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National Parks

best national forests in america featured image

The 10 Breathtaking National Forests in America Worth Visiting

America's National Forest System stretches over 193 million acres. Here’s a shortlist of some of the country’s most breathtaking national forests.
national park camping

Top National Park Camping Destinations in the United States

Of the 59 total United States National Parks, here are the best national park camping spots, ranging from the coast to the desert, to get away from urban life.
hiking the knife edge trail

What It’s Like Hiking the Knife Edge Trail to the Highest Peak in Maine

One hard ascent to Mount Katahdin's peak is through the 1.1-mile corridor known as the Knife Edge Trail. How long would it take to reach the summit? Find out.
person standing under night sky

The 5 Best Evening Outdoor Destinations You Need To Visit Now

Extend your vacation days with an outdoor adventure at night. These ultimate destinations offer incredible adventure activities after dark.
acadia national park guide an adventurers to getting around

An Adventurer’s Guide to Getting Around Acadia National Park 

Whether you're swimming in Echo Lake or visiting island attractions, Acadia National Park is always ripe for adventure!
best national park lodges us usa  oregon crater lake lodge

The Best National Park Lodges for High-End Style and Rugged Mountain Charm

If you’re itching to explore one of our country’s amazing national parks, a weekend at one of these retreats would definitely be the perfect spot for you.
Truck Camping in Mammoth Lakes, California

The Best National Parks for RV Camping in 2022

With more than 400 'units' in the U.S. National Park Service system, where do you go next? These are the best National Parks for RV camping in 2022.
When to Book Your National Park Campsite for Summer 2021

When to Book Your National Park Campsite for 2022

Campgrounds and hiking trails around the U.S. are about to get very busy. Now is the time to start booking your National Park campsite for this year.
Silhouette Against the Night Sky

See the Night Sky Like Never Before at New Mexico’s International Dark-Sky Park

New Mexico's Valles Caldera National Preserve is a nature lover's dream. On a clear, dark night, visitors are afforded stunning views of our galaxy.
fire lookout rentals

8 Breathtaking Fire Lookouts You’ll Want to Rent Right Now

Fire lookout towers were first used to spot wildfires. Now, these unique off-grid destinations can be booked as bucket-list-worthy rentals.
glacier national park

The Best National Parks to Visit Virtually From the Comfort (and Safety) of Your Home

Don’t grab your hiking boots or daypack, but rather, travel over to Google Earth and explore the most scenic landscapes America has to offer.
Old Saloon Montana

A Love Letter to the Old Saloon, Emigrant, Montana’s Most Famous Bar

While most western-themed bars overdo it or don't do enough, the Old Saloon in Emigrant, Montana does the perfect amount.
Zion National Park river

Visit Any U.S. National Park for Free in 2021 on These 5 Days

The U.S. government gets a lot wrong, but one thing it nailed more than a century ago was the founding of the National Park Service. Most NPS sites are already quite affordable. On select dates this year, however, visitors can experience every NPS site completely free of charge.
White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument Is the Newest U.S. National Park

From unexpected day closures to budget cuts, these are trying times for the U.S. National Park Service. There was some good news last year, however, with the official designation of two new national parks. The most recent addition, announced just last month, was White Sands National Monument.
best nature books book

10 Best Nature Books to Connect You to the Wilderness

In our urbanized lives, nature writing fills a much-needed void, letting us experience cathartic wonder, educating us on our human history, and inspiring us with a healthy respect, not to mention a sense of responsibility, for our natural environment.
utahs luxurious camp sarika retreat is at the heart of 5 national parks 2

Utah’s Luxurious Camp Sarika Retreat Is at the Heart of 5 National Parks

Few life experiences are as beautiful, humbling, calming, eerie, and awe-inspiring as standing in the middle of a desert. One renowned U.S. resort is looking to capture that feeling -- plus a healthy dose of high-end luxury amenities to boot -- with an exclusive, all-new desert camp.
hawaii national parks guide tourist hiking in haleakala volcano crater on the sliding sands trail  beautiful view of floor an

