states for thrilling outdoor experiences, offering opportunities for horseback riding, hiking, and camping.
A bee on a purple chive flower.

7 wild edible plants every outdoor enthusiast should know about

In this article, we'll highlight some edible plants that grow wild around much of the United States. But make sure that you identify these plants properly
MiHigh sauna blanket

The best infrared sauna blankets: Our top picks

Infrared sauna blankets are portable and compact devices that are designed to provide the benefits of traditional saunas using infrared heat technology.
View from Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

2 popular national parks want your opinion about proposed fee increases and reservation changes

Two popular national parks — Bryce and Zion — are considering various fee increases and changes to reservations, and want your opinion.
Poison ivy leaves of three

You know you should avoid poison ivy, but stay away from these 5 plants, too

Here are 5 plants that you should avoid. Understanding what these plants look like, symptoms, and remedies can help you have a rash-free summer.
wim hof method explained shutterstock 1976722691

The Wim Hof Method: How to unleash the benefits of cold exposure

The Wim Hof method combines specific breathing exercises, cold exposure, and mindset techniques to unlock the hidden potential within our bodies. 
Niagara Falls waterfall.

The 5 most beautiful waterfalls to visit in America — add these spots to your bucket list

If you're an avid hiker or simply a nature enthusiast, here are our top 5 waterfalls to visit in America before you die. 
A rock cairn near mountains and water.

See a rock cairn? Push it over, Yosemite National Park says

Park officials at Yosemite are now encouraging everyone to knock cairns over as part of the "Leave No Trace" ethics of visiting these protected areas.
A jar of brown sugar.

Out of brown sugar? Here’s how to make your own

Since brown sugar is made of molasses and white sugar, we can reverse-engineer this amazing ingredient to create the ultimate brown sugar at home.
cream cheese bagel

Can you freeze cream cheese? Yes, and here’s how to do it

Freezing cream cheese is entirely possible, but be prepared for a slight change in texture upon thawing. Here are our best tips for perfect cream cheese.
Man holding a scorpion

How to treat scorpion stings: 4 essential things you should do

Scorpion stings can be treated at home. Clean the wound, apply a cold compress, take pain relievers, and seek medical attention for severe symptoms.
Man wearing cowboy boots

How to wear cowboy boots: Don’t believe these 6 myths

In this article, we aim to debunk the misunderstandings surrounding cowboy boots. Here's how to wear them, how to care for them, and more.
The view from an MSR tent looking out over camping chairs and a lake.

5 unwritten rules of camping you need to know

Learning the unwritten rules of camping allows us to forge connections with fellow campers, revel in the tranquility of nature, and bond with our family.
An inquisitive black bear plods through a new growth of trees.

Want to take photos of bears? A wildlife photographer reveals the do’s and don’ts to follow so no one gets hurt

By adopting Karen Blue’s mindset of care while photographing wildlife, future generations can also enjoy the beauty of North America’s magnificent creatures.
Man hiking in Mt. Rainier Seattle

The best hiking trails in Seattle for every type of adventurer

No matter your hiking experience level, Seattle has a trail that will challenge you. From beginner-friendly hikes to expert hikes, Seattle has it all.
A man stargazing.

Report: These are the best stargazing spots in the U.S.

This summer is the perfect time to go on a stargazing adventure. However, choosing the right stargazing spot can make or break your experience.
Family camping

A new study says these are the 10 best states for a family camping trip

These 10 states give you an extraordinary camping experience. Let’s see where the rankings fall according to the Family Vacation Guide!
a man in a wheelchair performing a biceps curl

Gym etiquette: The unwritten rules everyone should follow

Gym etiquette revolves around the principle of being considerate of others. It's about creating a space to support everyone in their fitness journey.
Cowboy boots on a wooden porch.

How to care for cowboy boots so your favorite footwear lasts

If you want to make your cowboy boots last for years, proper care is essential. Knowing the right techniques and products can make all the difference. 
A person holding a phone with the AllTrails Maps details.

These are the 5 best hiking apps for your outdoor adventures

Whether you're a novice hiker or an experienced adventurer, these top five hiking apps can revolutionize the way you explore nature's wonders.
Two people hiking the W Trek in Chile, mountains in the background.

Planning a camping or hiking trip? Reduce your carbon footprint with these tips

Reducing your carbon footprint while hiking or camping is not only a responsible choice but also an opportunity to deepen your connection with nature.
Man getting micro-needling treatment.

Micro-needling: Experts explain the risks and benefits for your skin

Micro-needling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves creating tiny, controlled puncture wounds in the skin using a device called a micro-needling pen.
Gamping tent with wine

There’s a new list of the best glamping destinations (and the winner is as weird as it is cool)

With the growing interest in glamping, it's clear that more travelers are seeking the perfect blend of outdoor exploration and upscale comfort.
Anker Nebula Mars 3

From portable power to an outdoor projector, Anker unveils new eco-friendly products

No matter where you live, Anker Innovations is on a mission to free you from the clutches of the power grid. Here are a few of their new products.
Trail runner jogging through mountains.

Aum Gandhi reveals the secret health benefits of trail running

We had the privilege of interviewing Aum Gandhi, a trail runner who preaches the profound connection between outdoor activities and mental well-being.
A hiking trail through pine woods.

Looking for a new hiking spot? 340 miles have been added to the National Trails System

If you already frequent one of these 9 hiking trails added to the National Trails System, you will see more trail markers, signs, and maintenance staff.
A breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park at sunset

Yellowstone National Park issues a new warning (and we can’t believe people need to be told this)

The recent incidents in Yellowstone National Park serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of irresponsible behavior and disregard for wildlife.
Man hiking on Highlander adventure

Why more millennials are turning to hiking for exercise

If you've started hiking for exercise, you're not alone. Here's why millennials love it.
Man swimming in the ocean

5 amazing health benefits of swimming in the ocean

One should not overlook the incredible benefits of ocean swimming because it offers a unique experience that goes beyond the typical exercise routine.
Apple watchOS 10 zones

WatchOS 10 will make the Apple Watch a true cycling smartwatch

Check out Apple's watchOS 10 updates set to be released this fall, including Bluetooth compatibility with cycling sensors, FTP, and phone workouts.