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Fuel the Fire With These 7 Best Roasting Sticks and Accessories

When it comes to camping, there's no greater pleasure than roasting a meal over the fire. Ready to get roasting? Here are a few of the best campfire essentials.
Best Backyard Camping Ideas

The Best Backyard Camping Ideas for Curing Cabin Fever

You can set up a campsite in whatever space your home offers. A backyard, a deck or patio, a rooftop, even a balcony will work.
man in wheelchair by beach

The 7 Best Wheelchair-Accessible Campgrounds in America

The great outdoors is becoming more accessible to everyone who wants to experience all the U.S. has to offer. For a convenient stay, book these campgrounds.

The Best RV Campgrounds in America

Luxury RV resorts tend to include characteristics like pull-thru sites and television among other enticing amenities. But these are the best of the best.
Airstream and Pottery Barn Trailer

Airstream and Pottery Barn’s New Trailer Brings Creature Comforts to Campers

The 28-foot travel trailer contains the same amenities that come standard with all Airstream trailers, including a dedicated onboard kitchen, and bathroom with sink and shower.
A man hauling a gray wheeled Pelican cooler on a beach.

The 7 Best Coolers to Buy in 2022: Yeti, Pelican, and More

Whether you're camping, road-tripping, or having a picnic, we've rounded up the best beverage coolers for 2022 to keep your food safe and your drinks chilled.
Best First Aid Kits

Be Prepared with the 8 Best First-Aid Kits for 2022

Accidents, injuries, burns, bug bites, and worse can strike at any time. Be prepared and equip yourself with the best first aid kits of 2022.
national park camping

Top National Park Camping Destinations in the United States

Of the 59 total United States National Parks, here are the best national park camping spots, ranging from the coast to the desert, to get away from urban life.
Best Firewood-Cutting Tools and Accessories

The Best Firewood-Cutting Tools and Accessories in 2022

It takes hard work to keep a fire ablaze. To do so, equip yourself with the right firewood-cutting tools and accessories, and your job will be a little easier.
recyclable dishware cups plates bowls camping best reusable 2021

Best Recyclable Cups, Bowls, and Plates to Make Your Next Camping Trip Easier

With recyclable camping dishes, you can stick with the "leave no trace" mantra but avoid cleaning day-old food gunk off of reusable cups, plates, and cutlery.
Hiking Denali National Park in Alaska

6 Real Locations From Outdoor Movies To Explore

No matter what outdoor hobbies you enjoy, chances are you've seen these cinematic portrayals. Now you can visit the real landscapes and filming locations.
urban camping locations tips trees in park during autumn

Close to Home: A Guide to Major City Urban Camping

Escape the city without really leaving with urban camping. Whether you want to pitch a tent or rent a cabin, these campgrounds are perfect for urban camping.
Best Fixed Blade Knives

The Best Fixed-Blade Knives for Camping, Carving, and Cutting

The best fixed-blade knives sit near the intersection of utility and survival. Bring one along whenever you camp, trek, or push for the summit.
boundary waters minnesota guide an adventurers to cruising the

An Adventurer’s Guide to Cruising the Boundary Waters, Minnesota

With its pristine landscapes and diverse fauna, the Boundary Waters can unlock a host of spectacular outdoor adventures, from stargazing to canoeing.
Float trip by raft

11 Best Float Trip Packing Essentials for 2021

Those who are setting out on their first float trip shouldn't leave home without these essentials. From clothing to technical gear, these items are key.
overlanding camping for free

How To Camp for Free When You’re on the Road

There are many places all over this great country where you can experience nature for free. Here's where you can find them and explore.
Best Four-Person Tents

The Best Four-Person Tents for Camping With Your Friends This 2022

You know what's better than camping? Camping with friends. We've done the hard work to round up the best four-person tents.
best beach tents

The 7 Best Beach Tents on Amazon in 2022

If you’re heading to the ocean this summer, a good beach tent is a must. These are the best beach tents to shop on Amazon this year.
shine light best camping lanterns 50 lantern 2021

The Best Camping Lanterns Under $50

Headlamps are all the rage for backpacking and hiking, but nothing beats a camping lantern when huddled in a tent or around the campfire.
klymit sky bivy hammock walmart prime day 2021 skyshelter 09ssgr01c ls02 skybivy 2001x3000 be960949 331b 4639 a70e ea23fc3411

This Walmart Tent Offers the Best Sleep You’ll Ever Have in the Great Outdoors

If you've been hammock-curious, now's the time to take the plunge.
walmart headlamp review ozark trail

This Walmart Headlamp Will Be Your New Appendage for the Outdoors

Every man should have a headlamp of their own. Get the handy work done faster and better with this useful LED headlamp from Walmart's very-own Ozark Trail.
Best Tips for Camping in the Rain

10 Best Waterproof Tents for Camping in the Rain

You can’t dodge the rain, of course, but you can keep mostly dry with the right tent. These are the best waterproof tents for backpacking and camping in 2021.
Best Waterproof Duffel Bags

9 Best Waterproof Duffel Bags to Keep Your Stuff Dry

Hardcore adventuring requires hardcore baggage. So we’ve rounded up the best waterproof duffel bags for your most epic expeditions.
campfire site picnic table

How to Enjoy Your Campfires Responsibly This Summer

Campfires are a natural hazard, especially when left unattended. Here's how you can enjoy your campfires safely to prevent wildfires from devastating nature.
best ponchos for men 2021

The 7 Best Ponchos for Men to Buy Now

The best ponchos for men offer lightweight protection from the rain at affordable prices. Stock up on our favorites right now.
great smoky mountains guide the ultimate to

An Outdoor Man’s Guide to Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains

With our travel guide, you can enjoy everything the Smokies have to offer — even if over a million people visit the picturesque national park.
woods outdoor gear 2

Woods’ Outdoor Gear Is Built for Canada but Soft Enough for the U.S.

