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Two camping tents covered in snow on a mountain in winter.

Camping gear 101: the must-have equipment for everyone

Winter camping is a whole different ball game. Why go lightweight this winter when you can go in comfort with our best winter camping gear.
Closeup of campfire inside BioLite FirePit+ fire pit.

The surprise must-have item for your winter sports adventures

Ever wanted to warm up between ski runs? When tailgating at a ski resort, you need the best gear possible. The BioLite FirePit+ is this year's must-have.
Woman jogging in winter holding a chemical hand warmer.

Keep your fingers toasty warm this winter with the 7 best hand warmers

Serious cold demands serious heat. These battery- and chemical-powered hand warmers are the best way to keep your hands warm this winter.
Woman with a headlamp camping in a winter tent surrounded by snow.

How to keep warm while winter camping: 9 life-saving tips you need to know

Keeping comfortable and toasty warm while camping in winter is not about packing more. It's about packing smarter. Here are nine simple tips to help.
The best heated clothing delivers portable all-day warmth.

The best heated clothing for your cold-weather adventures in 2023

Today's best heated clothing provides reliable, ultra-portable heating — usually battery-powered — for constant, all-day warmth in the winter.
A tent near a body of water with a view of the rising sun.

The 13 Best Camping Gifts for Your Favorite Outdoorsman

Looking for the perfect camping gift? We've got plenty of suggestions that will help your recipient get more from the great outdoors.
best lighters 2021

The 10 best lighters to keep on hand in 2023

Ditch your cheap lighters with a high-performance lighter for your needs, from home improvement to camping. Here are the best lighters for every purpose.
rei 4th of july sale 2020 tent

Best cheap tent deals for October 2022

Starting out camping can be tough and expensive, which is why we've gathered a list of the best tent deals you can shop today, and we update it regularly!

The ultimate ultralight backpacking gear list: This is everything you need

If you want to move fast on the trail, you need ultralight backpacking gear. Here's our ultimate packing list for ultralight adventures.
A close-up shot of a man running away from the camera. He is wearing blue jacket and carrying a blue backpack

In Review: Why My Go-To Ultralight Pack is the Montane Trailblazer LT

The Montane Trailblazer LT is an ultralight pack for runners and hikers who want minimal fuss and maximum load bearing.
Preparing a meal with the quecha camp cookset pot.

A Field Test of the Decathalon Quechua Camp Cookware

Here's what we thought of the Quechua Camp Cookset. Does it live up to its higher-priced competitors?
A person holding a pair of binoculars with his left hand in an open field.

The 10 Best Binoculars for Finding Your Game in 2022

Are you "game" for using one of our best binoculars for your next hunting trip? If so, check out our top picks that are high in quality and easy to use.
Best National Parks Header Image - Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

The 20 Best U.S. National Parks to Explore Now

Soaring mountains, dune-covered deserts, glacial lakes, primeval forests, and red-rock canyons set the stage for special adventures in splendid national parks.
us national park service app a backpacker checks his phone while hiking in north cascades

Explore Every U.S. National Park with Just One App. Here’s How

The National Park Service's new smartphone app puts the experience, naturalist wisdom, and historical knowledge of hundreds of park rangers in your pocket.
Best Hiking and Backpacking Tents

The 11 Best Backpacking Tents for Hiking and Camping

The best backpacking shelters balance weight, bulk, affordability, and wet-weather protection.
hammock camping

Hammock Deals: Lounge Around and Snooze in Comfort from $35

Want to snooze in comfort? These hammock deals offer fantastic value for money while keeping you comfy as you camp.
Ust Monarch Sleeping Bag on a white background.

Sleeping Bag Deals: Up to 50% off Professional Camping Bags

Save big on some high-end and professional sleeping bags at REI right now with these sleeping bag deals.
Cabana Vans and Eddie Bauer.

Cabana Camper Vans Teams Up with Eddie Bauer for the Ultimate Adventure

Cabana camper van rental company and iconic outdoor brand, Eddie Bauer, have partnered to provide a unique experience to explore the Pacific Northwest.
Best Hydration Packs

The Best Hydration Packs for Hiking, Trail Running, and Day Trips

If you spend any time running or hiking outdoors, it’s time to get a real hydration pack. These are the best to buy in 2022.
Man wearing a Selk'bag Nomad Wearable Sleeping Bag in the mountains.

Selk’bag Nomad Is the Wearable Sleeping Bag I Never Knew I Needed

Does anyone really need a wearable sleeping bag? After a week of testing the Selk'bag Nomad, I can safely say yes.

This is How to Avoid Getting Sick While Camping

Getting sick is never fun, but it is particularly unfortunate when you're out camping. Utilize these basic tips to stay safe and well in the outdoors.
Group of people camping and dining off-grid with solar power.

The 10 Best Pieces of Solar Gear for Exploring Off-Grid in 2022

Finding the right solution for your on-the-go power needs can be tricky. We’ve done the hard work by rounding up the best solar gear for exploring off-grid.
A Wyoming landscape, mountain lake and rocks leading up to jagged mountains with the sun setting behind them.

Wyoming Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

A guide and reasons to visit the Cowboy State in the spring and summer — Yellowstone, breweries, rodeos, outdoors in Jackson Hole, etc.
A man in beanie and backpack standing atop of a mountain with his arms stretched out.

Backpacking Checklist: 13 Things You Need for Hiking

No matter how far you’re trekking or how long you’re planning to be offline, these are the best backpacking essentials you need to survive.
A Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P backpacking tent out in the backcountry.

Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P Review: Why I Love This Do-It-All Tent

After spending a month with the new Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P, I've gotta say I'm a fan. Here are my takeaways from my time with the latest Dagger backpacking tent.
The view of Napa Valley from Mount Saint Helena near Calistoga, California.

The Best Wine Country Regions for Outdoor Adventures

Here are the best places in the United States to go for great outdoors and wine country refinement. You'll probably want to take your wine to go.
Man rolling tent.

How to Clean a Tent to Get Rid of Dirt and Odors

Don't let a camping tent stay dirty after a trip in the woods. Let us show you how to deep clean a tent with these effective methods.
A woman sitting and drinking a warm beverage by a green tent.

Our 9 Best Camp Coffee Makers for Fresh Morning Java

Take your morning coffee with you on any backpacking or camping adventure! Try our best camp coffee makers and mugs for an energy boost in the great outdoors.
best camping grills on amazon

The Best Camping Grills for Outdoor Cooking

From lightweight, backpack-friendly models to large alternatives that can cook up dinner for the whole family, these are our favorite camping grills.
tips for camping in the rain best stove 2021

The 7 Best Camping Stoves for Car Camping in 2022

When you're able to carry all the frills, why would you settle for a small stove? These camping stoves will let you cook up a storm in 2022.
best all purpose camp knives

The Best All-Purpose Camping Knives to Buy in 2022

There are few items more essential to camping than a quality knife. To that end, we take a look at the best all-purpose camping knives for 2022.

8 Easy Camping Meals To Eat Anytime, Anywhere

You can't always go gourmet when eating outdoors, but that doesn't rule out eating good off the grid. Here are our favorite easy camping meals of 2022.
A man on a boulder with outdoor gear and an opened backpack while a woman is fishing out a drink from a Yeti cooler.

The 10 Best Coolers for Camping and Outdoor Occasion

Nothing beats fishing out an ice-cold can of beer from a perfectly packed cooler. Thus, we rounded up the best coolers to help level up your beverage game.
Two men in camping chars by a campfire.

The 12 Best Camping Chairs to Get You Off the Ground

Whether you're car camping, backpacking, or anything in between, get comfortable with our pick of the best camping chairs.
An opened tent in the outdoors during a sunny day.

The 12 Best Camping Tents to Keep the Elements Out in 2022

Spring is just around the corner and camping is back, so we have pulled together the 12 best camping tents for your outdoor adventures in 2022.

The Best Dehydrated Camping Meals For Lasting Energy

Tired of the same old trail mix and jerky snacks in the great outdoors? Refresh your palate with one of our favorite dehydrated camping meals for your pack.
A camping sleeping pad sitting outside at sunrise.

The 10 Best Sleeping Pads for Every Kind of Camping

Sleeping outdoors doesn't have to be a pain in your butt ... or side ... or back. The best sleeping pads of 2022 keep you comfy no matter where you're sleeping.
Best Fire Starters for Camping

The 8 Best Fire Starters for Outdoor Camping in 2022

Campfires are an integral part of any outdoor camping trip. Get your fire going every time with our best fire starters.
A man with a backpack standing on a rocky ledge.

The 11 Best Backpacking Gear Items for Hitting the Trail in 2022

Spend less time hauling and more time exploring with the best backpacking gear for 2022. These lightweight options are essential for any adventure.
Best Flashlights for 2021

Light the Way with the Best Flashlights of 2022

Flashlight technology has come a long way, giving you lots of lumens for your money and hours of unfading battery life. So, here are our top flashlights.
best extreme weather tents

Best Extreme Weather Tents for Winter and Cold Weather

Whether you're camping in the mountains or within an aggressive blizzard, be sure to check out our top weather tents that can withstand any winter condition.

The 9 Best Camping Lights To Brighten Your Campsite

Don't get lost in the dark if you're out camping. Check out our top 9 camping light picks to brighten your campsite any time of the year!
A lit up tent in an open field against a starlit sky.

The 9 Best Camping Tarps for Any Outdoor Adventure

Most are lightweight, relatively compact, and affordable, meaning no man should be without the best camping tarp in the backcountry.
A couple camping.

The Best Double Wide Sleeping Bags for 2022

Looking for the ultimate camping cuddle? Here are the best double wide sleeping bags you can buy in 2022.
Man relaxing in the mountains with the best camping stool.

The Best Outdoor Gear for Your 2022 Adventures

Looking to enjoy a year of superior outdoor adventure? You're going to need the best outdoor gear for 2022.
The Escape Traveler XL surrounded by trees.

The Best 8 Tiny House Vacation Rentals to Escape to in the U.S.

If you’ve been toying with minimalist living but aren’t ready to commit, these best tiny house vacation rentals are the perfect temporary getaways.
best camping quilt blanket

The Best Camping Quilts For Your Next Adventure in 2022

Next time you go camping, trade your bulky sleeping bag for a lightweight, ultra-packable camping quilt that's every bit as warm.
Two men with a Yeti cooler and a dog

11 Durable Camping Gifts for Dad in 2022

If Pops is the camping sort, consider a gift that's fun, unique, and legitimately useful for the outdoors this year.

Tent Buying Guide: How To Find the Best Tent for Your Trip

We put together this handy tent buying guide to help you find a good shelter quickly so you can get off your computer and be back outdoors.
A man with a lantern at a crossroads in the woods.

The 10 Best Camping Lanterns to Light the Way in 2022

From ultralight backpacking LEDs to ones you can display inside your tent, here are the best portable camping lanterns to light the way in 2022.