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Strong quad muscles

The best quad exercises and movements for tree trunk-sized quads

Strengthening your quads will help boost your power, strength, and speed and help you fill out your jeans properly.
Salad greens high in vitamin K

These 14 foods will add essential vitamin K to your diet

F4od is a great place to find supplemental nutrition. Here are foods high in vitamin K that you should be eating now.
Man listening to music while working out.

The best podcasts to listen to while working out

The best podcasts to listen to at the gym will distract your mind and get you motivated for each and every workout.
man wearing shorts no shirt working out exercising on bars calisthenics

The best calisthenics apps, rated and ranked

These calisthenics apps will help up your fitness game.
Gluten-free diet concept - selection of grains and carbohydrates for people with gluten intolerance

Carbohydrates 101: The dos and don’ts of carb loading

Carb loading can be an effective tool to reach your fitness goals. Here's what you need to know before you start.
Hands holding wine grapes

Pistachios, mushrooms, eggs, and more: These foods high in melatonin may help you sleep better

Melatonin can help regulate your sleep cycles for more restful sleep. Learn about these foods you can add to your diet that are high in melatonin.
Pouring milk from a glass bottle into a glass with a black background

These are the foods high in calcium you should eat (and why it’s important for your bones and beyond)

Foods high in calcium support bones. teeth, and beyond. The good news is that if you don't eat dairy, there are still many foods high in calcium to choose from.
Man sleeping in a T-shirt

How to get better sleep with ‘sleep hygiene’

Wake up well rested every morning with these sleep tips.
a bearded man doing a biceps curl

Dumbbells guide: 5 effective bicep workouts you should be doing ASAP

Discover five bicep exercises that will take your arm workout to the next level.
A man in helmet riding a bike on a road with railings with a view of a mountain and forest in the background.

Weight loss tips: How much weight can you lose riding a bike?

Cycling can be an affordable and efficient way to exercise and lose weight. Learn how to reach your fitness goals through bicycling with this guide.
Tempur-Pedic’s Breeze 2.0 mattress is place on a bed frame and covered with pillows in a bedroom.

Ends tomorrow: Save on the Tempur-Cloud mattress and more

Tempur-Pedic is having a great sale on mattresses, pillows, sheets, and even a premium office chair, so check out everything they have to offer.
Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells in use for bicep curls

These popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are 31% off today

This pair of Bowflex SelectTech 552 is perfect for any home gym, and have been discounted down to just $379.
Happy handsome bearded man is using his smart phone while he preparing vegan healthy breakfast for a lovely family

10 apps to help you meal plan and stay on track with your diet in 2024

Food apps can help people with meal plans, which research shows can lead to healthier food choices. These are the best.
Egg round

6 high-protein breakfast ideas to kick-start your weight loss in 2024

A high protein breakfast is exactly what your daily routine needs. Try one of these options.
keto diet picture knife and fork word block

How does the keto diet work for weight loss? The science behind low-carb eating

Many people try the keto diet when they're looking to lose weight. Here's an evidence-based look at how it all works.
man sitting cross legged in a yoga pose on a porch outside by a white fence

The best yoga apps, rated and ranked

Whether you're just starting out or have been doing yoga for years, these are the apps you should know.
Man with a chiseled jawline

The 11 best facial exercises for that Brad Pitt jawline

Are you trying to get that chiseled, Brad Pitt jawline? Here are the best face exercises to get a diamond-cut jawline.
man doing calisthenics workout outside

Calisthenics 101: How to build muscle and tone quickly with these 5 bodyweight exercises

Calisthenics is your ticket to sculpting muscle with nothing but the ground beneath your feet and the weight of your own body.
Bowls of bone broth on a tray

Treat your body: These are the best foods high in collagen

Collagen helps with healthy joints and skin and can be found in everyday foods. Here's what you need to be eating for your joints and skin.
Man practicing yoga and meditation at home

How to practice mindfulness, according to an expert

Practicing mindfulness throughout your life can reduce stress and bring joy and health.
Man doing sprints and jumps

These brands have the best workout clothes for every fitness routine

Here are some of the best workout clothing brands regardless of your level of fitness. Be sure to grab some new gear and hit the gym.
Man holding a dumbbell

5 easy dumbbells exercises to build a bigger chest

This is how to use dumbbells to get a bigger chest.
Man doing squats at home

11 benefits of squats that will improve your overall fitness

Squats are the best exercises for the lower body. Find out the benefits of squats right here and how to perform squats anytime, anywhere.
24 Hour Fitness Gym from the parking lot

Cheap gym membership deal: Join 24 Hour Fitness for $1 down

Keep your New Year's resolutions intact with a gym membership, and save along the way with this deal at 24 Hour Fitness.
A man and woman running on a snowy winter road

Don’t make these common mistakes with your running gear in winter

How should you dress to go running in winter? We've got the answers.
Workout planner.