What to Know About Hawaii’s National Parks

When visiting Hawaii, it's a must to check out one of the two national parks located on the islands. With volcanoes and spectacular views, they give you a true look at just how beautiful Hawaii can be.
visit south dakota cc10 25 16rushmore  1

12 Reasons South Dakota Deserves Your Attention

Ever thought about a trip to The Mount Rushmore State, South Dakota? If you haven't, it might be high time you do. Here are 12 of the best things to do in the state that you can plan a trip around.
Mikah Meyer flag

On the Road with Mikah Meyer, the First Person to Visit Every National Park Site in One Trip

What does it take to visit every National Park in the country? For Mikah Meyer, it took three years and thousands of miles.
hammock camping

Book a Last-Minute Summer Camping Trip Just About Anywhere With Pitchup

For summer campers, finding a last-minute campsite can seem almost impossible. With Pitchup, campers can shop cheap, peak season sites near some of the most iconic national parks in the U.S.
grand canyon night sky

Grand Canyon Celebrates 100th Anniversary with New International Dark Sky Park Distinction

As one of the most popular national parks in the United States, Grand Canyon National Park hardly needs any new accolades. However, the iconic park was just awarded official Dark Sky Park status, cementing it as one of the world's best destinations for stargazing.
great sand dunes national park dark sky

Colorado Is Now Home to the Newest International Dark Sky Park

Light pollution makes it harder now than ever to see the night sky as our ancestors did. Thankfully, the International Dark-Sky Association is working to combat the problem. This month, Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park became the latest to receive an official Dark Sky Park designation.

Put All 419 U.S. National Parks in Your Pocket with the Chimani App

If you’re planning a National Park escape -- whether for hiking, kayaking, or stargazing -- you want to be prepared. The Chimani app puts every U.S. National Park site in your pocket or, more specifically, on your smartphone.
parks project x jungmaven support our national yosemite tee 2

Support Our National Parks By Stunting a Parks Project X Jungmaven Hemp Tee

You can help support different National Parks-focused charities and conservancies by purchasing one of three hemp T-shirts from the Parks Project X Jungmaven debut collaboration.
google earth national parks tour yosemite national park

Effortlessly Explore 31 U.S. National Parks from Home with Google Earth

National Parks Week is a time to celebrate the natural wonders and history within the United States. However, if we’re stuck working, we can’t just drop everything and jet around the country — but with Google Earth, you can.
Pints for Parks Cuyahoga Valley

Support National Parks this Summer By Drinking Breckenridge Brewery Pints

Drinking for a good cause is always a good thing. Introducing the Pints for Parks program: Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery is giving proceeds of every beer sold across the country this summer to U.S. National Parks.
death valley national park california

Time-lapse Film Reveals the Surprising Beauty and Vitality of Death Valley


Far Off the Beaten Path: 3 Most Remote National Parks in the United States

Big-name destinations like Grand Canyon and Yosemite may be the most popular, but the the most remote national parks in the United States are lesscrowded and just as awe-inspiring.

REI’s New Backpack Series Pays Tribute to America’s Beautiful National Parks

REI Co-Op just released the Flash 18 National Parks Series, a new line daypacks with limited edition prints based on actual National Parks Services maps such as the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains.
Evolve Protein Van Great Smoky Mountains

Tips for Eating Healthy and Cooking Travel Meals on the Road

EVOLVE sent a husband-wife travel photography team on an epic road trip. This is how Racehl and Mattew Hanel fuel up and create healthy travel meals.
2018 GMC Terrain Yellowstone Trip Press Image12

Touring Yellowstone National Park in the 2018 GMC Terrain

Driving the 2018 GMC Terrain during a snowstorm in Yellowstone National Park was the perfect test for this small SUV. Read on to see how it performed.
bears ears national monument valley

Supporting Bears Ears National Monument is as Easy as Wearing Socks

Farm to Feet is offering limited edition socks to honor National Public Lands Day. Proceeds go towards the conservation of Bears Ears National Monument.
Kuju Coffee

Kuju Coffee is Delicious Pour-over Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

Kuju Coffee allows you to have the control and precision of pourover coffee anywhere from the office to the mountain top.

