The Manual’s Guide to Hair Styling for Men

We spoke to Brian Porteous of Portland, Oregon’s Heritage Barber Shop for some expert hair styling advice.

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Food & Drink, Living

Man School 101: 3 Fine Meals Even You Can Cook

What we have here are some meal ideas that are almost impossible to screw up, yet come across as lovingly home-cooked with care...
and skill.

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Fashion & Style, Living

Meet the Leatherman Tread, the wearable toolbox for your wrist

High-tech smartwatches and connected wearables might currently be all the rage, but the Leatherman Tread affords your wrist some...
physical functionality you simply can't find elsewhere. It offers a total of 29 tools, ranging from bottle openers to hexes.

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Food & Drink

Smoked Beer: A Primer

A few years ago I worked at a garden center on Long Island, hauling mums and...
pumpkins around for North...

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Fashion & Style

Moore & Giles’ upcoming fall collection shows it’s at the top of the industry

The Virginia-based leather goods company Moore & Giles offers more quality...
leather products than you'll know what to do with, and that's a good thing.

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Food & Drink, Travel

The Best Poutine Joints in Montreal

Since Quebec holds the unofficial patent on poutine, it’s only fitting to...
find the world’s best, most creative examples in Montreal.

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Fashion & Style, The Manual Wind

The Manual Wind: Shinola Runwell Stone Dial Watches

Straight out of Detroit comes this affordable, fashionable timepiece; the...
Shinola Runwell. Tigers eye, malachite, and turquoise stone dials make this...
unisex timepiece pop.

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Fashion & Style, Worn Out Wednesday

Worn Out Wednesday – Brent Lamberti

Today we meet Brent Lamberti, the National Brand Ambassador for elit by...

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Feasting, Food & Drink

Feasting: Talking Fried Chicken and Champagne at Birds & Bubbles

As Birds & Bubbles is about to celebrate its first birthday, we talked with...
Chef Sarah Simmons & Service Director Ariel Arce about everything fried...
chicken and champagne.

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Food & Drink

Upgrade Your Breakfast: Make Sausage at Home

Sausages are always good, and knowing how to make sausage yourself is a...
glorious power. Wield it responsibly.

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Fashion & Style

SWIMS Fall and Winter lineup will keep you warm and classy

If you need to look professional as the weather takes a turn for the worse,...
SWIMS has the fall and winter gear to keep you dry, and looking fly.

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Food & Drink

Switching It Up: Disaronno Introduces First New Product in Almost Half a Millennium

We sat down to try Disaronno's first new offering in almost five hundred years.

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Road to Adventure: Backpacking Gear

For long weekends away from civilization, we backpack into a basecamp so we can...
spend more time at altitude climbing and running, and take off for hidden lakes...
and high summits. Being able to haul all our training and backpacking gear is a...
tricky proposition, so going ultralight has been the goal.

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