Feasting, Food & Drink

Feasting: Cure Meats at Home with UMAi Dry

If you've ever dreamt of dry-aging or curing your own meats at home, UMAi Dry makes it impossibly easy with no mess and no need for excessive space or expensive equipment.

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Fashion & Style, Meet Up Monday

Meet Up Monday: Elise Fife, Founder/Designer, Albion Thorne

Music stylist Elise Fife has launched her own line for rock or Western loving gents who appreciate sartorial quality.

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Hi-Fi Corner: Make that turntable sing with Yamaha’s A-S1100 integrated amp

Yamaha shows off its latest integrated amp, the A-S1100. Listed at $3,000, the amp is a bit more affordable than its predecessors...
in the family, but still boasts gorgeous design and plenty of audiophile goodies.

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Fashion & Style, What to Wear

Man School 101: How To Tie One On

Don't take tie selection lightly: it's too damned easy to get wrong, thereby...
ruining your whole outfit!

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Food & Drink

The Manual Guide to Rooftop Bars Around the World

From Pearl's Liquor Bar on Los Angeles's Sunset Strip to Sky on 57 at the...
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, we take you through some of the most exciting...
rooftop bars.

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Food & Drink, Swill

These Magical Chunks of Wood Really Do Make Whiskey Taste Better

Remember Whiskey Elements? Those nifty little chunks of strategically-cut oak...
that supposedly make your whiskey taste more mature in 24 hours? I got my hands...
on a set and put them to the test.

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Fashion & Style, Food & Drink

Billy Reid and Blackberry Farm Go on the Road to Shindig

To mark the occasion, they are releasing a new Classic Saison craft beer.

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Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday: Hives for Humanity Supports Bees and People Through Urban Beekeeping

To help honeybees – and honey – make a comeback, Hives for Humanity is...
encouraging more people to take up urban beekeeping.

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Fashion & Style

TGIF Shopping: Polo Experts Feldspar Brook Launches SoHo Flagship Store

“We aren’t about to sway someone to try chartreuse when all they wear is...
black or grey, unless they truly want to be swayed.”

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Fashion & Style

7 of The Classiest Laptop and Tablet Bags Out There

Like many Manual men, you probably don’t like to completely forsake...
practicality for style. Why not have both? Here are a few classy laptop bags...
for you to consider.

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Fashion & Style

Stay Cool With Tahaanga Shirts

This past winter was a pain - and while most of us prayed for higher...
temperatures - heat stroke wasn't exactly what we were hoping for.

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Fashion & Style

How To: Shop for Trousers

Alex Wilcox helps us understand what to look for when buying a pair of...

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California’s Wilderness: Enjoying the Outdoors In Less Than a Week

From the tallest peak in the Lower 48 (that'd be Mt. Whitney) to the lowest...
point in America (Death Valley, of course), the great state of California...
boasts a bounty of natural splendor.

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