Replace New Year’s resolutions with habits: How to actually achieve your goals for the new year

If your New Year's resolutions always fail, this is the secret to achieving your goals for the new year.
Man doing fat-burning workout

5 effective fat-burning workouts to help you lose weight

The best fat-burning workouts help you shed fat, build muscle, and get more shredded. Find the best fat-burning workouts for men here.
macros for weight loss ratio pexels michael burrows 7129726

This macros ratio will help you reach your weight loss goal without feeling deprived

This is the ideal ratio of macros for weight loss so you can fuel up with healthy foods and get the results you're looking for.
Man smiling to the camera with woman working out behind him

Noom, WW, MyFitnessPal: Do you really need a weight loss app?

Weight loss apps promise big results, but are they really necessary?
Various healthy foods on a table

How to lose weight fast in the new year: Easy tips to follow

Do you have a weight loss goal for the new year? Make it happen with our weight loss guide.
man during running exercise

How to actually nail your workout goals in 2024: 5 effective exercise tips to follow

Although picking out fitness goals for 2024 is easy, sticking to them is harder. Thankfully, plenty of tricks, tips, and stats can help ensure you succeed.
A Starbucks cup sitting on a counter inside of a store

Low-sugar Starbucks drinks: Start your new year cutting sugar

Cutting sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health. These are the low-sugar Starbucks drinks you should order.
2024 running shoes releases kristian egelund wmdcuq0cj4c unsplash

2024 running shoes preview: These 7 options from Nike, New Balance, and more are incredible

Nike, New Balance, Brooks, and more have revealed they're 2024 running shoes, and they're pretty great.
Handsome happy bearded man is preparing wonderful fresh vegan salad in the kitchen at home

A new study says you can increase life expectancy by up to 10 years by following this healthy diet

Following these guidelines can lead to gains in life expectancy, especially if dietary changes are adopted earlier in life.
Man flexing his back and shoulders.

Dumbbells workout guide: 5 effective exercises for developing huge shoulders

This is everything you need to know about sculpting your shoulders with dumbbells.
Man holding spoon and fork in between a clock placed on a plate

Intermittent fasting: All the benefits, and why you should try it

What intermittent fasting is, why you should give it a try, and what to know.
Man sitting on floor cross legged

This is the secret to reducing stress and improving your mood

Stress can affect us in many harmful ways. Meditation is a practical, effective way to reduce your stress.
Red apples laying on a surface

The best foods and spices to boost your immune system this winter

Need an immune system booster? These foods and spices will have you feeling your best in no time.
Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt Mattress in a bedroom.

Review: Does the TempurPedic LuxeAdapt mattress stand the test of time?

Does the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt hold up over time?
Man in pain on the couch

Constipation when traveling is a real problem: How to overcome it and enjoy your vacation

Constipation when traveling is a real problem. Why it happens, and how to overcome it to enjoy your vacation
Fresh avocadoes in half

The superfood benefits of the amazing avocado

Avocados are more than culinary powerhouses. In this guide, we’ll dig into some fundamentals and not-so-well-known facts of our beloved green supreme.
Sauna accessories in the glow of a tea light.

The best at-home infrared sauna options: Our top picks

Whether you seek relaxation, detoxification, or pain relief, here are our picks for this year’s best infrared sauna options for infrared therapy.
Man doing yoga on deck

Is the key to weight loss a great mindfulness routine? Here’s what doctors and therapists say

Can a great mindfulness routine lead to weight loss? We spoke to doctors and therapists to find out
Punching bag

The 3 best punching bag workouts to transform your fitness routine

These are the best punching bag workouts to help you improve your boxing technique and boost your fitness.
Apple journal app against blue background

Apple’s new journaling app is here, and it’s great, but we have one major problem with it

Journaling can help with stress and mindfulness, and Apple's new Journal app might be your best shot.
Parmesan cheese

How (and why) parmesan, pecorino romano, gruyere, and asiago cheeses may help with digestive issues

Think you should avoid cheese when you have digestive issues? Think again! How parmesan, pecorino romano, gruyere, and asiago may help
Man in a pushup posiiton

Build strength and look chiseled with these chest workouts for men

Make your pecs pop this with these best chest workouts, guaranteed to help you accomplish the hardest of daily tasks with ease.
Man practicing yoga on the beach

The ultimate premium gift guide for the yoga lover in your life

Buying gifts for a yoga lover? This is the ultimate premium gift guide for yoga lovers.
supplement gummies

Magnesium glycinate gummies: All the benefits, and why you should be using them

Magnesium glycinate gummies: What they're used for, why you should be chomping them down, and why people love them
Man outside holding a cut head of lettuce

Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and more: Science says one is actually the healthiest choice

We all know lettuce is healthy, but which is the healthiest type of lettuce? This is what you should know