Type Hike Offers Visual Reminder of our Stunning National Parks Through Design

Type Hike is a series of stunning posters designed by top designers around the country. They're meant to bring attention to each and are very beautiful.
epic arbor day redwood feature

Arbor Day Done Right: Sequoia and Redwood National Parks

Live it up this Arbor Day with nature's most badass trees in California's most pristine wilderness: Sequoia and Redwood National Parks.
tomtom off the beaten path

TomTom Releases Archive of Secret ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Trails

Fitness wearable experts at TomTom teamed with the U.S. National Parks to unveil a series of "Off the Beaten Path" maps to really get your adventure on.
Joshua Tree national park

What to See in Joshua Tree National Park

Most folks think of deserts as desolate places devoid of life. Joshua Tree National Park, nestled in the middle of Southern California, tears that notion asunder.
Landmark Project

The Landmark Project Celebrates America’s Iconic Outdoors

Built on celebrating America's outdoors and giving back to the country's youth, The Landmark Project is a clothing company that's as moral as it is stylish.
yosemite national park parks project

Parks Project Fleeces: Stay Warm, Save Parks

Parks Project has released a line of fleeces for fall that will keep you warm while helping protect America's National Parks.
national park service centennial the everglades

Florida’s Everglades National Park Is As Beautiful As It Is Expansive

With the National Park Service celebrating 100 years in 2016, we've decided to spotlight one park each month. Up first? Florida's Everglades National Park.
Cumberland Island

Dinner Bells and Wild Horses at Cumberland Island’s Greyfield Inn

The Manual explores the Greyfield Inn, a historic 19th century mansion retreat of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie, located on Georgia's Cumberland Island.
parks project

Parks Project: Look Cool and Help National Parks

Parks Project offers limited run tees, hats, and accessories, designed by artists and made in America. And each purchase supports national parks.
Coleman National Park Centennial Series

Coleman National Parks Centennial Series

Coleman teamed up with the National Parks Service to bring us some great camping gear for the 100-year anniversary of our National Parks.
america's national parks at 100

Smithsonian Celebrates: America’s National Parks at 100

To help celebrate the National Park Service centennial, the Smithsonian Channel will air a brand new one-hour special, America's National Parks at 100.
toad&co take adults with disabilities into national parks

Adults with Disabilities Conquer National Parks

Outdoor company Toad&Co, with Wilderness Inquiry and the National Park Foundation, are helping adults with disabilities experience our national parks.
fort stanwix national monument spotlight stanwix1

Take a trip back to the 1700s at New York’s Fort Stanwix National Monument

A reconstructed historical fort, New York's Fort Stanwix National Monument is a testament to American resiliency and growth dating back to the 1700s.
national park service centennial santa monica recreation area santamonica5

Hike, ride, and play in L.A.’s backyard at the Santa Monica Mountains

With the National Park Service celebrating 100 years in 2016, we've decided to spotlight one park each month. Up next is the Santa Monica Mountains.
pendleton national parks service collaboration irey glacier  1

Pendleton’s latest collection beautifully celebrates America’s national parks

Pendleton Woolen Mills teamed up with the National Parks Service to celebrate the history and beauty of ten of America's national parks.
olympic national park

Feel Good Friday: The Ambitious “More Than Just Parks” Film Project

To capture the majesty of our national parks, filmmaking brothers Will and Jim Pattiz of Sea Raven Media will make one short film for each national park.
national parks facts

U.S. National Park Service Celebrates 99 Years – Here Are Some Cool Park Facts

In commemoration of the National Park Service's 99th birthday, we thought we’d share a brief history, some fun facts, and a few breathtaking pictures.