Woods makes outdoor gear for Canadian men who don't live in Toronto, which means it's not afraid of a couple extra pounds.
campfire with coffee folding table next to it

The 8 Best Folding Tables for Your Next Camping Trip

From lightweight to stable picks, these folding tables are best for camping. Whether you need a game table or kitchen prep space, these tables are just right.
Best Multipurpose Hiking Gear

Multipurpose Hiking Gear: 8 Outdoor Tools That Do More Than One Job

Multipurpose gear lets you do more with less. The less junk in your trunk — er, backpack — the lighter it will be. The lighter it is, the happier you are.
Truck Camping in Mammoth Lakes, California

The Best National Parks for RV Camping in 2022

With more than 400 'units' in the U.S. National Park Service system, where do you go next? These are the best National Parks for RV camping in 2022.

The 10 Best Packable Jackets That Every Serious Outdoorsman Should Own

These puffy, packable jackets are the perfect companions for long hiking and backpacking trips. We've got you covered, from cold weather to rain.
best dehydrated meals 2021

The 7 Best Dehydrated Meals to Fuel Your Adventures

Dehydrated food used to be unrecognizable mush, but that has changed drastically in the last decade. These are the best bag meals you can get today.
Camping looking out his tent door in a sleeping bag

The 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Backpacking and Camping in 2022

Before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, here are the best sleeping bags that you can trust to send you off to dreamland after backpacking all day.
Best Outdoor Backpacks

8 Best Outdoor Backpacks for Men in 2022

Carrying 40 pounds on your back doesn't sound like a "great escape," but with our 2022 roundup of backpacking packs, you can forget about back pain.
When to Book Your National Park Campsite for Summer 2021

When to Book Your National Park Campsite for 2022

Campgrounds and hiking trails around the U.S. are about to get very busy. Now is the time to start booking your National Park campsite for this year.
2021 Will Be the Year for Eco-Conscious Outdoor Adventure Gear

Why 2022 Is Finally the Year for Eco-Conscious Outdoor Adventure Gear

This year, you can finally expect a sea change in how the newest outdoor adventure gear in your closet could be made.
Bowlus Terra Firma Luxury Travel Trailer

The Luxurious Bowlus Terra Firma Is Unlike Any Travel Trailer You’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve been considering the mobile nomad lifestyle and even a swanky Airstream isn’t disco enough for you, Bowlus' new Terra Firma is a showstopper.

Stay Ready With The Best Websites and Apps to Pack for an Outdoor Trip

We round up the best online resources to keep you organized outdoors, whether you're hiking, backpacking, or camping.
what is a microadventure man sleeping on mountain by trees against sky

Why You Should Plan a Weekly Microadventure

With many people staying close to home right now, it's the perfect way to get out an adventure, even if it's just your backyard.

The Must-Have Gear, Gadgets, and Tools for Your Next Road Trip

If you're prepping for a winter road trip, take a look at our favorite gear and tools for planning, loving, and surviving your adventure.
SuperPausee Two-Story Macro Tent

SuperPausée Might Be the World’s Only Two-Story Macro Tent

The typical trend in camping technology is faster, lighter, and more portable. The SuperPausée two-story 'macro tent' is anything but typical.
save 161 on klymit maxfield 2 tent for prime day low stock deal tm

Almost Gone: Save $161 on Klymit Maxfield 2 Tent, Because Prime Day

A tent designed for two (it's lightweight, roomie, and easy to set up and break down) the Maxfield 2 is built for spring, summer and fall outdoor activities.

Could This Remodeled School Bus be the Skoolie Adventure of Your Dreams?

One Vegas-based company has joined the 'skoolie' movement by converting disused school buses into modern, Instagram-worthy adventure rigs.
google earth national parks tour yosemite national park

Michelob Wants to Pay You $50K to Explore the U.S. National Parks

Low-cal beers usually suck but getting paid to travel for six months in a campervan doesn't. Enter the new Michelob Ultra Pure Gold CEO contest.
talus venturepack camper pickup truck 3v2

The VenturePack Camper Turns Most Any Pickup Truck Into a Full-Featured RV

Talus' VenturePack Camper proves that, with ingenuity and the right tech, it’s possible to pack an RV’s worth of convenience into a standard pickup truck bed.
mobi x off road teardrop travel trailer 1

Journey Farther with the Mobi X Compact, Off-Road-Ready Teardrop Trailer

Getting off-grid requires a properly equipped vehicle or a rugged, off-road-ready travel trailer -- a travel trailer like the new Mobi X.
fire lookout rentals

8 Breathtaking Fire Lookouts You’ll Want to Rent Right Now

Fire lookout towers were first used to spot wildfires. Now, these unique off-grid destinations can be booked as bucket-list-worthy rentals.
Red Toyota Tacoma towing an Airstream Basecamp throw a grassy field.

Airstream’s Adventure-Ready Trailer Gets Bigger and Better for 2021

Airstream's Basecamp gets better this 2021 as it continues to redefine modern off-grid camping with a solid mix of rugged good looks, off-road-readiness, and creature comforts.
skoolie hip diy nomadic lifestyle 1

Move Over, Van Life: Skoolies Are The New Hip, DIY Answer To Nomadic Living

Build your own home on wheels and see what the fuss is all about.
unexpected twists on smores with recipes s morenicolejones

8 Unexpected Twists On the Classic S’More

According to the professional chefs we consulted, there are at least eight excellent and not-too-difficult ways to upcycle this campfire classic.